IS THIS LOVE – Episode 68


IS THIS LOVE – Episode 68

A story by Kennedy C Katongo




After Matimba had left, I kept wondering if it would be a good idea to call Lydia and tell her that I had done it. But again, there was no good in telling her that…

MWENDA: ‘Talk to me. How did it go or maybe you are still with her?’

CHILESHE: ‘You crazy. So you been waiting to ask. She left about 20 minutes ago.’

MWENDA: ‘And?’

CHILESHE: ‘And everything went well. Surprisingly both of us were in the same boat. She beat me to the breakup though. But we good.’

MWENDA: ‘Same boat? Am behind. What do you mean?’

CHILESHE: ‘She was also looking for a way to break up with me without making me feel bad about it.’

MWENDA: ‘I thought breakups are supposed to make someone feel bad. Isn’t that why people cry and complain about their time being wasted?’

CHILESHE: ‘Its hard to explain. But the point am making is obviously clear. She’s been seeing someone…’

MWENDA: ‘Its not like you haven’t being seeing someone yourself. Both of you were wasting each other’s time. It’s good you have worked things out. Now, go and kiss your sleeping beauty.’

CHILESHE: ‘Since when did you start making movie references in your messages. Didn’t you say it was lame and weird?’

MWENDA: ‘It is. Especially when the other person has no idea what you talking about. This is some good news, have you told Lydia yet?’

CHILESHE: ‘About that, am not sure I should. I will just let it be.’

Mwenda and I moved from texts to a long phone call of him making fun of me. After I was done talking to him, I received a missed call notification from Lydia.

“Hello. Hey, you okay?” I asked her. I was all hyped up.

“Am not sure how I am. Can I come over?” She asked me. I had work the following morning, but again I couldn’t say no. She sounded downhearted.

“Sure. You can come. Where are you?” I asked her.

“Am at the main road, just made a turn coming to your house.” She told me.

“You joking right?”

“Come outside and check if you want.” She said.

As things were, it happened to be true. I opened the door and there she was closing the gate.

“Have you been at the restaurant waiting on me?” I asked her. The was a small take away at the road where they sold fast foods.

“How long have you been there?” I asked her.

“Don’t worry. I’ve just been there for an hour I think. I didn’t want to come because I thought your girlfriend was around.” She pointed out.

“Well, Matimba is no longer my girlfriend. Have you eaten?” I asked her. I could tell something was wrong. I just didn’t know what was wrong with her. After all, she still had something she hadn’t told me.

“I love you too.” She giggled, “No I haven’t eaten.” She added.

“Make yourself comfortable. Let me get you something to eat.” I told her.




“Am not a baby you know…” She said with a frown on her face. That was followed by her blushing.

“You might not be a baby. But that doesn’t mean you ain’t a baby to me. So, can you please finish your meal?” I asked her kindly.

“Why do you behave as if I don’t eat?” She asked me.

“Nothing you say will stop me from forcing you to eat. Be a goof girl and eat up.” I laughed.

“I hate you!” She called out.

“I wish I could say the same…” I responded.

@@ @@ MATIMBA @@ @@

When I arrived at East Park, Ben had not arrived yet. Ice cream on a Sunday always made sense, instead of a corn, I felt like getting myself a bow.

Lister had told me to call her immediately after I had spoken to Chileshe. However, my heart was not up for answering questions regarding what had happened. When I, myself was still trying to process how smoothly things went.

Even though we had agreed to be friends, both of us new it wasn’t going to be anytime soon for us to run into each other.

After I had gotten my ice cream, I decided to visit Ka-Li photo studio, it had just been opened recently.

BEN: ‘Am outside…’

MATIMBA: ‘Am at the new photo studio. Come there.’

BEN: ‘What are you doing there?’

MATIMBA: ‘Nothing. You delayed, so I found something to keep me occupied while I wait for you. Hurry we do a session.’

BEN: ‘Am not dressed for a photo session love.’

MATIMBA: ‘Well, that’s even better. Neither of us did.’

When Ben got to the studio, our session began and just made my mood to shine. For someone who wasn’t dressed for the occasion, his black chocolate face was all over the camera.

“I thought you didn’t want to take photos…” I said as we walked past the chess boards.

“Well. Being with you made it worth it, care for a game?” He asked me.

“What’s the point of a game without a bet. Let me make it more exciting, if I when, you get to drive me home everyday for one week.” I told. My Lord I was blushing.

“That sounds like a fair trade. Now, if I win, you get to take me out for pizza every Thursday for a month.” He said with an excited look on his face.

“That’s not fair, if that’s the case then I would love to add to my conditions.” I protested.

“What! Okay, what would you like to add?” He asked me.

“If I win, you will have to get me sharwama when taking me home during that one week.” I giggled.

“Isn’t that exploitation?” He asked thoughtfully.

“Are you scared of losing to me?” I walked up to him, with a step away, he moved closer.

“I love you…” He whispered into my ear.

“Are you sure about that?” I asked him.

“Am positive.”

“Thank you for not giving up on me, Ben. Now, are we going to play this game or not?” I asked him.

“Someone will go home crying…” He said joyfully.

“Bring it on. I will take the white pieces!” I told him.

@@ @@ CHILESHE @@ @@

“Hey, can I ask you some stupid questions?” Lydia asked. She was done eating and sat on the bed as we watched TV.

“Sure. I don’t get why you had to say stupid though.”

“Listen up, does a Lion need to hunt down every antelope it sees?” She asked me.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. If one catch is enough to take it through a day, just one Antelope will do.” I responded.

“So, a Lion that hunts every single animal in the jungle is heading for doom right?” She asked again.

I really didn’t know what Lydia was getting at, actually, I was as lost as the person reading this.

“Can you shade more light? I think the metaphors ain’t working out for me.” I told her.

“Last time I was here, there was something I wanted to tell you but then I changed my mind. Do you remember?” She asked me.

“I remember it very well. What about it?”

“I want to tell you something.” She said. Her face was low once again, she seemed very serious and that was frightening for me.


To be continued…

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