Mafia Queen – Chapter 15



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 15

“Well,” she started,

“For one thing, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend. I found out he was only using me for the money,”

She wasn’t sure but a glint seemed to pass his eyes before he put on a sympathetic expression.

“What an a$shole. Those types of guys are the ones who can’t take care of themselves. Thank god you broke up with that Dylan,” he exasperated.

Daniella felt a little more better knowing Damien was on her side.

Especially someone as influential as he was in the business world.

However a small thought suddenly popped up in her mind.

‘Did I ever tell him dylan’s name? I don’t remember doing so.’

“He obviously doesn’t deserve someone as generous as you,” he continued.

Daniella quickly dismissed the trivial thought and smiled,

“Thank you. That made me feel as better as the moment I kicked him in the balls when we broke up.”

He looked at her wide-eyed and watched his face turn to surprise.

She contemplated on whether she should have told him that part.

“He deserved that and so much more. I’m proud you stood up for yourself,” he commented with a smirk.

She felt herself beam and smiled at him.

The bell of the elevator suddenly dinged and they both stepped out onto the sales department floor and made their way towards the meeting TV room.

“You know, I’ve been always thinking about that lovely restaurant you brought me too last time and wanted to repay you,” he said while they were walking to the room.

Daniella looked at him shyly.

“You don’t need to repay me. Me taking you there was for me to repay you,” she exclaimed bashfully.

He chuckled,

“Still, now I’ve really come to like pineapple rice. I think I should thank you somehow for introducing me to a newfound favourite. Why don’t I take you out after this meeting?”

Daniella gasped.

She really didn’t think he would want to talk to her, let alone take her anywhere after last time.

“Really?” she asked in surprise.

He threw a charming smile towards her and she nearly fell over.

“Of course. How about it? I know this beautiful restaurant a few minutes from here.”

Daniella was about to wholeheartedly accept when a sudden reminder came to her. She felt her happiness suddenly drain away as quickly as she saw it.

“Sorry,” she said apologetically,

“I have to go to my other part-time job.”

“Another one?” he asked.

“Yeah, my family is kind of in a tight financial situation,” she explained roughly.

“I hope you’re not tiring yourself,” he said with a small frown.

“No, no, it’s not even that bad. The owners of all the places I go to are nice and so are my co-workers. The customers are friendly too so I can enjoy myself,” she explained, trying to stop the feeling of guilt in her.

She tried to ignore his sad gaze on her by opening the door to the meeting room for him.

“Would you like some tea or coffee while you wait?” she asked.

“Daniella, why don’t you come work for me?” he suddenly suggested.

Daniella blinked,

“Huh, work for you? I don’t think I have time for a fourth job unfortunately,” she said solemnly.

He chuckled at her and shook his head.

“No, I meant full-time. As my secretary.

The pay is good and you would be earning twice as much as what you’re earning at all your jobs now. You can even leave whenever you want and sick days are unlimited.”

Daniella had shock written all over her face.

The job offer was too good to be true.

It would be a dream to have such a lenient job with such good pay.

“Wow, that’s a really tempting offer,” she commented.

“I mean a really good offer. Are you sure you want someone as inexperienced as me working with you? There are hundreds of more capable people.”

“No, you’re perfect. I could teach you and help you learn about the company quicker. This way, you’d be more suited knowing how to work in our company than any other candidate,” he explained

“This is really too good to be true,” she said in awe.

“Really. There isn’t some catch to this, right?” she chuckled nervously.

He gave a slight smile,

“I’d be lying if I said a businessman isn’t looking for profit when investing into a charity.”

“I knew it. What’s the catch?” she asked curiously.

‘And did he just call me a charity case?’.

“Well, I don’t want to frighten you but I’ve been interested in you since I met you at the party. I want you by my side so I can see you everyday.”

Daniella felt her cheeks flush.

He was very direct.

“Therefore I was thinking of making you my wife once you become my secretary.”

Suddenly her mind went blank.

Did she hear that right?

No, she certainly did.

“Wife?” she repeated

“Yes, wife. I wanted you to be mine ever since I first saw you. You haven’t been able to get out of my mind for all these months,” he rambled.

“Being married is a bit…”

“Don’t worry, I realise it is a big step but it’s not a problem that money and time can’t fix. And, if we were married I would be able to spend more time getting to know you at home.”

“Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around first?” she replied still in a state of shock.

“I want to get married as soon as possible.”

They remained silent for the next minute while staring at each other.

Daniella gazed at his face to search for any signs that he was joking.

He wasn’t.

“Are you sure you want to go straight for marriage? For someone like you, you could be freely living with anyone right now instead of being tied down,” she said.

“No, I already made up my mind. I want us to be married now. I’m genuine about you. I want to help you and your dad’s bankruptcy,” he said, suddenly grabbing her hand.

She looked at him surprised,

“How do you know about my dad’s company being bankrupt?”

“I know a lot about you Daniella because I care about you. Didn’t you know that your dad’s company lost money after we stopped sponsoring them? And that I went ahead and stopped all potential customers from coming to him?”

Daniella found it all hard to register what he was just telling her.

Was he saying that he was the cause of her dad’s company suddenly failing?

“You ruined my dad’s company?” she said in a whisper.

“Yes, don’t you see how powerful I am? If I could shut down his business within a few weeks, I can help build your dad’s company to become a multinational corporation in just a few short months,” he said excitingly,

“So why don’t we get married?” he smiled.

She suddenly felt sick.

She finally realised he was a complete maniac.

She immediately retracted her hand from his palm and glared at him.

“So the reason my dad’s years of hard work went to waste in just mere seconds is because you wanted to exercise your power over us?” she spit venomously.

“No, Daniella. It wasn’t like that. I did it for you. I just wanted to make a way for you to come to me,” he quickly explained.

“Don’t ever come near me again,” she spat.

“Wait, Daniella–”

She abruptly turned around and stormed outside the meeting room before speeding off home.

She couldn’t believe it.

It was all his fault.

He was the reason their lives were suddenly turned around.

She couldn’t believe how much he had played with her family’s company like that just for some stupid reason.

He was absolutely crazy.

She quickly promised to herself she would never get involved with him again.



  1. I think I love Daniella's reactiom. He wasn't supposed to tell her heartbreaking sh*ts like that. But it's gpood tho, she got to know the kind of man he is and the brain behind her father's bankruptcy

  2. Oh come on Darmien,u just ruined de opportunity presented to u,how cud u be dat selfish???
    I wonder if Daniella can genuinely luv u!!!

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