Just For Love

What is love??

Let Elva, Fleur, Mig, Dianne, Ben and so on continue the life I�created for them…it’s high time you met these new main characters;

Tamara Weston

Bryan Shaw

Ellen Blaise

Jessie Baird

Kelly Yates…

Story setting: Paris

And here is the synopsis;


What is love??

I guess love is an intense feeling or deep affection towards someone, it can also be referred to as a feeling of strong attraction and emotional attachment.

But sweeties, what is love in the case of Tamara Weston, a high school student who has a one sided love for Bryan Shaw, the most handsome guy in school.
He’s her friend but due to how she felt about herself, she didn’t have the nerve to confess her feelings for him…
Just for love, she did something disastrous which shortened her life span.

Love made her miserable.

Love made her writhe in agony.

Love betrayed her.

Love made her shed endless tears.

Love threw her in the dark and finally;

Love made her fade away ?

Is love that wicked?…..I guess not but only if it’s mutual.

This is a novel based majorly on love and feelings.




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