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Episode 19

Eric and I were actually in a restaurant, chilling with pizza and a soft drink. We tried seeing some of our friends and decided to stop by the restaurant eat sometime.

“Hey guy this restaurant is cozy, I love it” Eric said as he stare around admiring it

“Yea this is one of the best restaurant in town, I love to come here when a girl breaks my heart” I said with a pity face

“Oh sorry guy, I feel your pain” Eric laughs
Immediately, we saw a woman dressed in a nurse uniform, coming in. She seems to be in a hurry, cause she came running in and mistakenly slipped, landing thunderously on the floor.

Eric wasted no time, running to assist to her feet, why other people in the restaurants stood up to watch the scene because she was really wringing in pains, seems like she twisted her ankle, I thought but getting to the scene, it was more serious than that.

Her head was bleeding, gushing out lots of blood.
She tried to get up, holding onto Eric’s hand, but she stopped abruptly, stares at his hand and looks at his face, having a look of surprise.

She was about saying something to him, but was losing consciousness, and immediately some security agent came to take her out of the restaurant, perhaps to the nearest hospital.

“Hey are you ok” I asked Eric as he kept on looking at the direction the woman was taken

“I feel strange Josh, I felt so strange when the woman touched me, I don’t even know how to express myself, but this sudden incident has spoilt my mood, I wanna go home Josh, goodbye” he said patting me on my shoulder before leaving

“Just like that” I thought “ few minutes ago we were having a great time, all of a sudden all these happened and I’m left alone again, gosh today is really a bad day for me” I signed

“But wait a minute, that woman face looks familiar, have I seen her before, well perhaps not” I shrug and left but not without paying for the snacks, if not, those witches waitress will kill me, they like money than devil, but wait who even like devil before….hmm..Perhaps Natasha……

In the hospital where the supposed injured woman was taken to, the nurses attended to her immediately she was brought in, while the security men who brought her tried to call any of her family members on her phone which they found in her bag.

They manage to put a call through one of her contact save as “My bestie” since they couldn’t find any other number that belongs to her family.
After some minutes, her friend came running into the hospital like someone who is being chased.

She sighted the security men and recognize them those who work in the restaurant where Grace do go to eat.

She believes that they are the one who called her, since they introduced themselves.

“Good day sir, please where is my friend, I want to see her, what do you say happened to her” she asked with shaky voice

“Madam, calm down, she is fine, the doctor already attended to her, we only called so that when she is strong enough to be discharged, her family member will come to pick her, just be strong” one of the security men said to her.

“Ok if you say so, but can I see her now” she asked
“Only the doctor can approve that” the other man answered
She was about going straight to the doctor’s office, when she sighted him coming out of his office

“Doctor, please I’m here to see my friend, who was brought in here some minutes ago, how is she” she asked, still panicking, after explaining things to him

“Oh she is fine madam, and you can go and see her now, the nurses are through with the dressing already. Just go down this aisle, the room by your right…” he smiled

“Ok doctor thank you” she said, running down the corridor.

Getting into the room, she sighted Grace on the bed, and one part of her head is covered with bandage.

“Oh my God, what is all this” she whispered in hurt, unable to bear the sight of her friend in pains.

Grace, grace” she called, as Grace turned her head to see who is calling her, and smiled immediately she saw her best and only friend

” How did it happen, I was told that you slipped and fall, oh my God that restaurant need to be sued, for allowing such a pretty woman to hit the ground” she said softly.

“Hmmmm” Grace sighed

” It was a mistake, I was in a hurry to get some takeaways for lunch, since I won’t be having time to prepare anything when I get back home, but it’s such a pity that this happened” she said as she grunted in pains.

“Sorry dear, sorry ok, but you should have been careful, why will you be running like a kid when you are a matured woman.
The food you were going to buy is not running away, why can’t you just catwalk majestically and make your orders.

Instead you will be running like a village champion” Sarah her friend snapped, framing Anger

“Wait o, Sarah, are you here to share my pains or you are here to add to it, why are you insulting me” Grace asked as she arch her brows

“That’s not an insult; the truth is bitter, you are too beautiful to get injured, wake up girl and drop that village life of yours, stop running and start walking”

“Ok oo, Mrs. Adviser; I have heard you, I really need to take something now I am starving really hard”” I also need to get out of here quickly, I need to go to work”

“Go to work like this, with this plastered head of yours, look girl maybe when I’m coming next time I will come with a mirror, since you can’t see your head.

And who will even allow you to work, Grace you need to rest, stop being a workaholic.

You have been working like a man since when I met you, that’s why I asked you to consider those suitors of yours, and get married so that the stress can reduce.

I love you so much and I don’t like seeing you suffer this way, but I can’t even get the reason why you don’t want to get married at this age, it baffles me a lot.

But I don’t wanna go into that now, all you need to do is rest, perhaps after one or two weeks, then you will go back to work, I Will tell your boss about it.

Let me get you something to it” she said as she stood up, picked her bag and delve her hand into it, perhaps searching for Money.

She got what she wants and strides out if the room.

“Hmm, Sarah will never change with her loving attitudes, she is so caring although she can get crazy at times” Grace thought as she laughed inwardly remembering funny things Sarah has done to her.

Still in thought, she remembered the young lad that tried saving her in the restaurant.

She remembered having a glimpse of the mark on his hand, but that was so strange, because that mark is not a birth mark, it is gotten from an ancient seal which used to be placed in fire and placed on the hands of slaves as a symbol of ownership.

That seal was the last of its kind given to her by her late mother who was also given to by her ancestors.

It cannot be found anywhere. That means that boy is……..oh my God, how will get to see him again” she thought as she starts sobbing and crying remembering her lost treasures…
Who got the message..
Love y’all 💞
Vickie Dora🌻

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