Partial Obedience – Episode 15

Episode 15



�Guy I�m actually broke, imagine a whole me, not being able to buy a watch of 500 thousand naira for a babe� Joshua my best friend said. We are actually in the living sipping wine and having a good time. He came to visit me when he heard that I�m back from the state.

Joshua is my long time friend right from the orphanage primary school to secondary school.

He used be very quiet then when he was brought to the orphanage, and it was due to the grieve of his parent being killed right in front of him, but after we became close friends, he changed suddenly, only God knows the type of spirit that possessed him.

He used to be a playboy then in secondary school, even up till now though, but we are actually close because he is jovial, friendly and also intelligent but I�m exactly the opposite of him.

He was adopted by a very wealthy woman, who is also my dad business partner, few month after his adoption, my dad came to adopt me too, and we both meet ourselves again, isn�t that fate?�

�You, Broke? Look Josh, you can never be broke, you not buying a wristwatch of 500K for your babe doesn�t mean you are broke, it means you are getting out of your playboy life, little by little� I said rolling my eyes

�Getting out of my Playboy self as how?” He asked, perplexed

“I know you Joshua, you spends extravagantly not minding if the person you are about to buy something for is a stranger, as long as the girl is beautiful, then you can even sell your eyes” I said taking another sip

“Haahaaaha” he laughed

“What’s funny” I asked

“You of course, look here I’m a guy, why won’t I fall for a pretty girl, apart from that I’m generous mennh”

“Then why didn’t you buy it for her”

“I don’t know, I just felt like doing away with her, she is just too clingy” he scoffs

“Look guy, this habit of being a player doesn’t suit you, just stay with one of those girls if you really wanna date, and if not then stay single”

“Hmm, I know, but I can’t just find the perfect one, they are all bitches, I don’t think I can find a perfect girl”

“But there is one or perhaps two” I said regretting immediately why I said so

“Which one is one or two, did you get a new girlfriend or is it that goat” he asked

“Which goat, because when I checked last I never had a goat” I said confused

“You have a goat, a proud one at that, a very naughty she-goat with big brea$t and no shape….haahaaa” he said bursting into laughter

“Now I know who he was referring to, Natasha, well they have always been enemies right from school”

“Stop that now, why are you calling my girl a goat, and she is not shapeless” I said softly remembering how she looks the last time I saw her

” You cannot even deny that Eric, that girl is not your type, sometimes I wonder what you see in her, abi shey she don charm you ni (has she charmed you) she irritates me” he said bursting into another round of laughter

�Hey guy stop it, anyway she said will be coming soon, perhaps tomorrow” I said

“Seriously, heeii another round of oppression, I’m sure you will have turn to bonga(bony) fish before she leaves, in fact I won’t even come to visit you until her departure”

“Do you really hate her that much” I asked surprised at his outburst

“Hanhaa, who doesn’t hate the devil, in fact if you want to eat with the devil, make use of a veryyyyyyyyy loooooong spoon, but if I have the opportunity to eat with the devil, I will rather eat with him than to stay close to Natasha”

“Hanhahn, guy, wetin happened”

“Oooho, you remember your mother land English today, I thought those white people has wash it away from your tongue, don’t worry Natasha matter will bring back the remaining ones”

“Are you mocking me now” I asked pretending to be annoyed

” No na, I’m only telling you the fact; leave Natasha alone, let her out of your life, you have suffered too much in her hand, look at how fresh you look now, when she comes now, your skin will be like those of the mortuary attendant”

“Are you saying they look awful” I asked

“Well it’s just a figure of speech, “like” simile, I never said they are ugly though, just that they are companions with dead bodies, haaahaaaaa”

“Mtcheewww, guy you are just so funny, anyway I missed most of those your jokes back then in school, and about Natasha, I know what to do about her”

“So what about your mum, oh I mean your dad’s wife, as you use to call her” he asked sarcastically

“Well I don’t know about her whereabouts, perhaps she left” I said operating my phone, not being really interested in talking about her, Joshua noticed it and decided to let it go.

He was about saying something when the door to the Living room opened revealing Maria first before Eliza, I wonder where they are coming from, I didn’t see them this morning during breakfast but I thought they were in their rooms all day.

They seem to be in a bad mood, because they walked past us like they didn’t notice us. I know Maria would have greeted even if her friend didn’t, but her eyes looks puffy like she just cried or something, what’s wrong? I noticed Joshua looking at them with eyes and mouth wide open like he just see a ghost.

“Guy, they are gone already I think it’s time for you to close that mouth” I said after they left

“Oh my….oh….my…..oh…my” I kept saying

“Oh my what, what�s wrong” I asked

“Guy, can you remind me the word after ..oh …. my” I said

I know he is just being stupid after seeing those girls, Josh can never change�

“Well the word is GOD”

“Thanks dear, OH MY GOD” he shouted still looking at the direction they took

�What is it, why are you shouting” I asked already getting on my feet

“Wait” he said looking at me at last” do you know those girls” he asked

“Yea…kind of. They have been living here for some days now

“Seriously, how dare you Eric, how dare you” he said holding my neck ” I’m gonna ki*ll you for that”

” Ooohh, leave my neck you are choking me” he stepped back a little, forming furiousness

“Hey guy, you almost killed me” I said coughing

“You are here living with two angels, and you know that you have a friend that is single” he said

“Wait a minute, when I checked last, I only have one friend and he is not single, in fact he has many girlfriends��, haaahaaaaa” I laughed

“Stop that dude, I’m actually single now okay, but where did they come from, who brought them” he asked taking his sit, which I also did

“Well mum brought them from only God knows” I said nonchalantly

“Really wow, big fishes guy, big fishes. But didn’t they see us when they passed”

“Perhaps they did, but they seem to be in a bad mood, one is kinda friendly, I don’t know of the other one. But I will you even know if the greeted or not when you were starring at them like SpongeBob. Your mouth was when opened like a village boy”

“Seriously, did I open my mouth” he frowned a bit

” No, you opened your nose, jamb question” I said ” And apart from that, those girls are not fishes or whatsoever slang you do use, they are decent girls, if you have anything in mind, just give it to the devil to transport it to hell, because they won’t collect it” I said trying to make him see my reasons

“I love decent girls Eric, I guess I will start with the friendly one, tell me their names”

Getting up from the couch, I looked into his eyes and said “Go ask them yourself, I need to go guy” I said and start heading to my room

“Hey guy, I’m not through with you, where are you going to” he yelled running to meet up with me on the stairs

Gosh, Joshua will still be the same, but what will be wrong with the girls, one was screaming last night and now they look sad.

Hmm I think I will let go of my pride and ask them, I might start by being their friends though, I don’t know why, but I do feel some kind of connection when I see them, especially Maria, she have the same birthmark I have on my wrist, that’s strange too. I will try to get close to them; I might be of help to their problems…….



What’s your thought on Eric’s choice


Love y’all ?

Vickie Dora ?


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