Episode 20

Mr. Smith has been in his room since his arrival after the incident that took place between him and his wife. He was scrolling through his phone reading posts of some of his friends who are also on vacation.

Some were displaying the pictures of their family in the beach or any other fun places, looking happy and healthy. This was all he prayed for, but all seem fruitless, he thought as he kept on staring

The door cracked open, and Debbie entered without him knowing, bring engrossed in what he is doing.
“Darling” she called bringing him back to reality. He looked her way when he heard her voice.

“What is it” he asked nonchalantly
“I’m sorry ok, I really am. I do not plan for all these to happen but I don’t know why I just felt like going to a club last night, I won’t go there again I promise” she said wearing a puppy face.

It was at this point that Smith notice the cloth she was wearing. A long flair gown, with flowered embroidery. She dressed like a married woman, but glancing at her, he believes she is wearing nothing under that dress. Perhaps she is here to seduce him, he thought….

“Hmmm, you are forgiven, you can go now I’m busy’ he said softly
“Why, but I’m not done yet” she pouted

“Fine then what is it”

“I missed you darling, or don’t you miss me” she said trying to loosen the button at the front of her dress, wearing this annoying lustful and seductive smile.

Unfortunately for her, a knock was heard on the door. She quickly buttoned up her cloth, looking angry at whosoever wants to distract her this moment.

The door opened and Eric came in, having this look of surprise seeing Debbie in that dress.

“I’m sorry if I distracted anything, perhaps I will back later” he said almost leaving

” No no not at all, in fact your mum was also about leaving” Smith said, getting a disgustful stare from Debbie
“Is there anything you want to tell me” he asked as Eric takes his seat on one of the couch, glancing at Debbie who seem to be fuming with anger

“I actually came to give you a proper welcome and asked about your journey, business over there and so on, since I couldn’t do all that this morning because of…mmm

“Yes that alright son, I get your point, so how are you too. It’s been awhile we hang out together as father and son; sorry I have been really busy lately”

“I know that dad, common it�s fun to have you back home, I pray you stay longer this time, till the time I will go back to school”

�Don’t worry about that son” Smith replied, getting the point of Eric
“I actually came to tell you that lunch is ready too, and the girls are already at the dinning, we decided to wait for you first before eating

“Oh really, that’s nice of them, and by the way, where do you bring them from” Smith asked referring his questions to Debbie

“Ohhooh, so now you remember that I’m also in this room, I thought I had become invisible that you decided to snub me just to listen to this song of yours, anyway no problem, mtcheeewwww” she hissed as she walked out of the room, slamming the door with anger.

“Hmmm, don’t mind her, she is just jealous that I did not attend to her, let’s go have lunch” He scoffs as they both leave the room and head to the dinning….

Getting out of the bathroom, I met Natasha still on the bed, she seem to be in thought without noticing my presence.

Well it’sher fault anyway, she caused it though, if not she wouldn’t have been in such dilemma.

You might be wondering why I said so, yea I did it. I planned everything with Felix. He promised to pay me a huge amount of money if I can get him to sleep with Natasha perhaps as a payback to what she did to him a long time ago, I actually don’t know about her offences, all I care about is my own Interests.

And whereas, she kind of offended me sometimes ago, she is such a b***h and thinks everyone should be at her feet because she is a princess, mtcheeewwww princess my foot.
Anyway that is just little, more will come except if she find out the type of person she calls a friend………


It been 2 weeks now since we started our training, Linda has being giving our different things to do. Gosh I can�t believe that I will agree to all those rubbish. Well it�s just a matter of time; I will find a way to get out of here no matter what.

Mrs. Smith has tried her best by increasing the security, she warned them never to allow us leave their sight, although she thought we are unaware of her plan. But that�s so foolish of her, because I have strategized mine already.

She has been behaving nice to us this few days, and I guess it�s because of her husband�s presence in the house, her dressing has even chanced a little, only God knows what happened between them the day she came home, drunk. I know she is only pretending, she even allows Linda to meet with us in the night or when her husband is not around.

Mr. Smith has not been around for two days now, I overheard he went to his parent place. Hmmm, I think he is not in support of what she is doing, or is it that he knows nothing about this business of hers.

What if I tell him about it, what if he also has a hand in it? God, I don�t know what to do or who to trust, but if I need to leave this place, I believe Mr. Smith will be the best option. At least I will get to know if he also does the prostitute business with his wife, or not.

And if he doesn�t, then glory be to God, I thought as I strolled around in the compound. I have been viewing the compound for the past two weeks, trying to find an escape route but the security cameras are just too much.

Still going round, I sighted Eric with Maria by the pool side having a talk. It seems serious because the expression on their faces.

I decided not to intrude into their conversation, so I walked past them straight to the garden, although they seem oblivious of my presence.

I kind of feel jealous seeing the both of them together, I don�t know why I�m feeling these way, I just feel like they get along so well why I�m left alone.

Although I do chat with Eric but anytime we are together there is always this strange feeling in me, I wish I could get rid of it but I also do not think I want it to leave�..

�Oh God just save me�..� i said throwing my hands into the air

�Save you from what� he said, yea I know that voice. I froze immediate I had him speak, and my heart started beating like in want to come out

�To save me from you� I wanted to say, but I dare not

�Mmmm, hi what are you doing here� I asked instead

�Just came here to relax, I love relaxing in the garden, I never knew you were� Eric said furrowing his brow

�Oh, I was just taking a stroll, but I thought I saw you with Maria, where is she� I asked, straining my neck to get a glimpse

�She went inside some minute ago� he replied

�Oh ok� I said, having nothing else to say as I begin my walk, while he followed beside

�So why do you decide to stroll to the garden� he asked

�Well, just felt like straightening my legs for a while, I have been in door all day, just�� I couldn�t complete my statement. Him being so close is almost making me suffocate, what is wrong with me

�You look beautiful today� he said softly, taking my hands into his soft hand, stopping me from walking further.

Gosh, I couldn’t feel my heartbeat as I stared into his eyes, while he seems to come closer, squeezing my hand a little and sending shivers down my spine.

“Eliza” he called softly” when will you try to open up to me” he asked

“Op..en up�.. how” I stammered, praying that he doesn’t hear my heartbeat

“You are hiding something from me, and I know that. Just be free with me, I thought we are friends now, you seem troubled, you can’t just be strolling with your face looking worried, I can sense that something is wrong with you” he said with a genuine concern written on his face.

He seem serious, but the way he is squeezing my, is making me not to feel my legs. Staring at his eyes alone is mesmerizing.

“I…I…don’t know, but I can’t, I mean ….I’m not….” I shuttered
“Shushhh, it’s ok if you don’t wanna say it, because I remember clearly what happened last two weeks, when you screamed from your room that night”

“Oh my God I can’t believe he saw me in my partially covered nighties, I should be getting angry now, but I wonder why I’m blushing really hard” I thought inwardly
“Haahaa, you are blushing, why?” I smiled

“Nothing, it just that, I can’t remember the day you are referring to” I said still blushing, God what’s wrong with me. What has these guys done to me

“Never mind anyway if you can’t remember, but� just want you to know that, whenever you have something troubling you, just feel free to tell me. I might be of help; even if it’s about my mum, dad or anyone, just say it okay….”
“Ok thanks”

“You are welcome dear” he smiled, giving me a light peck on my head, gosh did he just do that, I thought as I stare at his exiting figure, with my mouth wide open

“This is incredible” I said softly
I kept on blushing and swinging my hands, being oblivious of the presence of Ella, I mistakenly hit her hard while trying to sway round, I wonder what she was doing at my back.

�Hey!!!! Watch your back girl� she said

�Hmm, what are you doing at my back anyway, I thought I left you in the kitchen� I asked folding my hands

�Well I saw young master coming out of here, I actually came to check if the garden is well kept and I saw��.� She said

�You saw what� I asked blushing again

�Gosh, you are blushing really hard, what happened between the both of you while others are inside� she asked with her hands akimbo

�Well we were just talking, and nothing more� I replied covering my cheek

�Are you sure�.are you sure you did not ki..�

�Hey� I said covering her mouth with my hands �Why will you say that, I can�t do such a thing, and not with the boss son, anyway I�m going inside before you put me into trouble with your mouth� I said framing anger

�Hey wait, let me tell you this one before you leave, Oga is coming back today, he called� she said smiling, well I guess why

�Wow that cool� I said trying to hide my happiness, my freedom is about to come to pass, I thought

�Just wow? No, that�s not all� he said I should prepare that delicious meal I prepared the other time�

�I can�t prepare it, remember that you were the one who prepared it, Madam is not around please come and assist me in the kitchen, I have forgotten some of the recipe you used� she said pleadingly

�Hmmm, anyway if I prepare it for him, I want you to open up to him that I prepared it� I said
�Ok, no problem, that�s just what he wants to eat when he gets back�

�Fine I�m going now, call me when you need me� I said, while she nodded. Ella is a sweet lady, even being 20 years; she doesn�t act like one to us.

She treats us like her sisters and that�s what differentiates her from other maids, I wonder while she is still working for Mrs. Smith despite knowing the type of work she is doing. Perhaps due to fear, or she might have no other place to work, I thought as I stride into the main house




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