Life is harsh


(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora�



Episode 27

“I�m sorry for arresting your wife at this hour of the day, but I have to do my job and it’s such a pity that you know nothing of the malicious acts she has been engaging in, she is a criminal and needs to be jailed according to the law of the land” the inspector said

“Hmm, yes it’s such a pity that I trusted her so much, but in the case of maltreating young girls and making them prostitute, i can’t believe that she will limit herself to sure a job.

I’m still baffled, in fact I’m just hearing about it today, you know that I have always been busy with work, going to the state and all that, I did not notice anything, Debbie is so smart, anyway thank you so much officer”

“You are welcome Mr. Smith, but your statement will also be needed in the station” said the inspector
“No problem I will be there tomorrow” Mr. Smith said
“Humm” he signhed as he watch the officer out of his sight.

“Nooo, this is just too hard to bear, Debbie is so heartless, with this crime of hers, she can never escape prison, how am I gonna live with all this, I don’t think I can trust women any longer with all this that has been going on in my life since my youth days” he sobs cleaning the stain of tears on his face

“Dad, it’s ok. You have me remember, I don’t want you to regret anything okay, I’m still your son, even if I’m adopted, I still recognize you to be my real father, let’s leave everything for fate to decide. I know that you love mum, but can your marriage still work” Eric asked as he move closer to where his father stood

“I’m not sad because I lose Debbie, I’m sad because of someone I hurt, a long time ago.

I� should have believed her anyway, I’m having the thought that she was telling the truth, but I was so blind to see it. I ended up marrying that devil, even my mum was in support of it. Now she will know who Debbie really is” he said

“Hmmm, what about Eliza, how are we gonna look for her, dad please let’s find her before it’s too late, she might be in danger” Eric said with dear written all over his face

“Hmm, ok. Where is Ella, I thought she said she know the location of where Eliza was sent to, let’s go find her first, and if we can’t see her then we will inform the police about it.” Mr. Smith said

“Tell the guards to ready the car, and call Ella immediately, we are leaving now” he said as Eric went to do all he said

“Oh God, help us to find that girl, if not for anything, I still need to ask her where she learnt how to prepare that meal, I can get to Grace through that” he prayed softly


I woke up the next morning seeing myself in a complete different room which is not my normal room. It took me about five minutes to notice my environment. I�m still in Josh apartment

�Oh my God I can�t believe I slept this long� I muttered as I stared at the clock on the wall stating 10:00am
�Gosh I can�t believe this� I stated as I remembered yesterday�s event, making me to blush hard

�Hmm, Josh seems to be nice though, but wait a minute, I can�t believe that I spent a night in a guy�s house, gosh I hope he didn�t touch me� I thought, as I start checking myself

�hunn� I heaved and smiled � Why will I think bad of him, he can�t do that to me, he promised me remember�
�What if he is just pretending� my subconscious mind said

�Hummm, No he can�t d�, damn where is that delicious smell coming from� I said as I tried to trace where the smell is coming from, as my stomach rumble

�God I�m starving, I can�t believe I slept without eating dinner last night� I mumbled as I dragged myself out of bed to have a look and taste of the delicious meal placed at the corner of the room. Immediately, there came a knock on the door causing me to shiver

�Oh my God, that must be josh, how I�m gonna face him this morning� I thought as I tried to put myself together

�Come in� I said sweetly. The door opened revealing Josh wearing a yellow polo and a black jean.
His hair was neatly combed and the fragrance coming from him, is just, gosh I can�t explain it, I thought as I kept staring at him

�Hunnhum, when you are done drooling you can tell me� he winked making me a bit embarrassed
�You can�t even control yourself� my subconscious said

�Noo, I�m not drooling, just..�
�Just what� he asked wearing a smirk, as he comes closer, making my heart skip a beat

�Just that�i�m mmm, staring at the inscription on your cloth� I said trying to pull myself together
�oh ye�aa� he said sarcastically

�Hey, come on that�s the truth� I laughed tapping him on his shoulder
�Fine, if you say so� he grinned, making me bit my lip. That�s the best way I can stop myself from laughing

�So how was your night� he asked, putting his hands in his pocket
�It was fine thanks� I replied hurriedly �And yours� I asked

�Not really good though, I was a bit worried about something� he said sadly as he sits on the bed
�What is it� I asked

�Hmm, don�t worry about it. You seem really stressed out, you have not even eaten your food� he
Said; surprised

�Yea, I�m just waking up; I will just freshen up and eat. Thanks for the food anyway, it smells good.�

�Yea so, let me leave you to do the needful� he said, getting up from the bed. He winked at me before leaving the room, causing butterfly in my stomach as I dive into the bathroom




Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?

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