IS THIS LOVE – Episode 63


IS THIS LOVE – Episode 63

A story by Kennedy C Katongo




With caution and total precision, I careful explained to Chef about what I had been going through. For some reason he wasn’t shocked nor astounded at what I had told him.

“This is what happens when sound advise is ignored. Remember, I told you that Lydia liked you a lot. For some unknown reason, you still wanted to pursue Matimba.” “I will tell you this, the person am married to is someone I never thought I would marry _ not even in a million years. By then I had been in a committed relationship for a number of years. Despite how many red-flags I saw in her, I stayed. I had known the woman I now call my wife _ not once has I spoken to her. Chileshe it took me a conversation of 10 minutes to know that she was the one I wanted to spend my life with and don’t forget, I had someone already.” He told me.

“My point is this, most men today are married to ladies whom they knew society would approve for them and not them approving for themselves. When you are with someone destined for you _ there is an overwhelming peace inside your heart. That peace is what you should look for… You my brother, I won’t lie to you… Most of these sexy peacocks are only good for a moment, but can not survive the long run.” He added.

Even though it wasn’t always easy bridging the gap when Chef was talking, he never needed to convince me of anything because his words were evident enough for me.

“We are too focused to look at the outside of a person and spend little or no time evaluating their character, attitude and things like that. ‘I will change her, I will change her’ how many people will you change?” He laughed. The conversation was so tense, to lighten up the mood he ended up cracking a joke.

“I really don’t know what I should do… Like I told you, I don’t want to be ungrateful on Matimba’s end.” I highlighted those words once again to him.

“The best you can do is talk to her in person. Don’t tell her you leaving because of another girl. Just tell her how you feel about your relationship with her and how you think being friends would benefit both of you more than dating each other. From what you’ve told me about her, she seems to be someone who is smart and will be able to read between the lines.” He advised me.

“When it comes to Lydia. She’s already shown you how much you mean to her. But you asking her to leave her boyfriend is kind of a gamble, it wasn’t the wisest of plans. Just work on yourself, when she sees how serious you are _ trust me, she will also do the same.” “Love can never be forced. That’s why people find it hard to pretend they love someone after a while.” He giggled.

My short talk with him had opened my mind to things I hadn’t been seeing earlier. I believe as human beings, all of us have had that moment were we just think, ‘if I had known this earlier…’ and that was were I stood presently.




After hanging around with my friend, I decided it was best that I sent to Lydia’s place following the message she had sent me hours ago.

When I got there, all I could hear was a faint voice allowing me to enter the house. I found her seated in a corner.

“How long have you been there?” I asked her immediately.

“I don’t know. Since the time I texted you.” She responded, “I thought you couldn’t come. What changed your mind?”

“I just had wisdom poured on me. Do you mind if I can join you?” I sighed before I could speak my heart out.

“Be my guest.” She smiled.

“Thank you. Have you eaten anything?” I asked her.

She looked at me, I was obviously taller, from the present angle, it was a view of beautiful and perfect looking at her gaze at me. This took me back to a time when she was my supervisor at M&B, we had just began getting along and most of the time I would ask her if she had eaten. On a particular day, she vexed at me for asking her such and expressed her hate of those words.

I went on to explain to her that day; maybe, just maybe _ in another version of life, the words ‘have you eaten’ might be equivalent to ‘i love you’. If what that explanation that sparked love between us.

“No _ Mr Chileshe. I haven’t had anything to eat since I woke up.” She answered me warmly.

“Might I be a lamb then, and take it upon myself to cook something for you?”

“Sure… As long as you not going to add some ‘munkonka’ (Love powder) in the food.” She giggled.

“God forbid. I believe my charisma is enough to get you falling in love with me.” I blushed.

“Don’t be so much ahead of yourself Mr. Stay. Just a little longer, afterwards, you can cook.” She held my hand, her head on my shoulder _ with a deep sigh of relaxation, she closed her eyes.

@@ @@ MATIMBA @@ @@

“How long do you think Dad has been seeing this same lady?” I asked my cousin.

“I don’t know. But for him to take such a step of introducing her to us… Am sure it’s been going on for some time.” She said.

“I guess the boys knew about it.” I commented.

“Those two are always the first ones to know what dad is up too. Am certain they already knew about the whole thing.” My cousin shook her head.

“What if I don’t like her?” I asked.

“Nobody cares what you think Matimba. You already an adult dah. This is about how dad feels about the lady.”

“But she’s going to be our stepmom.” I told her.

“At your age, I doubt you would even call her mum. You lucky dad found someone his age, look around at the horror happening around where old men are marrying young girls.” She laughed, “Let’s just be there for Dad, and there is no reason for you to dwell on the negative. Just be open-minded about everything. You might just like her.”

We were almost done with the cooking, a pop up message arrived and it was Chileshe asking me that we meet up once time allowed.

“I don’t know how to break up with Chileshe.” I told my cousin out of the blues.

“Why do you want to breakup with him? Did he do something?” She asked me.

“I don’t really know if he has done something. But, I just don’t feel the same way I felt about him. The hard part for me is telling him that we can’t go on…”

“So this is when you have concluded that you can’t be with him? I guess you are dumber than I thought.” My cousin always enjoyed mocking me, making me feel stupid about myself made her happy.

“I’ve tried avoiding him, hoping he would just stop texting and calling but that doesn’t seem to be the case.” I explained to her.

“That’s really childish. No wonder most people have bad blood with their ex’s. Just meet him, talk about it, tell him the truth. In as much as it will hurt him, he would heal with no bitterness nor grudge against you.”


To be continued…


  1. Your cousin seems to be wiser than you matimber, and don't you go regretting the consequences of of your action because, lydia is gonna claim her trophy when you break up with him.

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