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(Life is harsh

By: Vickie Dora 


Few minutes after I sent my address to Eric using Miss Grace’s phone, he came with his car in a second. I almost thought he came through air, due to how fast he arrived, for Christ sake it is almost a 1hr journey, but this is merely an hour, I thought as his car drove into the compound.

“Gosh he is looking more handsome this morning” my subconscious said
“Hey shut up, he is always handsome” I replied it, weird, I’m talking to myself.

“Hey over here, I called as he looked my direction and smiled, running to hug me immediately, I was stunned though

“Oh my God, I have missed you, how are you, are you fine, how did you escape, hope no scratches” he asked almost at the same time

“Damn, please one question at a time” I smiled
“Ok ma’am” he laughed

“Let’s go inside and see the woman who took me in, I will give you the full details of everything when we get out of here” I said as we go in to see Miss Grace who welcome him with a long stare
“Oh my god, you are the one again” she said

“Ermm do you know him from anywhere” I asked almost confused
“Yes” they replied in unison

“Ok, let me speak first” Miss Grace smiled “this guy here saved me about two weeks ago at the restaurant, I’m really grateful dear. If you haven’t come to my rescue, my injury might have been worst that it was” she said
“It’s my pleasure ma, how is your head now” he asked

“Its fine, I’m ok now” she nodded why I watched the drama
“Anyway thank you very much for helping Eliza, I’m really grateful” he said

“It’s ok my child, I think you both are ready to go now, right Eliza” she asked as they both stare at me

“No, I wanna stay here; I’m save here, tell Maria to come here with me. I don’t want her to continue what Mrs. Smith has been doing to us” I said and start to sob

“Hmm, Maria is fine where she is and my dad’s wife has been arrested already” Eric said. I couldn’t believe it
“Wait which of your dad’s wife is that, do you mean Mrs. smith” I asked
“Yes, so everything is settled, you are free to live your life now” he said
“But…how…I mean when, was it not yes..terday” I stammered

“Yes, that same yesterday, a lot of things happened, it was like a dream though, but that’s just how it happened. The police came for her and took her away, thank God she is gone though” he smiled

“Can I go home now, I’m missing Maria already” I smiled happily
“Yes dear, I have called Josh already, everyone is waiting to see you come home, we were scared because of how dangerous Lake City is”

“Ok darlings, oh I’m really sorry for not offering you anything Eric, my bad, what can I even give you before you go, it will be little way of appreciation” Miss grace said, trying to go inside the room

“Oh no Ma’am, I’m fine in fact I will like if you come with us, we will like you to see my dad, he wanna show his appreciation too for bringing Eliza under your roof, despite not knowing her, I will be glad if you can come with us” Eric said while I nodded in support

“Please Miss Grace, I also want you to meet my friend, I know that it seem strange as we get along this easily. We are strangers but we don’t look like one, despite knowing you just few hours ago. I will forever be grateful to you, for accepting me and helping me too, God bless you ma” I said going to hug her, being with her is just like being with my mother.
“It will be hard for me to leave you Miss Grace, please come with us just for today”

“Hmmm ok, since I’m not going to work today, then it’s free for me. I will come with you both, are you happy now” she asked while I smiled
“Yes yes” I smiled

“Ok, lemme change and we move” she chuckled and went into her room
“What!!” I asked Eric as he was just staring at me like I was something else

“Nothing” he shrugged “Just that you look beautiful, more beautiful that the last time I saw you” he smiled while I blushed

We arrived the mansion and the first person to come hug me was Maria. She was screaming her lungs out in joy as we embrace each other. It was just few hours that we were separated but it looks like eternity.

“Oh my God, how are you, hope he did not touch you” she asked
“Hmmm I’m fine, come on lets go inside” I smiled while she chuckled
“Oh before I forget, this Miss Grace, my savior” I smiled

“Oh thank you so much Ma, thank you” Maria said, but funny enough she kept looking at Maria, without uttering a word

“Mmm, Miss Grace, are you ok” I asked
“Oh, I’m sorry dear, you are welcome, I just…..mmm it’s ok anyway” she smiled, still staring at Maria with this funny look.

“That’s weird, is she alright” Maria whispered as we entered the house
“Perhaps” I shrugged

Getting to the Eliza’s residence, I was welcomed by her friend who’s name is Maria. Gosh I couldn’t help but stare at her, the feeling is so strange and the most surprising thing is that, I am seeing myself in my teenage form. She look just like me when I was a teenager, is she also my other child, I thought as I stared at her hand when she shake me.

“Oh my God, they are both here, but I need proof, I thought and step into the house, while the girls were chattering at the front. The house is so huge and expensive; the man might be a billionaire, because only very rich people build houses like this in Lake City. But why will his wife not be satisfied with all this and went ahead to do naughty jobs, gosh that’s annoying.

“Oh you are here already, you are welcome Eliza how are you” A voice said, drifting me away from my thought. Wait a minute that voice sound familiar, it’s a voice I have not heard in many years, I thought and looked at his direction as our eyes came in contact.

“You!!!!!!” we both said at the same time, as we stare at each other
“Oh my God, this can’t be fate” I whispered to myself

“Mmmm Dad, do you know her from anywhere” Eric asked, why I wait for his response if he will deny it or say the truth, as the room become intense …..




Love y’all 

Vickie Dora 

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