Life is harsh


(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora�

Episode 28




�Oh my God how am I gonna tell her about her friend missing, this is just too absurd� I muttered as I ruffled my hair.

Eric actually called me yesterday night and gave me the full story of what happened, and Eliza has not being found until now.

I will allow Maria freshen up and eat her breakfast before breaking the news to her. Even if I tried not to tell her, she will still ask.

Thank God that woman has been arrested, but thanks to her anyway, if not for her I wouldn�t have meet Maria who has finally stolen my heart. Hmm, I need to call Eric for any update

�I can’t believe a woman like Miss Grace is still available on earth, she is not like that devilish Mrs. Smith.
She decided to help me despite being a stranger, thank God for her� I thought as I ate my breakfast.

�I wonder why she is not married yet; she is just too nice to be single.�
�Are you enjoying the breakfast� I heard a voice from behind and turned to see her

�It is delicious ma, thank you so much� I replied

�You are welcomed dear� she smiled
�About you sending that woman�s son a message, what�s his username� she asked as she brought out her phone
�It�s just Eric Smith� I said

�Ok, now take a look at this, is this his picture� she asked
�Yes yes that�s him, he seems to be online too� I said anxiously

�Ok, let�s do a voice note, I�m sure he will come for you once he sees it�
�Ok ma�

I was just scrolling down my phone reading some post while sending messages with the picture of Eliza, in case anyone has seen her

Immediately I saw a message, it was a voice note from someone who I know not. I tried ignoring it but something just pestered me to hear it.

I clicked on it and listened to it, and behold it was Eliza’s voice. I called the number sent with the message and it ringed immediately

Hello please who is this” I heard a stranger’s voice

“Hello ma, please a message was sent to me now and this number was added to it, please ma is Eliza there with you” I asked anxiously

“Oh are you Eric” she asked
“Yes ma, yes”
“Ok speak with her” she said and perhaps handed the phone over to Eliza

“Hello Eric” said Eliza, she seem to be on a happy and sad mood

“Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m hearing your voice no. How are you, I mean, we have been looking for you since yesterday that you were taken from home.

Tell me where you are now, Maria is worried and everyone wanna see you” I said hurriedly

“I’m in a safe hand anyway, thanks for calling this number when you saw it. I will send you my location immediately” she said excitedly.

“No problem dear, I will be expecting it”

“Ok bye for now” she said and hanged up the call
Oh my God, thank you Lord, I jumped in excitement.

�Dad must hear of this, where is even Ella……..

I finished with my bath, and settled down to eat the delicious meal that Josh brought for me. I can�t believe I will be eating foods as delicious as this in my lifetime. Mama Nkechi really frustrated my life thinking nothing good will come my way.

But thank God for everything, wait a minute, Josh did not tell me anything about Eliza, is she still in that house. Gosh how will I forget about her, hmm, I�m such a bad friend, I thought.
Well let me eat this food first, then we can discuss on how to bring her here, before that woman takes her to the clubhouse, I said inwardly.

Getting to the living room, I saw Josh, pacing here and there, seems like he is worried, I thought

�Hey what�s up� I said. He noticed my presence and turned to stare at me
�Oh you are done already� he asked will a forced smile

�Yes, and thanks for the food anyway� I smiled back

�Gosh you don�t need to thank me for everything babe, you have been doing that since forever� he said throwing his hands in the air, while I smiled

�Fine�if you say so, but you look worried, what�s the matter� I asked, taking my seat, while he sat beside me
�Hmmmm, I need go tell you

something� he said
�Ok what is it? hope all is well� I asked getting scared at his expression

�Well, Mrs. Smith was arrested yesterday by the police� he said

�Oh�my�..God��..that�s good news� I screamed and hugged him. He stiffed a little, which I noticed, then break the hug after noticing what I did

�I�m sorry for jumping on you that way, I�m just happy that we are finally free from her �.whatsoever, I�m so happy� I smile while he chuckled

�Well Eric told me about it yesterday, he didn�t give me the full details though, all I know is that she brought her man friend home and had a riff with her husband and many more�..� he said

�Wow, that�s bad of her you know. Eliza will be very happy to hear this news, anyway did you ask of her, she might have witness the scene you know� I asked

�Wait a minute you don�t seem happy with the news, what�s wrong� I asked
�It�s not like I�m not happy with the news, it�s just that Eliza is missing� he whispered the last part

�Whatt!!!!! I don�t get you, like she is what, as how� I said getting up, not believing my ears

�She was taken to the clubhouse that same yesterday, immediately we left and I heard that they planned for her to escape, but it seems like their plan did not work out well� he said
�They? Which They?� I asked already in tears

�Ella and Eliza, I guess Ella knows about it but��.hmm�

�Oh God, what are we gonna do now, why will Eliza be suffering this much� I cried why Josh tried to comfort me. Immediately a call came into his phone, and he picked it with immediate effect

�What, wait you mean that she has been found� I heard him say, why I cleaned my face to hear more
�What is it� I asked after he hanged the call

�Its Eric, he said that he knows where Eliza is and we should come immediately� he said smiling

�Oh God, thank you so much. Let�s go immediately� I said excitedly
�Yes, let me get my car key� he said and dived into his room




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


  1. Thank God, one hurdle has been jumped. Pray God sees Eliza through the grandma's problem too
    And I have this feeling that the woman that helped Eliza is Maria's mother (won't be surprised if not Eric's mom too… just guessing)
    Next please

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