IS THIS LOVE – Episode 66


IS THIS LOVE – Episode 66
A story by Kennedy C Katongo�


LYDIA: ‘It’s not like you don’t know where I stay dah!’
CHILESHE: ‘Is that so? Okay. It is well.’
LYDIA: ‘Okay, am I lying? I think am telling the truth.’
With a bit of chit-chat here and there, time flew like a run-away-slave. Without even noticing it was already passed 12PM. It was going to be long, a minute from then, Matimba would call to alarm me.
Lydia on the other hand gotten held up. She told me there was something she wanted to take care of, of which, she refused to tell me what that thing was.
Mwenda, well he was back to his unhealthy ways of always being on the phone when he wasn’t busy. I had tried his line several occasions but it kept saying he was on another line. The cost of being in love, losing all senses they say.
I didn’t mind texting with Chileshe the whole day, as long as I wasn’t held up. There was always something to talk about, with what had happened the previous day, I could tell he was doing his best to cheer me up and lift my spirits up.
Regardless of that, the thing that bothered me the most was knowing he would risk every good thing that was coming his way just to be with me; while on my end, I wasn’t even trying to meet him half way. The biggest challenge I had was finding a reason to break up with my boyfriend. Aside from his hash treatment and bad behavior which had just surfaced, I needed more than that to break up with him… At least that was my thought.
With Chileshe getting ready to meet Matimba at his house, I decided to pay my boyfriend a surprise visit at his place. It was something I had never done before but in this moment my sixth sense just pushed me to do so.
It was surprising, considering his I’ll mannered behave yesterday and still, there had been no call or message from him to check up on me. It wasn’t like I cared about that, but as someone who claimed to be my man… It was just out of place and awkward.
Once I arrived at his place, I found myself debating and unable to decide on what to do next, ‘this is stupid of me. Why did I even come here… This isn’t like me.’
While I was there, music began to be played from his apartment. A few minutes later, there were screams, accompanied by laughter and giggles from the two of them. The other voice was of a female.
I decided to call him but the phone just rang. After doing the same for about 10 times I walked up to his flat and sat on the corridor. God knows I wanted to go crazy, the anger and rage that had built up inside my heart at that moment, I felt like just stubbing him with a knife, going on a rampage and breaking a few things along the way.
‘So this idiot commands me around and makes me feel worthless: and his here playing romantic with some girl.’ I thought to myself.
In that moment I thanked God I had never given myself to him, to make things better, I never fell for him. My feelings and emotions belonged to one man.
I felt like calling Chileshe, but that would have just made things worse, I mean, he would have left Matimba there just to come and make sure I wasn’t doing something reckless.
After seating there for 10 minutes listening to the sound of giggles and loud moans from the lady… Something weird happened. My plan was to wait for till the time he was going to escort her.
Rather, while near the window, doing what they were doing. I cleared heard her shout, “There is someone on the corridor!”
“What! Where! Whose that!” My dear out boyfriend called out, am sure he was looking for his boxer because after a short delay he walked out with a boxer. Behind him was a lady wrapped in a towel that I had bought for him.
“Lydia what the hell are you doing here?” He questioned me. Like usual, he had raised his voice and was now sounding authoritative.
“Don’t given give me that attitude!” I responded.
“Baby, who is this?” The lady asked him. She tried to touch his shoulder but he removed her hand, ‘Not now!’ he said strongly in a low voice.
“So this is what you do! Just when I thought I was being unfair to you… Yet here you were bouncing your regions on some cheap for nothing girl.”
“Lydia mind the way you talk to me…” He said in his orderly voice.
“Oh else what! You going to threaten to beat me up like you’ve always done? Try it? And see how am going to throw your shameless @$$ in jail. Busy with suits and ties kwati-batuntulu (like a normal person), rubbish!” I exclaimed.
“Baby what’s going on now? Who is this girl and why is she talking to you like this?” The lady asked again.
“Answer her. If you dare show yourself at my place, I swear to God I will deal with you. That silent, hopeless girl you think you know will send you to the hospital. Nonsense! You not even half the man Chileshe is…” When I was done talking I stepped down the corridor. But the crazy in me just couldn’t hold up, it just wanted to busk forth.
The nearest thing I saw was a hip of sand. Without giving it a thought, I dag my hands into it, and threw the sand at them. I did it like 3 times before I stopped and continued.
“Lydia! Lydia!” He called out to me.
“Lydia what! You good for nothing man.”
“Baby you going to let her walk away?” The same lady he had been shagging asked. He was pissed, he needed something to roar at and that lady became the victim. With a lightening strick of a slap, she began shouting.
“You slap me!” She shouted.
“Shut up! Otherwise I will slap you again. Go inside.” He told her furiously.
@@ @@ @@ @@
“Hello, hey Chileshe. I’ve just knocked off. Am heading to the station right now.” Matimba told me.
“Okay. That’s good. You will find me.” I told her.
“Hope you’ve cooked something. Am hangry.”
“Not really. Let me just get you something then, is a pie okay?” I asked her.
“That will do just fine. Thank you. Will be there in a bit.” She said.

To be continued…�


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  1. I think things is beginning to fall in place for Lydia easily to quit her boyfriend and switch to Chileshe after settling things with Matimba boss lady.

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