Partial Obedience – Episode Eight

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Partial Obedience

Written by Vickky Dora


Episode 8



My journey to the city was quite ok, Lake City has changed just within one year that I left, anyway I’m back to stay for a while before going back to the states.

I hope I don’t meet that annoying wife of my father at home; she might start her useless troubles again, how I wish dad will just divorce her, and give me peace of mind.

On getting into the compound I noticed that her car was not in the parking lot, maybe she left for her useless duties. My driver drives into the car park and parked the car. I came down only to be welcomed by maids and servants.

The servants wore their usual expression while some of the maids were blushing really hard, like seriously, these maids are old enough to be my mother, why can’t they go and get married, any ways that’s their business.

The door was opened by a maid who I know to be Ella, she has been my mum handmaid since forever; she is the only one that doesn’t get on my nerves. I was almost asking her of mum’s whereabouts, when I caught a glimpse of two girls sitting in the dinning and gawking at me like they saw a ghost or something. I did not bother talking to them because I don’t have time being friendly with prostitutes.

My mum have always being into that ridiculous business which I detest a lot, too bad that dad doesn’t know about it, mum actually thought I know nothing about it, but she doesn’t know how smart I can be. I ignored them and strolled into my room only to receive an incoming call from another annoying being, Natasha, my girl friend.

📞 Hey babe what’s up” She screamed from the other line, while I took the phone off my ear a little, to avoid a ear block

📞I’m cool, you?”

📞I’m fine, just called to check up on you”


📞Where are you now” she asked

📞I’m at home, in Lake City” I mumbled, slumming on the bed

📞Oh my God! And you did not tell me that you are back from the states”

📞I actually arrive today, sorry for not telling you”

📞Oh ok, you owe me a serious apology”

📞But I just apologized”

📞I’m not taking that, I will come over in a day or two, be expecting me…bye”

📞But…hello hello…”

Hmm, she hanged up the call, Natasha is just so annoying, I wonder what I’m still doing with her. She will come here and create a scene, but who are those girls anyway, they actually look cute……” I thought


There was a little chaos in the house of the Adigwes as neighbours and passerby stop to watch the drama going on between Juliet and some strangers who seem to be elders from another kingdom.

“Juliet, we will not leave this compound until you bring out that daughter of yours from wherever you hide her” Okoro, one of the elder in Oruka kingdom and also the younger brother of Nena, an uncle to Eliza’s father, said angrily, pointing his finger to Juliet’s face.

“My elders, I am trying my best not to be disrespectful, but please leave my compound before I make a scene, Eliza is not here, go elsewhere and look for a priestess” she spat, standing with hands on her waist

“Woman, mind the way you speak to your elders, we are here for an important assignment which we need to do immediately, bring out the girl now” said another man who is dressed like a native priest

“And who are you to tell me what to do with my daughter, you this…..”

“Shut up, Juliet, shut up, do you want to die, do you know who you are talking to” said another elder

“Haa, you dare try to insult me, you have stepped on the tail of a cobra” the native priest said; bringing out his staff to strike Juliet

“Haa no Ojidile, the great one, don’t mind her, she is just acting childish” Okoro said, stopping the priest from pouring his wrath on her

“ I wonder what my nephew see in you before getting married to you, you are nothing but a bad mouthed woman who disrespect her elders” he said referring to Juliet.

“You couldn’t even offer us a cup of water or drinks; instead you are trying to annoy Ojidile”

“Yes o, you are right Okoro” the other elders agreed, nodding their head and casting disgusting glares at Juliet she was not moved by their words

“Hmm, why will I give water or drinks to people who are nothing but destroyers of my family. You all poisoned the mind of my husband and forced him to leave me all alone to take care of three children.

You took my husband from me and now you want my daughter, that’s impossible, come what may, Elizabeth is going nowhere” she yelled

“Okoro, this woman is testing my patience, lets deal with her, she is too stubborn” said the other elder

“No my elders, we can’t do that now, but we will come back. And when the wrath of the oracle start befalling you and children, don’t run to us because we will turn deaf ears, don’t say that I do warn you, my elders lets go” he said standing up to leave, followed by the other elders and Ojidile, who gave her one last deadly stare before leaving also.

Fuming with anger, Juliet went into the house, picked up her bible and started to pray, mumbling words that make no sense to her, crying profusely, unable to concentrate on her prayer.

She tried her best to stay strong in front of the elders but deep inside of her she is scared. She isn’t that strong spiritually yet, she is only a church goer, who doesn’t really know how to pray.

“God, I know you are hearing me, please save me and my children from the wrath of the gods, please God, I don’t know what to do” she cried holding her bible to her chest. Immediately the door was opened, revealing her two sons, standing with their mouths opened at the sight of their mother

Still scared she asked what is it…..

Mum, what’s wrong, why are you crying” Samson asked, dropping the basin he held, running to meet his mother

“Nothing dear, I was just praying to my God, I’m just being emotional, due to the good things God has been doing for us” she replied, cleaning her face and putting on a fake smile

“Are you sure, mummy, you seem like you are sad” Junior inquired

“No I’m not, but you are back, early, did you sell all the oranges” she asked, checking the basin

“Yes mum, but mum who are those men we saw when coming. They were actually coming out from our compound

“Oh they are the elders from your father’s village”

“Really, then what are they looking for “

“Nothing” she shrugged

“Anyway I called Eliza this morning, she is extending her greetings” she said trying to divert the topic

“Really, did she ask of me” Junior said

“Yes she did”

“But mum, when will she start sending money” Samson asked, impatiently

“Which money, they only left two days ago, she needs to learn a trade first and that will take months”

“ I’m sure she will be safe in the city, my friend will take good care of her and Maria, can’t you see the money she gave us is what we are still using” she said

“Ok , if you say so, but I’m not free knowing that my sister is with that woman, she seems good though, but it seems like she is pretending to be good I pray she treats sister and Maria well ” Samson said, going into the kitchen to peel more oranges for sale

“Hmm, what if what Samson said is true about Debbie, she could be bad at times. During my school days, she used to be a spoilt girl, flirting with lots of guys in high school, but she changed.

Debbie is no more a teenager, I’m sure adulthood has washed away those childish behaviors. Or is she just pretending, hmm Debbie cannot harm my daughter, she is in good hands, and my God will protect her from the gods” she thought…….




Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora

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