Episode 16
Maria was really in a bad mood when she entered her room, she started crying immediately they departed the secret room, Eliza also felt bad but tried to be strong in order to console her friend, if they both start crying, who will console the other, she thought

“I don’t think I will be able to continue this Eliza, I feel defiled” Maria said and busted into another round of tears

“Hmm, we have no choice, what can we do? I’m also confused. The only way is to escape, and that will be hard because the security is tight, Mrs. Smith won’t allow us out of her sight now, she will be watching us 24’7” Eliza said softly

“But we can just tell them we are not ready yet, and think of a plan to escape, I can’t do this” Maria said as she gulp down nothing, cleaning the tears from her eyes

“Well we can’t, you heard Linda, our decision have to be made there, and we agreed, although not really, because we have our own plan”

“We!!!, There is no we, it was you who accepted, how can you accept such ridiculous job Eliza, how?!” Maria yelled softly, are she tried to stop the threatening tears from tickling down her cheeks

Eliza knows the main reason why Maria is angry and sad at the same time. It is not because of the job they accepted, but because they are gonna lose their virginity a week before they resume service.

Yes, they are still virgins and the pain of losing it alone is devastating.
Maria always say that she will keep it and lose it on her wedding night to her beloved, but will that wish come true?

Eliza too has felt such pain, especially when Felix tried to rape her; she was so scared at first, but got strength from nowhere to defeat him.

“Maria I’m sorry, I thought I did the right thing but I’m just being so foolish, don’t be angry with me, we prayed a lot last night, I won’t want anything to break this bond of love we have by bringing hatred into our heart” Eliza said almost breaking into tears

“It’s ok Eliza, you are not at fault, I know why you made that decision, I�m just infusing my anger on you, I’m just scared of losing the precious thing I have been keeping for years now.

Many people might not value virginity, but I value it more than diamonds, it worth a lot to me Eliza, it worth……” She broke into tears again

“Shushhh, it’s ok, stop this tears please, let’s tell it to God in prayer, he is the only one that can deliver us” Eliza said

“Yes you are right, come on let’s pray” Maria beckoned as they both knelt down holding their hands and went into prayer…..

Mr. Smith arrived Nigeria late in the evening, like he planned, he didn’t tell anyone. He decided to check into a hotel for the night and continue his journey the next morning.

As he was heading into the hotel with his luggage, he sighted someone, at the other end of the hotel, coming out of the entrance over there with a man.

The person looks like his wife but what will she doing at this time of the day in this place, he thought. When he looks further, the woman seems a little different though, she was having a fun time with the man, kissing and romancing him.

He was about going to meet them, when a security man stopped him and asked if he needed any help with his way.


He told the security that he was about checking in, and was directed to where the receptionist is.
He didn’t want to argue, so he decided to leave but not without looking at that direction, when he looked, they were already gone.

“Well maybe I was just hallucinating or perhaps they are couples. Despite the fact that Debbie is a little rough, I�m sure she can’t cheat on me” he thought as he went into the hotel.


After my brief meeting with Linda, I decided to pay Wilson, a surprise visit. Wilson is the one referred to as the boss, he is the owners of the agency where we teach little girls and turn them into prostitute.

He has been my lover since the day we met; that was when my husband first travelled to the state for a meeting.
Getting to the hotel I met him busy in his office, he was so happy to see me because he never thought I will come visit him sooner.

We had a lot of fun time in his spare room in the hotel, and I also told him about the girls which are starting their training today.

“I brought Linda to my abode today, she is with the girls, I’m sure they have started their first lesson by now” I said taking off my cloth for the main business to start

“Wow that’s good, but you need to fasten up the training. A client called me today that he will be in town sooner or later and he will need lots of services” he said grinning

“Really, but you know those girl are still novice, they need serious training” I said staring into his eyes

“Yea I know, but trust Linda, she is the best, she can train them to become perfect in one week, so put your mind at rest, and give me my food, daddy is hungry” he said, licking his lips as he stare at my nude body

“Hmm you are always a hungry lion, anyway I’m all yours” I said as we started our journey to …….. Wherever

After whole lots of rounds and fun, I decided to take my leave, but that was in the evening, I can’t believe I stayed this long, Wilson couldn’t get enough of me.

He still kissed me lot before allowing me to leave, not even minding the piercing eyes that where looking at us at the entrance of the hotel.

Well he later left, and when I was about unlocking my car door, I sighted a car that looks like that of my husband. I decided to take a closer look at it, and it truly was his.

But my husband is not in the country yet, and even if he comes he would have called me to let me know, or am I mistaking the car for his….

Hmm I can only clear my doubt if I call him, I thought, bringing out my phone to dial his number. It was not reachable.

I didn’t bother to call the other Nigeria line because it’s of no use, my husband cannot be in Nigeria, at least not yet, the car might be for someone else and just have the same look with his, in fact what am I even saying, there are lots of cars that have the same design, I thought as I went back to my car and drive out…..

Early the next morning, Mr. Smith headed to his mansion. He drove into the compound and was welcomed by the security men at the gate, they were surprised and happy at the same time to see him, and he wasted no time, but tipped them with some huge amount of money, well it doesn’t seem huge to him but it does to them.

After parking at the car park, the maids all ran to welcome him and collected his luggage, they always feel happy whenever he is around because apart from their salaries, they are also gonna be given little tips from him.

Going into the house he met a full house, his son, Eric, Eric’s friend, Joshua, and two other young girls of their age, they were all laughing their lungs out but stopped immediately they noticed his presence

“Oh my God, dad you are back,” Eric said running to hug him
“You did not tell us that you are coming”

“Yes it’s a surprise visit”
“Good day, papa..oh sorry I mean daddy” Joshua said as he greeted him
�Josh, Josh, what do you mean by papa?” Mr. Smith said, patting Josh head and laughing at his comment

�Don’t mind him dad, he is just too playful” Eric replied
“Hmm, and who are this….”

“Oh dad meet, Elizabeth and Maria, they are my friends, although we just become friends today though, but they have been living with us for some time now “Eric said grinning

“Yes sir, welcome sir” Maria said
“How are you girls” he asked staring at Maria with a surprise look

“We are fine sir, It’s a pleasure to have you back sir” Eliza replied smiling

“Oh my God you look just like her, you just …” He whispered softly still staring at Maria

“Dad are you ok, she look just like who” Eric asked with a confuse look
Mr. Smith seems to come back to reality and almost replied but was interrupted by the door opening and revealing his wife, Debbie.

She was shocked to see him; she was a little tipsy considering the amount of alcohol she took in a night party last night, after leaving the hotel.

She could not believe her eyes, this will be the first time she will out of the house when her husband is coming back from the states.

And to make things worse, he has seen the girls she brought, he will ask after them for sure, what is she gonna do she thought..

She was brought back to reality by the voice of her husband..

“Debbie” he yelled making her to jerk
“Where are you coming from looking like this” he said looking at her cloth
It was at this point she realized what she was putting on.

A torn crop top that barely covered her brea$t not to talk of her body, and a bum short…

“Oh my God, what will I tell him now, I’m doomed……..” She thought……..




Debbie is in for it…


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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