(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora ?

Episode 33
I could hear a machine beeping and the sweet smell of a delicious meal filled my nostril. I tried opening my eyes but shut them almost immediately, due to the bright light in the room.
�Hunhh� I groan
�Oh my God, she is awake� I heard someone say
�Call the doctor, fast� another voice said, as I tried opening my eyes again, it was blurry at first but began to clear up
�Hey how are you feeling� Smith asked. He looks worn out and stressed, how long have i been here?� I thought as I tried getting up
�Hunh my head� I groan
�Shh, don�t get up, you need to rest� he said and lay me back
�Where am I� I asked
�You are in the hospital, you were knocked down by a car, or can�t you remember anything� he asked as the memories of the accident starts coming
�How long have I been here� I asked
�The doctor is here, oh my God, Grace, are you ok now, thank God you are alive� Sarah, my bestie, said interrupting Smith, as comes in with the doctor
After few examinations the doctor left but not without explaining some certain things to Smith, who later went out with him.
�How are you feeling now� Sarah asked
�I�m fine, just a bit hungry. I perceive the smell of something delicious, coming from that angle, can I have some� I beckoned
�Yea sure, I brought you something to eat, since you haven�t taken anything for the past three days now� she said, bringing the food forward
�Wait, what do you mean, are you saying that I have been here for about three days�
�Yes, the man that left just now, what�s his name again, mmm..�
�Oh yes Mr. Smith. He told me about you being hospitalize, and when I got here he told me the full story�
�But smith doesn�t know you, how did he get to tell you about it�
� I called your line and he picked it, I didn�t hesitate to get down here, it seems like a surprise that the Grace that was hospitalize about two weeks ago, is now in the hospital again, with her head broken� she said sarcastically
�Hey, my head is not broken okay, it�s just injured�
�Oh really, just wait and see a mirror, you won�t recognize yourself, I couldn�t even recognize you at first.

For Christ sake what where you doing that made you knocked down by a car, are you starting to think too much, and by the way, how did you get to know that man, he look rich and handsome� she said and wriggle her brow

�Well, it�s a long story� I signed
�Well what you always say but I have the whole day, tell me about it� she said, smirking. I rolled my eyes
�That will be later, I�m starving Sarah. I need to eat�

�Hey, don�t bite me, I know that there is something you are hiding from me, but I�m ready to wait till you get heal, and believe me, you will see hell if you do not narrate it from start� she grinned
�I will okay�

�And one more thing, I don�t know how close you are with that Mr. smith, but he seems to care about you a lot, can you believe that he has been here watching over you for the past three days, has been making use of the bathroom here, he did not go home.

And some teenagers also came here, about four of them, they left not quite long, maybe they are his kids or do you know them too, but wait a minute where do you know all this people from, because the Grace I know only goes to work, church and nowhere else� she muttered and handed me the food, but not without helping me sit up

�Hmmmm, I know everyone of them, but that was a few days ago, I will tell you about everything. And you are right about me hiding something, although I never wanna talk about it though, but what are we friend for� I shrugged

�Hmmm, let me leave you to eat to your satisfactions, but one thing I wanna hear for sure is the sound of wedding bells, and that should be coming soon, right?� she smiled while I chuckled

�Just leave let me eat�
Immediately, Smith came in, he look really stressed. I can�t believe he has been here with me since the accident

�Mmmm Grace, my husband will be coming home today, I really wanna go home now, you know, to prepare for his arrival. I promise to be back first thing tomorrow; and thank you so much Mr. Smith, for taking good care of my friend� Sarah said
�It�s my pleasure� he replied

�Ok Grace, bye� she said and winked at me, I perfectly understand her plan. She just wanted me to be alone with smith. Only God knows what he has told her, but anyway that� Sarah for you

My life hasn�t been stabled since the day Grace was knocked down by my Mum�s car. I wonder what mum was coming to do in my house without my consent; was visiting her not enough, why coming to see me again, I thought. I did not bother going home to ask her that question. The recovery of Grace is just what is on my mind, I don�t want to be the one giving her troubles but it seems life is taking it that way.

The injury on her head is severe and needs to be treated to avoid further complication. My joy knew no bounds when she wakes up after three days of being in coma. I pray she forgives me for all the wrongs I have done to her in the past.

�How are you feeling now� I asked immediately her friend left
�Hmm, I�m fine thanks� she replied. Hmm that was a relief, at least she replied to my question, its better than ignoring it

�You look stressed, you need to go home and rest�
�Hmmm, I�m fine Grace, as long as I�m with you� I replied as I watch her eat her food steadily

�I�m sorry for everything� I said pleadingly
�We are still enemies� She snapped
�Please Grace; just give a chance to���
�Let me recover first, before asking for anything. I want to be alone Smith�

�Hmm, yea I get your point. I conducted a DNA, your thoughts are true, and they are our children. I spoke with Maria and she is fine now, Eric didn�t take it the wrong way, he was extremely happy� I said as she broke into tears

�Hey please don�t cry, you will hurt your head the more, and you might choke on your food�
�She will hate me, I�m a bad mother�

�No� she doesn�t. Her main purpose for coming to the city was to look for you; she was just in a bad mood that day, that�s why she overreacted. She is even felling guilty of her actions, I�m sure she will be very happy when she hears of your recovery� I said holding her hand, but she shrug it off, Oh God when will all this stop

�I wanna see them, I wanna go home��

�So that�s my story� I concluded, telling Sarah about my past. We are actually in the Mansion, gisting and enjoying our time. It�s been one week now since I left the hospital and things has been going well with me and my Children, but not with Smith, I�m still mad at him. Well he needs to face what I suffered too; he needs to feel that loneliness

�Hmm so all this had happened to you, and you kept it from me, like seriously Grace, I thought we never keep secret from each other, we are friends and��

�I�m sorry Sarah, I just don�t wanna be reminded of al what I passed through in the past, I just wanna live a free life, although I still feel for my children but I don�t just want to be pitied. Hmmmm, I�m sorry okay, don�t be mad at me� I said with a forming puppy face

�I�m not mad at you, just mad at myself. You know that I have always have this thought that you don�t wanna have a man in your life, that�s why I have always force you to get one, and not remain single. I did not know about what you have gone through and even having kids�you know ��
�it�s ok, I understand�

�Ok that�s that, now about Smith, how are you guys, you know� She asked winking

�Ohhh� I rolled my eyes, �we are still not in good time, he is still under my punishment, so��

�What do you mean by that, look girl, shine your eyes and take back your man before another woman comes in�

�What do you mean by that��.�
�Mum, your attention is needed over here� Maria called from the garden, seems like they are having their own fun time

�Hmm, seems like your lovely daughter is about to take you away� Sarah whined

�Yea, and as a good mother I need to go check out what they are doing over there, see you later bestie� I smiled

�I need to hear sounds of wedding bells, it�s been I while I ate wedding rice� she laughed while I chuckled

�Yea, bye for now� I yelled and hurried to the garden. Yes, I�m happy now, being with my children has revived the buried joy. And as for smith, hmm, I think I will have to forgive him and let go of the past. It�s been a while I experience true love, and I think I need it more now, love is a beautiful thing right? I asked
No one in particular, but got a response from my mind

�Yes it is, and you need it� replied my subconscious.




I’m happy for Grace..


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Grace, please forgive, forget and move on since Smith admitted his mistakes, apologies and ready to love and be with you again
    So Maria and Eric are twins,no wonder they click immediately, that's blood for you.
    Maria now have a complete family,her step mom actually sent her out so can meet her long lost family.
    I pray Eliza too comes out of her grandmother's spirit problem
    Next please

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