IS THIS LOVE – Finale Episode 70


IS THIS LOVE – Finale episode 70

A story by Kennedy C Katongo



Ben had explained to me how he knew of Chileshe. It happened that one of the teachers there was married to Ben’s friend from the firm he was working at. That friend of his complained about how the wife was always talking about the new kid-teacher at work.

“What! Is everything okay?” Ben asked me.

“All is well.” “The truth is, I’ve had something on my mind and I don’t know how to ask you.” I told him.

“Huh, come on. Feel free to ask me anything.” He smiled at me.

“Okay. Well, are you married? Or maybe a single father?” I asked him.

For a second he was silent. I bet he was trying to make sense of my question.

“I’ve never been married yet. And no. Am not a baby daddy, if that’s what you mean. Why would you think that?” He asked me.

“I don’t know. You just too good to be true at times. And then on other occasions you just behave like something else_ no offense.” I told him.

“Non taken.” “When you say I behave something else, do you mean the way am sexually attracted to you?” He asked.

“I guess that is it. What if after I become vulnerable with you, then you leave me, or better, you change.” I told him.

“I understand where you coming from. The thing is, I don’t want to pretend to be someone am not around you. I would rather make a fool out of myself so long am being myself. I don’t want you to fall in love with a fake me, I would rather you love me _ the person with scars and a past that isn’t so pleasant.” He said, it was weird seeing him talk passionately like that.

“So to answer your thoughts, this is me. As long as you keep using the person who hurt you to grade me, you will notice one thing, I will never be good enough for you.” Ben said.

It was later on at home when I realized that his last words were true. I had been comparing him with the man I had dated before Chileshe, and I wasn’t even aware of my actions.

At home, I found Lister and my cousin busy giggling in the bedroom.

“You back.” She said excitedly.

“You are here…” I said surprisingly.

“Yes I am. I have some news to tell you. I couldn’t tell you on phone and it couldn’t wait till tomorrow.” Lister said smilingly.

“Is dad around?” I asked my cousin.

“Yes. He must be in his room. Anything wrong?” She asked.

“No. It’s nothing. Lister, hold on to that thought. Let me just see Dad.” I told her as I rushed to his room.

“Dad! Can I come in?” I called out at his door.

“The door is open.”

I found dad busy on his TV watching SUITS it was one of his favorite series on television.

“I would like to have a word with you. I won’t take long.” I told him.

“Sure… What is it?” He asked.

“I would like to apologise for how I behaved earlier when I found out about Ms Ngoma. It was selfish of me and also inconsiderate. If your heart beats for her, then be with her.” I told him.

“Oh! Well, she was happy to have met you. She’s been talking about you since then. I want you to understand something Matimba. Am not trying to replace your mother. No one can replace her. But life depends that we live on and embrace the future. For me, I’ve done all a father can do for his children. So it’s time that I found someone to compliment my old age.” Dad said.




“So, this is what I wanted to tell you. My man…” She giggled, “He came to see me at my place. Him and I had a long conversation and then out of nowhere the nigga began to apologise. He was like, ‘I know I haven’t been the man I promised you I would be. Many are the times have hurt you, I’ve not taken you serious as I should. I know you don’t want this marriage, I can see it in your eyes. I can not repay you for the time I’ve made you waste on me. However, the only thing I can do is to set you free. You a bird that’s meant to fly. That’s why, am calling the wedding off.’ and then he went on and on apologizing. After that, we called for a family meeting in the evenings, and we told everyone that we were no longer getting married.” She said excitedly. While she was jumping around, I was still lost in thought, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard.

“What did your Aunty say?” I asked her.

“Nothing. She was just pissed and complained. Asking where we would get the money to pay him back.” She laughed.

“And what did he say about that?”

“His family said it was okay even if we didn’t pay back. But in a case were we wanted to, we were free to pay.” She said, Lister was so happy, she began to cry.

“W-what about you? How did things go with Chileshe?” She asked me. I was busy wiping tears from her face at this moment.

“Everything went well, it so happened that we both had similar thoughts. Right now, you looking at Ben’s girlfriend. No more experiments for me.” I giggled.

My cousin was busy laughing at me.

“Don’t even laugh. It’s time to meet Me Netflix.” I commented.

@@ @@ CHILESHE @@ @@

The night ended with Lydia falling asleep in my arms. I didn’t want to disturb her, so I let her sleep like that for a while.

Even though both of us were single now, I didn’t want to assume anything between us despite how obvious it was. For that reason, I happened to have the perfect plan.

The following morning, I left for work. She was fast asleep, the least I could do was leave a note with instructions of what to do.

Later in the day, I spoke to the Chef and we made a little something for her. Instead of working, she was given an off day. It was a favor the manager was willing to help me with.




“What’s this?” She asked me. I had just arrived at M&B and found her seated there waiting for what she didn’t know.

“It’s nothing. Just thought we could eat something from here and then later on watch a movie.” I told her.

“There are many places here Chileshe. But why did you have to pick where I work? That’s the question.” She commented.

“Because of this…” I said as I pointed to Chef.

Is the restaurant business, it was an honor if you got served by the Chef. Lydia understood that just as much as I did.

“What’s going on?” She asked me, she then moved her sit and stood up with her hands covering her mouth. It was an open space so everyone was watching us. The Chef had just brought one of his delicate masterpiece meals to our table.

Without making it more weird, I got on one knee.

“There are no words for me to use which can express how I feel about you. You mean a lot to me, in your eyes I see my future. It’s the person I become when am with you that blows me away.” I cleared my throat, people’s phones were all on us, people were watching.

“Lydia, I know it took time. But am here. Would you please be my girlfriend?” I asked her.

She turned to face the other way, the Chef was there. I couldn’t hear what she said but I saw him smile and then she turned to face me.

“It wouldn’t look good if I left the man of my life kneel for ever. Yes Chileshe, I will be your girlfriend. Please stand up you making me feel shy already.” She blushed.

“Thank you, I planned on kneeling down the whole day if you didn’t say yes.” I teased her.

“Hey, we in public. You can’t kiss me like that.” “Thank you Chef.” She said brightly.

Camera’s were still on us, it was kind of heroic of me to pull such a stant. It left people applauding.




“tell me something that I can hold on too forever.” Lydia whispered in my ears. My hand was tightly wrapped in hers.

“No matter how many stars shine in the night skies, always know that I will be that star you can hold.” I told her.

“I love that. Wait, did you just come up with that or you making a reference to some movie?” She asked me with a giggle.

“Am offended.””That right there is an original piece.” I said as I placed my lips on hers before she could say something shady again.


“Excuse me. Hi…” A dark young guy called out.

“Hello.” I responded, it felt weird being stopped by someone I didn’t know. A guy for that matter.

“You are Chileshe right?” He asked me.

“Yes I am. And whom might you be?” I enquired of him.

“My name is Ben. Am Matimba’s better half.” He said warmly. He had a bright smile while he spoke. Before I could say answer word… I heard her voice.

“Ben, don’t tell me you still looking at that Laptop.” Matimba said.

“Not at all. Come see who I ran into.” He called her out.

“Hey baby, am not sure which one we should get. The black or grey one?” Lydia asked me.

“Babe! Can you just come here for a second.” I called Lydia as well. I was a bit nervous but then, there was really nothing for me to worry about. Lydia had met Matimba before so it wasn’t a shock to her, however, Matimba was the one who got shocked when she saw Lydia.

“Chileshe!” Matimba called out to me. It had been more than a year since the last time I had seen her.

“She’s got a bump.” Lydia whispered, and then giggled in a low voice.

“I don’t think you’ve met my husband to be…” Matimba said as she flexed her engagement ring at me.

“Wow! This is amazing. Congratulations man!” I said as I tapped Ben on the shoulder.

“This here is Lydia. She’s the queen of my kingdom.” “Lydia am sure you remember Matimba, this is Ben.” I said as I introduced them.

They exchanged pleasant greetings.

“I don’t know if you guys are busy. We can have lunch together. What you say babe?” Ben asked us while he looked at Matimba.

“That would be lovely. What do you say?” Matimba responded joyfully. She knew it was a bad idea to ask me, rather she asked Lydia. Who in turn, asked me if it was okay.

There was nothing else I would do, I agreed to the invitation. At that point, the ladies went together while Ben and I took a tour checking the TV’s and other home appliances. By the way, we met in Game. The rest of the story is history.






A few mistakes along the road isn’t a bad thing. After all, we are who we are because of the challenges we overcome.

I wonder what would have happened if Matimba and Chileshe had become enemies, but then, we’ve all seen that it’s better to settle disputes mutually. Non of us can predict whom will be of need in the next phase of our lives.

Things will not always work out our way, but ignoring the indicators of life can cause us to head the wrong way. We see that in the life of Lister and Mwenda respectively.

In as much as we want to please our parents and relatives, understanding that you come first in that equation is important.




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