Mafia Queen – Chapter 14



Written By : Pamela James

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Chapter 14

“Daniella, could you copy these prints for me?” said Sarah, her co-worker.

Daniella glanced back from the coffee she was making in the kitchen and smiled,

“Sure, no problem.”

She grabbed the copies from Sarah’s hand and walked off into the direction of the print room.

It was a large space lined with rows of workers dressed in a monotonous black and white.

All the computers were the same.

All the desks that were piled to the brim with paperwork were the same. Even the steady quietness of photocopiers and computers beeping were the same.

While at the printer, Sarah came up behind her and gave her a little nudge.

“I still wonder why instead of celebrating your graduation, you’re out here working straight after highschool,” she said.

Daniella glanced at her and gave a small smile.

“Well, I had some familial circumstances so I couldn’t go anywhere extravagant for graduation.”

“That bad?” she asked, taking a sip of her own brewed coffee.

“It was so sudden that I didn’t expect it either. But what can you do?”

Sarah whistled in reply whilst helping Daniella compile all the copies and stapled them.

Once they were done, Sarah thanked her, but before she left, she turned around at Daniella.

“Daniella, what are you up to after work? Wanna grab a bite to eat with some of us?” she offered.

Daniella gave an apologetic smile,

“Sorry, I have to get to my other part-time job.”

Sarah widened her eyes in surprise.

“Another one? How many do you have?”

“Just three. One at the office from Monday to Wednesday. One in my nearby convenience store every night. Then Thursday to Sundays,” she counted.

Sarah widened her mouth.

“That’s insane. I wouldn’t even be able to do one of those, let alone three,” she gaped.

“You are one lovely daughter. If I had a daughter like you helping out then I’d honestly feel terrible but grateful at the same time.”

Daniella just grinned, “Oh, shut up.”

Sarah widened her smile and winked at her.

“Don’t overwork yourself, okay?”

“I won’t,” she reassured.

Just as she thought she could go back to her desk, she heard her name being called once more.

“Daniella” a person called out from behind her.

She turned at the sound of her name being called by her other co-worker.

“Could you help guide this client to the meeting room? They are waiting downstairs next to reception,” they asked.

“Sure, sure. I’ll be right there,” she replied.

Daniella quickly sped walked her way over to the nearest elevator and pressrd the button for the ground floor. When the door dinged she quickly made her way over to the entrance and looked around until she saw the back of a tall man standing near reception.

‘That must be him.’

“Excuse me,” she huffed, walking over to him.

As she got closer the man turned around towards her and she inwardly gaped once she saw his full appearance.

“Mr Damien?” she said in surprise.

Damien didn’t look as surprised as she did as he eyed her.

“Daniella Jason, fancy meeting you here,” he replied with a smirk.

Damien smiled,

“I work here now, part-time.”

“Really?” he said.

“Yeah, well anyways, I’ll guide you to our meeting room,” she said turning back towards the elevator.

Once they both entered the door closed, she pressed the button for the 21st floor and casually waited on his right as the doors closed.

“So, how’s everything been lately? It has been a few months since I last saw you,” he asked.

“Its been good,” she said politely before falling a little quiet.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, noticing her change of demeanour.

She gave a small smile.

“Oh, nothing much.”

“No, really,” he said,

“You can confide in me Ella.”

Daniella felt a little surprised that he had already started using her nickname even though they only met twice before.




  1. Ella,I know u are going through rough times but hey,u need to open up OK,u don't know who will come to ur rescue….
    How I wish Darmien was genuine,anyway time is de best to prove dat!!!

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