(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora.

Episode 25



Today makes it a week since I left the hospital, I spent one week there and decided to resume work immediately I was discharged, which is against my friend’s wish. But what can I do, I can’t do without working.

Today’s work was a little hectic, but the most amazing event was that I took a stranger to my apartment. I don’t know why, but I just feel like should help this damsel, she look so innocent and stressed out.

She made me remember my little baby, she would have been a grown up beautiful teenager under my care, but my foolishness made me lose her, I thought as I watch the teenage girl eats her food hungrily. I wonder why she was crying so badly earlier.

Hmm I need answers. She finished her food and thanked me, why we set out to discuss about her. I might have a clue on how to help her go back to her parent.

“What’s your name dear” I asked

“Elizabeth ma”

“So Elizabeth, what happened to you earlier on; and what about your parent? You are just a teenager, you shouldn’t be roaming round the street, can you tell me what happened to you, I might be of help you know…” I said

“Hmm, it’s a long story ma, but thank you once again for the food and the opportunity to stay with you this night” she said, she seem sincere and looks like someone with home training

“You are welcome dear, but we have the whole night to talk. It’s just 6:05pm. So you can start talking” I said as I listened attentively to what she has to say

“I’m actually from Oruka kingdom, but my mum is from Dorma” she said as she continued her story, from her village till when she got to the city until the present event

“Hmm, so you mean you were almost raped by a guy named Felix” I asked

“Yes ma, but he died mysteriously; being stabbed in the throat by the knife I took. I did not ki*ll him I swear, the knife did” she said with an innocent face. Her statement sounded funny, but I tried not to laugh, how will a knife ki*ll someone? Perhaps it’s spiritual, I thought

“You said you were suppose to be a priestess”

“Yes, that was the prophecy but I’m a Christian, I can’t do it”

“If you want me to take you to Dorma, I can do that for you” I assured

“I will love that ma but I don’t want to leave Maria my friend, I need to get her out of that house too before she is taken to the club house” she said with plead

“Hmm, but you don’t have any contact on you, how are we gonna reach them”

“Hmm, I don�t…know�.oh I have a way” she said smiling

“What way” I asked interested in what she has to say

“I know the Facebook username of the woman’s son, we can chat him up” she said

“Hmm, really, how are you sure that this son of hers is not working with her” I asked

“He is actually her adopted son, and they are not even in good time, he is sincere and will help me. We can make a video of me, and send it to him. He will be able to reach me here and perhaps bring Maria along” she said with glee

“Owkkay, if you say so, we will do that first thing tomorrow and await his response, are you ok with that” I asked smiling

“Yes yes, I’m so grateful ma, God bless you” she said happily and embrace me with tears of joy streaming down her eyes

“You are welcome darling, come on don’t cry. Pretty girls don’t cry, okay? I said as I pat her on her back.



“You are just so shameless, how dare you bring disgrace to me at this young age of yours” my dad spat, while I earn annoying glares from my mum. Today is the worst day of my life; I can’t believe I’m pregnant after all the procedures I took in avoiding pregnancy after sex.

After the event at the night club two weeks ago, I went home only to be grounded from going out for two weeks but my dad. I found out that they started looking for me when I left for two days and on my arrival I was punished for not telling anyone about my whereabouts.

He even stopped me from going to see Eric, my boy friend. And that idiot did not call me to know why I wasn’t able to come, perhaps he has gotten another girlfriend who has finally erased my name from his brain, I thought

“Tell me, who is responsible for this pregnancy, tell me now before I spank you” my mum yelled

“It.. is…hei, heeiii. Dad please, mum I’m sorry” I said finding it hard to know the father of my baby. The doctor said I am two weeks pregnant. And I slept with just two guys that night, who could be responsible. Felix or Jack………..



My journey back to the mansion in Lake city was a bit stressful, I went on a journey to visit my parent and surprisingly, I did not come back with my car, even the security men were surprised seeing me alight from a commercial vehicle, something I haven�t done in a long time.

The last time I took a ride in a commercial vehicle was when I was with Grace, she enjoys walking a long distance or perhaps taking a public bus or train, she calls it fun.

Those days were perfect, until it was shattered

I came in contact with Ella immediately I entered the house; she seems sad but brightened up immediately she sees me. I decided to ignore her first expression.

�Welcome sir, how was your journey sir� she asked smiling

�It was a bit stressful, but I�m ok. How are you?�

�I�m fine sir, where are our belongings sirs� she asked trying to check for my luggage�

�Oh I left them in my car, it actually broke down on my way home, but my mechanic is there to fix it�

�Ok sir� she bow

�Let me go and shower� I said taking a step forward but stopped abruptly

�What about what I asked you to prepare for me� I asked

�Oh I prepared it already, I will bring it to the dining� She replied hurriedly

�Ok please do, I�m really starving� I said as she hurried into the house




Natasha is confuse…

Mr. Smith is back…I can smell something coming..


Love y’all

Vickie Dora


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