Mafia Queen – chapter 18



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 18

“He said he was going to go for a walk but he hasn’t come back. Now I have done all this packing myself,” she whispered tiredly.

“Anyways, how did it go?”

Daniella pursed her lips together and glanced at the ticking clock above them, which was probably the oldest thing in the room.

‘7:03pm’ was the time.

She had left at 3:00pm.

That means she spent roughly four hours searching for a new place.

Too bad that it all went to waste, albeit the new information that they were blacklisted.

She contemplated on whether or not she should tell her parents that they were being blacklisted but then she realized that they were probably in already enough stress as it was.

She didn’t want to worry them any more than this.

“No luck,” she quietly mumbled,

“It’s really busy so I couldn’t find a place anywhere,” she lied.

Her mom looked confused,

“That’s odd, isn’t it usually slower at this time?”

Daniella flinched inwardly and gave a strained smile,

“Maybe there’s some major event happening around here.”

Daniella cautiously waited until her mom hummed in agreement before she drew a slow breath of relief.

The door suddenly opened and the two women in the room looked over to see the dad walking in with a tired look on his face.

He smiled once he saw them but Daniella knew that he was already faking it.

“Hi there, my lovelies,” he said sweetly.

“How was your walk? You took a while,” her mom commented.

He was silent for a minute before grinning,

“It was bloody cold,” he remarked, trying to be funny.

Her mom rolled her eyes at him.

Her mom was dense but unlike her, she knew that her dad was hiding something.

“Hey dad, did anything happen before your company suddenly…” she trailed off.

Her dad glanced at her in surprise and made a thin line on his lips.

“I have no clue. I would love to know though. I could really use some closure right now,” he said in a bright tone.

She kept quiet but knew her dad was worried.

“Well, anyways. How did the motel hunting go?” he asked, just like her mom.

She shook her head solemnly,

“No luck.”

He smiled and walked his way over to her before patting her on the back.

“Don’t worry about it. They’re probably busy. That just means we just have to find someplace else, right? No big deal.”

She smiled at him but couldn’t help but feel a sinking feeling in her chest.

“Come on you two, move your hands. These clothes aren’t going to fold themselves,” her mom suddenly said.

Daniella looked at her dad who was visibly startled by their mom calling out, even though he never did that before.

She watched as he walked over to help their mom, folding the clothes and packing them into the suitcase.

He looked drained to the bone.

His beard had grown out into a grey stubble and his eye bags stood out more than usual.

Daniella felt unsettled at her dad’s weary expression.

She wanted to help them so badly, but what should she do?

She couldn’t exactly walk into the government building and demand they tell her why they were blacklisted right now.

She couldn’t exactly ask one of her friends to stay over because she didn’t want to burden them and she didn’t know how long they needed to be there.

So what should she do?

“Come on Daniella!” her mom called out to her.

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts after hearing her mom call her.

Maybe she was just overthinking things.

“Right, right,” she repeated, grabbing the first piece of clothing she had and folding it up.

Oddly enough, the first piece of clothing she held were the pants that she wore when she met Damien and he gave her his business card. The card suddenly fell out of the pocket and landed on the floor looking strangely foreign in the 90’s decorated motel.

It was a steely black, with glossy embossed initials with the letters ‘MD’ on the back. She picked it up and turned it over, only to remember that he had gave her his phone number. The silver ink was almost rubbed off but still shined on the black background.

Sighing as she saw it, she made no further move to associate herself with it and quickly crumpled up the card before chucking it into the bin.



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