Life is Harsh

Partial Obedience

(Life is harsh)

By: Vickie Dora

Episode 22


Driving into the estate, I wasted no time parking the car and walk into the house, not without dropping my keys with a guard. I sighted Ella coming down from the stairs, perhaps she went to check on the girls.

She� seems� shocked� to see me though, but I�m not ready for questions now, time is running out

�Haaa, welcome madam� She said immediately she sees me

�Where are the girls� I asked ignoring her greetings
�Mmmmm they�are upstairs in their ro��

�Get me Elizabeth, get her clothes and other necessary things ready, she is going with me, and make it fast� I said without waiting for her response as I head to wine bar to get some shot.

I was shocked to see madam at home by this time of the day, she told me she might come back in the evening or perhaps the next day, why did she suddenly change her mind.

Oh my God, she asked me to ready Eliza, but their one month training is not over yet, gosh this is bad luck, I thought inwardly as I walk down the hallway to Eliza�s room.

This sudden news will change her happy mood to a sad one. Pushing her room door slightly, I saw her trying to take off her cloths

�Hey Ella, can�t you knock� She asked wearing back the cloths
�Sorry about that, can I come in� I asked

�You were already peeping, just come in anyway, so what�s up, you look kind of sad�

�Bad news dear� I said going straight to her wardrobe

�Bad news as how, what is going on Ella, you are scaring me. Why are you taking out all the cloths, are you crazy� she yelled and pushed me away

�What�s wrong with you? Few minutes ago you were smiling and now you look horrible� she said, perplexed
�Madam is around; you are going to the club house, hmm� I signed

�W..hhattt!! I don�t get you� she asked with tears already welling up in her eyes

�I�m sorry Eliza, but there is nothing I can do about it, just stay cool and do as I say. Come on let�s get you ready� I said, but she dragged me backward

�Ella I�m scared, I really do not want this job I swear, I really don�t want to go�..� she said, crying massively. I felt touched by her words, how I wish I could do more than the plan I have for her

�Hmm, I have a plan dear, but with need to be fast with everything. Madam did not notice the absence of Maria, she will have been raging now and I will have been a dead meat.

I mistakenly stumbled on a message sent to her yesterday by the club house boss, stating that he needs a fucker for a client who will be coming to town.

He stated the location of the client and that made me remember that place. It�s outside Lake City, about 2hrs journey.

I don�t know the exact house but I believe that it�s the exact client that has been asking for services and the girls ended up losing their lives after their section with him.

He might be a ritualist, so you need to be careful. I deleted the message before she sees it, but I believe you are the girl he is requesting for�

�But that doesn�t solve my problem� she said with cracked voice
�Look, take this�
�You are giving me a dagger� she asked staring intently at it

�Yes, and this is my number written here, although it�s a secret number.

Before he tries to sleep with you, make sure the knife is with you, I don�t know how you are gonna hide it, but stab him right in his stomach when he gets on top of you and run away from the apartment immediately, try to be smart�

�Ok I will, but how will I get back home as in, I�m confuse I don�t know anywhere in the city� she said

�You have to call the number so that I can come get you. I have a cousin living in that location; you can stay with her for a while before we know what else to do�

�But we were not given a phone� she said

�That�s not a problem, try to beg someone who is ready to listen to you, and ask for a phone to call.

Tell him/her that you missed your way or you are lost and needed help, or just think of something dear� I said as I continue to pack some cloths

�Ok thank you so much Ella, I�m really grateful, I will try to be smart� she said and embraces me which I returned

�It�s ok, but remember if you don�t escape now, you will be forever stuck in that club house. You won�t even be coming back here any longer�
�What about Maria? �She asked worriedly

�This is your life Eliza; let fate decide hers�..

We spent few minute to relax after our meal, and discuss about other things.
Josh decided that we visit the beach to have a cool time together.

Gosh if dates are like this, then I will wanna go on more dates as long as I live, Josh is such a darling.

Walking along the soft� but cool sand on the shore, he held my hand and winked at me causing me to blush hard, and I tried covering my cheek

�Hey,,,, remove your hands, stop hiding your cheek from me� he laughed

�No I won�t, you can�t see my face like this� I said and slip my hands outta his hands

�Catch me if you can� I said running away from his grip

�And I will catch you within a twinkle of an eye� he yelled, running to catch up with me, which he eventually did

�Gotcha, you are such a bad athlete� he said pulling me to himself, while I gasp for air

�I�m losing my breathe, I�m so bad at running� I said trying to pull myself together while he pull me into a warm hug from behind, gosh it felt like heaven.

�Hey� he called softly
�What� I whispered back

�You are looking more beautiful, what are you eating�
�Normal food� I smiled while he chuckled

�Perhaps your food is special� He said, as we stay in that position staring at the ocean and its waves, before I broke the silence.

�Josh, can I ask you something�
�Anything dear� he mumbled

�How did you manage to get me out of the house like, you know the security did not stop you from taking me out, remember that we are not supposed to go out� I asked

�Really? Well I don�t know, I�m even surprise that I�m hearing this anyway. But why aren�t you allowed to go out and who gave that order.

Wait a minute do you mean you have not being going out for the past weeks you have been here?�He asked as he furrowed his brow, letting go of the hug to stare at me.

Gosh he shouldn�t have done that, I was enjoying it anyway, too bad I can�t ask him to continue.

�Mmmm I don�t know what to say� I said remembering the strict warning Linda gave to us about revealing our jobs to strangers who are not our client

�Talk to me Maria, I know something is wrong why aren�t you allowed to go out, are you under a punishment�
�No� I muffled

�Then what, you look sad already, wait are you about to cry now� he asked, perplexed

�I’m confuse Josh, I..I�oh no� I said softly and broke into tears, hold unto his shirt to avoid him seeing my face

�Hyy.,,,,shhh, its� ok,, let it out dear, it�s ok� He said and hug me.

this is just what I want, I thought inwardly, feeling the warmth of his body and wetting his shoulders with my tears.

�Now tell me, what is it? what are you trying to hide from me?� he whispered

�I�m bought Josh, I�m sorry I couldn�t tell truth about my coming to the city.

It�s not our fault though because she promised to make us learn a trade when we come here, but we ended up learning to become prostitutes� I said realizing that I have dropped the bombshell

�You are bought as how? And who are you referring to? I don�t get you�

�Its Mrs. Smith, she brought I and Eliza to the city with the hope of we learning something, but we never know that the job is that of prostitution.

night a lady do come to the house and we meet in a secret room. She trains us on different immoralities and leaves before dawn.

In the next one or two weeks our training will be over and we will be taken to one club house like that, and,,,,,Oh God, I don�t wanna go there josh, please just take me away from Mrs. smith, please� I cried and sob as more tears stream down my eyes

�It�s ok dear, Oh my God I can�t believe this, I just can�t believe my ears. All these have being happening and you did not speak out� he asked raging

�I was scared; I thought everyone knows about it, until now, I really don�t wanna go back there�

�It okay dear� he said �I don�t know how to say this, but I will make sure I get you and your friend out of this mess. My dad is a lawyer and he has a friend who is a police officer, we will all get to the route of this.

girls� molestation must stop, and if Mrs. Smith really has a hand in it, she will go down, she and her incarnates.

All I want from you is to trust me in this, will you Maria� he asked looking straight into my eyes

�Yes I will, I will� I said genuinely

�Look here darling, I don�t know how to say this but I really love you. Since the first day I set my eyes on you I couldn’t help but love you the more each day, I will give you enough time to though about this, but I just want you to know that I will always be there for you no matter what, okay?”

“Ok” I nodded still sobbing, while he place a soft kiss on my forehead

“Common let me take you to my personal apartment, I will inform Eric about this and we will get into action on this situation” he said cleaning the tears on my face

“Ok, God bless you” I whispered softly as I remember Eliza, how are we gonna get her out of that house I thought.



Maria is out…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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