(Life is harsh)


(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 30

“Wait oo guy, this one wey oga call us say make we dey go, and em no call us since, you sure say everything dey ok at all” asked scorpion, one of Felix bodyguard

“Hmm, I no know oo, na em say make we comot, kon come the next day. Make we go check am na” said the other guard, as they went into Felix room, to behold his dead corpse, stiffed on the floor with blood spattered everywhere

“Pokoyooo, wetin be this” shouted scorpion
“Wetin make you dey shout” as he also went into the room and also shouted, raising his hand up to his head

“So you too see em, wetin make we do now, guy, oga just employ me oo, I no get hand for this at all oo” said scorpion who seem a little scared staring at his boss corpse on the floor
“Cool down now hanhan, God we need to do something fast, that girl, yes that girl, we need to find her, she is the culprit” said the other guard

” Bros I dey talk wetin we go do, you dey blow grammar for here, abi you smoke weed, guy I no get time to dey find any girl for this kind big city oo, make we report am give police oo, make DEM do di job” said scorpion
“Guy wetin dey do you send, you wan call police for this kind matter, wetin we go tell them.

Sey we come this morning kon meet our oga like this, abi sey na one small girl ki*ll am? Abi shey you no dey use your sense, sha?” the other guard vibrated with anger

“You wey even be graduate no even get sense, sebi camera dey inside the room, na dem go know as they go take do their case, we just be body guard in fact no be we dey go blame” scorpion said

” Yes oo, sense dey wetin you talk, e better if we report em by ourselves before police go find out, if not, na we dem go hold oo, and you no how our police dem dey do”

” Na wetin I dey talk be that, abeg make we leave am as em take dey oo, police station straight
One hour later, the sight of police men and other journalist could be seen in the Felix compound, scanning and viewing the environment to find evidence while the passer bys and onlookers stayed a mile away to watch the scene.

“Hmm, this is outrageous, Roger make sure those guard are well interrogated and you search the whole building for any evidence of who killed him” shouted the inspector, while some journalist capture his corpse

“Sir, they said that their master do have a secret camera in his room, we can check for it, we might see the face of the culprit” said Roger
“Ok, do that now. Hmm Felix of all people, died just like that” he said inwardly

“Sir we found the camera” Roger said
“Ok, get the work done guys, I’m going to interrogate the guards myself” said the inspector

“Yes sir” said the others replied, going to do their various duties whole the inspector head to the station.
“Dad, do you know her from anywhere” Eric asked
�Mmm, i.. hunhh…kn..”

“Sir, you have visitors, I guess they are police men” said Ella who came running inside the house, interrupting Mr. smith
“Police???” asked Maria
�What are the police doing here� Grace asked

�Let here them out first, because I went to the station this morning to write down my statement and other things, why are they suddenly here again� Mr. Smith said, a little uneasy
�Anyway let them in� he ordered
�Welcome inspector, what�s all this about anyway, I thought I have done the necessary things I need to do, just waiting for court orders� Mr. Smith said

�Yes Mr. Smith, but I�m not here for the case of your wife�
�Ex-wife actually� Mr. Smith said, earning a glare from grace
�Oh ok, I mean your Ex�mm wife, I�m actually here for someone bearing Elizabeth Adigwe, I believe she is here� the inspector said

�Wait a minute that�s my name, w�hat wrong have I done� asked Eliza
�Well, Miss Elizabeth, you are under arrest for the murder of Mr. Felix Ogbu, who you killed in cold blood just yesterday, evidence has been found against you, so its better if you cooperate with us and follow us to the station for more interrogations� he said strictly

�Wait a minute officer, you can�t just arrest her like that, it�s not right, in fact she is not 18 years yet�
�Madam, let me do my job, Roger cuff her�

�Wait officer, Eliza is that true� Maria asked, already getting teary eyes
�No it�s not true, i..did n..ot ki*ll him, he just died and�.� She stammered already crying as she was cuffed

�Shut up young girl, your fingerprints were found on the knife� shouted the inspector

�i�.know�I held it� but..leave me alone, I did not ki*ll him� I actually�.� Eliza said as she beckoned on the others to help her, but they were to shocked to hear that type of news
�Officer please, let�s settle this case in normal way, and I will also like to see all the evidence you said were found, perhaps you are mistaking because this girl can�t do a thing like that� said Mr. Smith

�We can only do that at the station, move her” he commanded as she was dragged to the van…

“Fine but I will like her to speak with my lawyer first” he ordered
“Ok” the inspector shrugged

At the station, Eliza was being interrogated by Mr. Smith�s lawyer
“What do you say actually happened”
“I’m one of the girls Mrs. Smith brought to the village to learn a trade but unfortunately for us, we were forced into prostitution.

She took me to the clubhouse yesterday morning and assigned me to a client who is the suppose Felix who I knew from the Village who attempted to rape me on one occasion, but I escaped.

Now I met again that same day, and forcefully harassed me because I did not agree to please him. The knife that the police saw in his neck was my knife actually, I took it with me in order to defend myself, but I actually did not use it. The knife stood up and killed him itself” Eliza explained

“Wait a minute young girl, I’m not here for jokes and the police will be here to send me out soon. What do you mean by a knife killing someone without the killer holding it” the lawyer asked strictly

“That’s what I’m talking about, I believe there is an Invisible force in that room that killed him. If at all this so called evidence is gotten from the CCTV camera, then it should have displayed the whole event, I’m innocent I swear, I don’t wanna go to jail” Eliza cried

“It�s ok dear, with what you have said, I think I have a plan, don’t speak of anything until I find enough evidence against the police men” said the lawyer

“Ok thanks” she said wiping her tears.
Outside the interrogating room, Maria could be seen sobbing silently while Josh tried to console her, telling her to take heart. Eric seems troubled; he was just walking here and there waiting for Eliza to be brought out.

Grace still couldn’t believe that she will be sitting by her first Love, what’s this life all about, she thought as her eye came in contact with Mr. Smith who has been staring at her and having different thought in his mind.

They broke the eye contact unable to stare for long while Grace went to sit beside Maria to take over from Josh
“Let me speak with her” she said to Josh while he leaves to meet Eric
“Hey Maria it’s ok, Eliza will be alright okay”

“No, why has she been suffering this much. I know she is innocent, but even if she is not, the client deserve even worse than death, how could he think of sleeping with a young girl, why….why…has all..this …this is just too much” she said breaking into another round of tears

“It’s ok darling, she will be fine” grace said and hugged Maria. She was also moved to tears but cleaned her eyes immediately the lawyer came out, with a dull face

“How did it go, can she go home with us” asked Mr. Smith
“Please talk to us”
“Hmmmm, well she will be…..




Will Eliza be released…


Love Y’all�

Vickie Dora�


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