Mafia Queen- chapter 20



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 20

Daniella helped and glanced over at her dad who was still standing at the pathway.

“Dad! Come on, it’s cold,” she shouted.

At first, Daniella thought he didn’t hear her because he didn’t budge.

So she went up closer to him and was about to tug on his jacket when all of a sudden, his body fell to the floor.

“Dad!” she screamed.

His body landed with a thud and his back hit the hard concrete floor.

Daniella immediately kneeled down next to him and started darting her eyes around his unconscious face.

Her mind suddenly went blank.

“Jason!” her mom yelled.

Her mom quickly leapt down next to her and put her hands on her dad’s face.

She looked anxious as she tried to listen in for an obvious sign of breathing.

“I-I’ll call the ambulance!” Daniella said after realising that she needed to do something.

“What happened?” the cab driver said while walking over to them.

Daniella frantically searched around her bag for her phone and when she heard the cab driver, she glanced up at him.

“My dad suddenly fell down and– and we just need to get the ambulance,” she said in a frenzy.

The cab driver furrowed his eyebrows and rushed over to her dad and mom.

Daniella quickly followed him with her phone but for some reason, her signal wasn’t working around the area. She tried all the settings she could but felt her patience wear down very quickly.

“Why is there no signal here?” she yelled in frustration.

The cab driver suddenly lifted up her dad and hoisted him onto his back and started to move towards the car.

“Wait, what are you doing?” she asked with tears in her face.

“The signal here is always crap. It’ll take years by the time you get a hospital to answer. Let’s just take him to the hospital ourselves,” he answered while running over to the car.

Daniella widened her eyes and glanced at her mom who was still in a state of shock. She quickly walked over to her and pulled her up and helped her walk over to the cab. She seated her down next to her dad in the back while she ran to the front and got in the passenger seat.

While the cab driver started speeding down the road, Daniella, her mom and the driver were all silent.

Daniella glanced at the mirror and saw her mom holding her dad’s hand whilst staring at his face.

“Don’t worry, the nearest hospital isn’t too far from here and traffic isn’t bad around this time either,” the cab driver reassured.

Daniella smiled lightly at him and gazed out the front, “Thank you.”

*Time Skip*



When they arrived to the hospital, both her mom and her quickly rushed inside. Daniella sought after anyone who could help, darting her eyes across the floor.

Her eyes finally caught wind of a flash of a white coat and began speeding in his direction, almost tripping over there own feet. In the process, she continuously called out ‘Sir! Sir!’ while catching up to his fleeting figure.

The doctor turned to her confused and looked around to see if he the one she was addressing.

But he was the only doctor in proximity and they were the only ones in the hallway.

“Please help my dad! He suddenly fell down a-and I’m not sure what happened to him,” she said frantically.

“Now he’s unconscious and I don’t know what to do–”

“Okay, let’s breathe for a second,” he said trying to calm her down.

She didn’t realise that she had been holding in her breath until he told her.

She slowly closed her eyes and breathed in and slowly let it back out before steadying herself again.

“Good,” he said,

“Now, tell me what’s wrong?”

“My dad fell unconscious and needs immediate attention,” she replied, now slightly calmer.

The doctor nodded and realized the situation,

“Alright, let’s go.”



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