Mafia Queen – Chapter 21



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 21

As they were jogging through the area, the doctor started to ask questions.

“What exactly happened before he collapsed?”

“We were trying to call for a taxi so we were standing outside for a few minutes but by the time we actually got a cab, he fell down.”

The two rushed through a crowd of patients and nurses who managed to gather up around her dad.

The nurses who were attending her dad suddenly caught eye of the her and the doctor and said.

“Everyone, please allow for some space!”

The doctor immediately kneeled down next to her dad and began checking his vitals.

After thirty seconds passed, Daniella asked “Is he going to be alright?”

She watched as the doctor worked his way all over her dad’s body until he stood back up.

“He will be fine. His breathing is normal. I don’t recognize a sign of a seizure or stroke but we’ll have to take him into care and do some further testing to make sure,” he concluded.

Daniella breathed out a sigh of relief and looked over a her mom who has tears in her face.

Her mom has been holding onto her dad’s hand this entire hand, never letting go.

The doctor called the nurses to help him out and laid him down on a stretcher.

Daniella let her mom walk with her dad so she could help the doctor.

“Thank you so much for your help,” she said sincerely.

The doctor smiled,

“No worries, it’s my job.”

“I’m Daniella Jason by the way, sorry for the late introduction,” she greeted politely.

The doctor suddenly dropped his smile and looked conflicted.

“Daniella Jason? Your father is Jason Jackson?”

She titled her head confused,

“That’s right,” she said slowly,

“Is there a problem?”

He rose an eyebrow and slowly checked the metal clipboard in his hand.

He flicked a page over and glanced at her with an unknown gaze.

She saw a regretful look on his eyes,

“Apologies, but there are direct orders from the company president to refuse patients from your name.”

“What?” Her eyebrows furrowed.

“What do you mean refuse? That can’t be allowed. You can’t just turn away people because of their name. And what exactly did I do to make you ban me from a hospital? I’ve never even been here before,” she ranted.

“Sorry but it’s not my orders. It’s the company who owns this hospital. These decisions are out of my jurisdiction.”

Daniella fumed.

“Who exactly is this stup!d company? Let me talk to them,” she demanded.

“Their name is Damien Corporations.”

After hearing the name, Daniella suddenly froze.

She thought she was done with that maniac.

How come he keeps popping up in every aspect of her life?

“You’re a doctor, right? Shouldn’t this go against your ethics to refuse a patient based on money?” she retaliated.

“This isn’t about the money. It’s either that or he shuts down this hospital. There are many patients here who need this place,” he explained.

“What the fvck? How much power does he have? You’re the head surgeon, aren’t you in charge here?” she rebuffed.

“We are owned by them; we are a branch of their subsidiary companies. They decide whether this hospitals runs or not,” he replies solemnly.

She gritted her teeth in frustration.

“This is bullsh!t. Please, can’t you just help him? We don’t need a private room or any food service , I’ll pay you twice your salary, I’ll do anything, just…please,” she choked.

A long silence fell between them and she lost hope.

Her knees buckled and her body slumped to the floor.

“…My deepest apologies. But they will ruin me too. I also have a family to take care of.”

“No…” She sobbed into her hands.

She waited for the other to move.

He couldn’t help her, who would?

Her fears caught her and she sat there sobbing painstakingly.

What was she going to do?


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