(Life is harsh) 

Partial Obedience

(Life is harsh) 

By: Vickie Dora 

Episode 23

The ride to my client house wasn’t a rough one anyway, but the fear of what awaits me, is making me panic.
Thank God I mange to hide the knife and card Ella gave to me in my half naked dress, damn I feel really uncomfortable.

After leaving the mansion with Mrs. Smith; which I regretted doing anyway, we went to the suppose club house which is a den of immorality.
Some girls were even making out and fingering themselves in the hallway, without shame.

Gosh I almost puke seeing that disgustful sight, I wonder how they cope doing all this sort of things.

Anyway my Mission is to actually escape and nothing more, thanks to Ella.

In the clubhouse I was lectured on what to do and how to do it, well I wonder why I wasn’t deflowered before the job commence, perhaps the client ask for a virgin.

Too bad, he won’t live to enjoy me; I will make sure I injure him so bad.
Getting to my client’s location, I was directed into the apartment by those who brought me, they seem to be my supposed client bodyguards or so.

When I finally get into the bedroom, the two of them left and it made me wonder if they will be outside when I’m about escaping, Gosh I should have thought of this while making the plan, hmm God please help me, I prayed silently.

Staring at the figure in the room is a well built man with muscles, although he was backing me, and I couldn’t get a glimpse of his face.

“Take off your clothes and lie on the bed” he said in a deep voice. Wait a minute, that voice sounds familiar, hope it’s not what I’m thinking, I thought

“Can I please get a glimpse of your face first, before we start.”

I can’t satisfy you without seeing your face though” I said trying to be strong, but within me, I’m not but a jelly as my legs wobbled

“Haahaaaa” he chuckled “You really wanna see my face” he asked

“Y,,e,,,,s” I stammered

“Ok this is it” he said turning slowly to face me

” Whatttttt! You!!!!!!!!!!” I exclaimed

“Yea, surprise? Common darling get on the bed and let’s get down to business, I don’t have any time to waste” he said already taking off his whole cloth

“Oh my God, this can’t be fate………

“Call it whatever you wanna call it, I have no time to waste just get on the bed” he said

“No Felix or whatever your name is, I won’t succumb to your wish, this is so unfair” I yelled

“Hey little girl, what do you mean. Are you trying to tell me that you won’t do what I paid for, look Eliza I have always long to have a taste of you since the day I set my eyes on you but I couldn’t, thanks to fate for bringing you back to me now, I can get want I have always wanted” he said going towards the door and locking it with a key

” It’s better you do as I say, or I take you by force and for your information, my house is sound proof and it’s heavily guarded, so no one will rescue you from my hand darling” he said coming closer, while I shiver in fear.
The thought of killing him came immediately to my mind but my hand is just too lazy to carry out my plan

“Stay away from me Felix, stay away” I yelled angrily

“You are going nowhere darling” he muttered pushing me on the bed and caressing me roughly, with his stinking mouth in my neck, while I struggled with him.

He delve his hand into my cloth and started caressing my br**st roughly, not minding the pains I’m going through. He tried taking of my mini top, but received a hard blow from me, making him to stop abruptly

“You bas***d, I hate you” I said, trying to free myself from his grip, but that worsen the situation. He started beating me hard, sending blows to my stomach. Gosh, I felt like dying

“How dare you, how dare you raise that filthy hands on me” he spat angrily pinning me down to the bed, he seems so strong

“Look dear it’s either you cooperate or you get the worst beating of your life.
And I won’t stop there, I will make sure I press your br**st hard, eat up your yummy cl*t and send my rod into you, how about you giving me a blow job hunnhh” he smirk and sent a hot hard slap across my face.

“Ok please don’t hit me, please I beg you” I cried bitterly

“I promise to cooperate, please” I said softly, with the whole of my body aching so badly

The slap stings for some seconds, sending hot tears down my cheek, God this is not what I prayed for, I thought inwardly.

“Now you are a good girl, now I will start by eating that precious juicy thing waiting for me down there” he said lustfully

“No I can’t allow him to touch me, not in this life or the next” I thought, as he went down my legs, taking off my short and under wears, leaving me Stark naked while he spread my legs open, I felt embarrass being naked in front of a guy for the first time. In fact I felt disgusted and defiled

“Oh heaven, Eliza you are just so beautiful, just take a look at this beautiful entrance” he said as he bend his head toward and within a twinkle of an eye I could feel his tongue sliding into me. It should have been a feeling of ecstasy but due to the anger and pains I feel, it was nothing but a disgusting touch.

With tears still streaming down my eyes thinking that I’m defeated, I sighted an empty bottle of beer, close to the bed which was within my reach. I started moaning hard and told him not to stop, pretending to enjoy it. He raised his head up and looked at me, puzzled at my sudden change in behavior

“Do you like it” he asked licking his lips

“Yes I do, common don’t stop, just continue, I promise to give you a blow job or any other thing just don’t stop” I said faking a smile

“You see I told you, you will enjoy it; you have been in the dark for so long for you to notice that I can satisfy you to the cure” he said

“It’s ok, just continue I said, and pushed his head slightly down in between my legs as he continued what he started

With a quick grip, I took the bottle and smash it on his head, causing him to stagger of and blood started streaming of in bits. Thinking that I have succeeded, I pushed him off my body and tried get of the bed with my heart thumbing vigorously, only to be feel a hard grip on my hand

“Let me go you bas***d” I said as a tried to lose free from his grip

“You this little b***h, hhaaahaaa” he groan and pushed me to the floor, making me hit my back hard on the floor

“Huunnhh” I whined. He staggered towards me with the blood still streaming down his head. But all of a sudden I sighted the knife I brought along, coming out of the pockets of my shirt which was torn already.

started moving like it was being controlled by a force and within a blink of an eye, it struck and slit Felix throat, causing his eyes to bulb out. And with a loud sound, he landed on the floor, dead.

started shivering like a rat, it looks like magic to me, why are strange things happening, why will a knife ki*ll someone without being held. I struggled to run out of the room but noticed that I was still naked.

went into his wardrobe looking for something suitable to wear. I found a short gown which seems to belong to perhaps his girlfriend or so, it is kind of mini but it’s better that being naked, I thought, as I put it on in a hurry.

Getting to the door I noticed that it was wide open, but I thought he locked the door. Oh my God this house is possessed.

I wasted no time but run out of the apartment, seeing no one in the compound, not even the so called guards were present.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe all that just happened, am I dreaming or going crazy. Thank you Lord for rescuing me” I thought as I dash into the unknown street, with no one noticing anything.




Love y’all 💞

Vickie Dora 🌻



  1. Hmmm…. this is serious. I think it's either God heard her prayers,or her grandmother's spirit working.
    Next please

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