Episode 17

“I’m really disappointed in you, for Christ sake what is all this Debbie? You irritate me” I yelled frustratingly
We are actually in the master bedroom, I and Debbie. She has been crying nonstop, saying gibberish sentences.

After the whole scene in the sitting room, I couldn’t stand the sight of my wife dressed half naked in front of my workers and my son, what good example is she showing them.

I wonder if this is the same way she has been dressing since I left, oh God what have I gotten myself into” I thought

“Where are you coming from, answer me” I yelled making her flinched
“I… co…ming from a …” she stammered, a little bit tipsy

“A club? You Debbie, a club?” I asked pointing my finger to her face
“Why darling, why a club of all places. I know that you love going on outings a lot.

You love partying, shopping and going on dates with your friends, and now you have graduated to going to a night club party? A married woman for that matter” I said softly while she stood in front of me, shedding crocodile tears

“You disgust me Debbie, I’m sure that you would have gotten drunk last night and might have slept with countless men, because you won’t know what you are doing while drunk”

�No I did not cheat on you, I swear with my�..�

�Cut the act Debbie, you are lying, I wish I can crush you with my bare hands.

The thought of you not giving me a child is devastating, now all you do is to club, dressed like a prostitute, how will those men not sleep with you when you advertise your body to them� I yelled with anger.

My eyes were already red and watery; I am filled with rage knowing the fact that my wife could not give me a child and care less about it.

�What have I done wrong Debbie, did I not give you the life you wanted, I struggle and work hard just to make you happy, I care less about where you go or what you do just to make you a free woman, I satisfy you in every aspect, even when it comes to making love to you, but you spat in my face and disgrace me in front of my workers with your dressing and attitude.

Anyway, its fine, this is the way you want to live your life right, no problem, just know that�.hmm, I reserve my word for later good day� I said leaving the master bedroom for my personal room, at least I won�t get to see her face until I clear my head, I do not expect my vacation to be like this, I pray God help me to clear up my anger before I do something bad to Debbie, I thought, taking off my cloths and headed to the bathroom for a hot bath.

Maria, Eliza, Joshua and I were having a good time before the arrival of my dad.

Well you might be wondering how I became close with them, yea like I promised to do, I went to their rooms to call them down for dinner the other night, while my dad�s wife was away to only to God knows.

At the dinning, I started a conversation by asking them where they came from and it went on and on till we started chatting like we have known each other for long.

Joshua already left as at then only to return early this morning, I wonder if he slept at all in the night, he has never been so early to my house before.

During our conversation, I notice that Eliza is actually nice and friendly, but she seem tough and doesn�t really show out her emotions, but within her is a heart of milk and honey, perhaps I misread her actions at first.

I made use of that opportunity to ask what happened earlier in the afternoon, why they look sad and all that, but all responds seem fruitless, cause they said God has settled their problem and they are awaiting results.

It sounded like a proverb without meaning to me, but I don�t wanna ki*ll the joy they found that evening, so I decided to let go of it, although I have a feeling that they are hiding something.

Early this morning, after Joshua arrive, they came downstairs for breakfast and I did a little introduction, not from my free will though, but because josh was on my neck, that guy almost ki*ll me, just for me to introduce him to them.

It kind of baffled me as at how josh was free with them and them with him. He starts cracking lots of jokes making us to laugh of lungs out, reminding me of school days.

But the joy died down immediately my dad�s wife arrived few minutes after my dad�s arrival. Gosh, she was stinking of alcohol, and almost made me puke.

�Mmm, I�m really sorry guys about what happen just now, but let�s forget about everything and just go back to our chat, can we?� I asked still feeling embarrassed about what happened, my dad�s wife can be so annoying, I thought inwardly.

�Yea ..can we�� josh said but was interrupted by Maria who spoke up
�Look guys we are sorry but we need to go now, I have something important to discuss with Eliza� she said while Eliza nodded

�Ok, if you say so, but will you be back for lunch� I asked still wanting to see their pretty faces, I think I�m crushing on one of them, guess who that is�

�Yes we will� Eliza replied as they dash onto the stairs, leaving me and josh to stare at their exiting figures
�Gosh, killer joy� josh whined

�What do you mean?� I asked
�Nothing..guy�Never mind� he said nonchalantly

�Drop the act guy, I know who you are talking about, but remember, she is still my dad�s wife�

�Who you hate like hell, in fact more than hell� he said standing on his feet

�Whatever,,,,, and where are you going to� I asked surprise that he is leaving early

�Home of course, I came here to see those angels not you, and since the demon has sent them away, it will take the grace of angel Michael to bring them back, so I�m leaving for now, in fact see me off� he said taking slow strides

�Well, I also feel like going out, perhaps we go to your house or we see some of or long time classmate� I suggested

�That will be nice� he said beaming
�And we are not visiting any girl, because I can see you smiling� I smirk

�Ah nhn, I�m a change guy now, the sight of those angels change me already, look Eric, come what may, I’m gonna ask one of those girls out, in fact one had gotten my attention already� he said tapping my shoulder

�Don�t try it josh, but wait, which one of the two caught your attention� I asked wandering if it�s the one I�m crushing on already

�hmm�.never mind, you have a girlfriend remember�,the big brea$t and no shape, hahaahaaa, don�t look at another one, follow your old heart and leave me to this one�s� he said mockingly, I felt a bit embarrass though, but I had to conceal it

�Look guy, those girls are too innocent for your liking, anyway it�s your choice, they won�t accept you anyway� I said, hoping they won�t, because Joshua has a lot of charms when it comes to wooing a girl, I hope my wish come true�….



One word for Josh…


Love y’all ?



  1. They'll definitely get safe Madam D plot once Mr Smith is already having passion for Maria look alike. God is on the work already no doubt.

  2. I pray Mr Smith's arrival will help save the girls
    And Josh is a woman freak, but if dating anyone of them will be their saving grace then, sh00t on Josh
    Next please

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