IS THIS LOVE – Episode 61


IS THIS LOVE – Episode 61

A story by Kennedy C Katongo



While I continued with the cooking, Lydia’s attention shifted from me to the movie on the screen.

“I was enjoying my music.” I spoke in a low nagging voice.

“I’ve heard you.” She responded.

After throwing in a couple of spices, I had finished cooking. I dished out for both of us, then joined her to watch the movie as we ate.

People say when a human being is near death, their entire life flashes before their eyes. Well, something similar happened to me every time I was with Lydia. In my case, however, it’s the possibility of how the future would be if I had dated her… God knows that were a place I would have loved to stay in.

My half-baked idea didn’t work. In fact, it went so bad that I felt ashamed of myself.

“The rice has overcooked.” Lydia told me, it was more of a comment because she had her eyes glued to the TV as she said that.

“Just eat your food.”

“It’s not fun when I ain’t being a bully.” She laughed.

“By the way, what are you going to do once he calls you that he has arrived at the mall?” I questioned her. In as much as I enjoyed her company, I wasn’t going to mess her relationship up just like that.

“I’ve switched of my phone. I don’t feel like talking to him.” She told me.

“Isn’t that going to get him mad?” I just didn’t feel right, so I threw another question at her.

“How I feel also matters.”

@@ @@ MATIMBA @@ @@

When I arrived home, my feet were killing me. I hadn’t worked that much in a very long time.

“Hello.” Dad’s voice called out from the living room.

“Hello Dad. You are home early…” I noted.

“I didn’t have anything to do at the office, so I decided to come home. And I was also hoping to have a word with you.” He told me. “Come and take a sit.”

“Can I have a shower first, please. I will be back.” He was polite enough to allow me.

I knew what he wanted to talk about. But hey, I had questions of my own which I wished for him to answer.




“There is some baked potatoes in the kitchen. Leave some for your friend.” Dad told me.

“You cooked?” I asked filled with surprise.

Now, I know it was a silly question for me to ask, wrong. As far as my memory could recall things, I could easily count the number of times dad cooked for us at home. This was indeed a good gesture when about to drop a heavy topic at the table.

“Am set. What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?” I asked him. My cousin wasn’t yet home.

“We never got to fish our little chat. From how you responded, you came off negatively.” He said to me. Dad was an excellent communicator, he always had a way of calming the storm.

“It’s not that. I just don’t understand why you want to get married now. Why didn’t you do it back then…” I asked him, my eyes were like those of a little girl, big, and shiny. Talking to Dad always gave me a sense of warmth and protection… That might be the reason the idea of him giving that attention to another lady set me off.

“Well. First, the church was against me getting married. Another thing was the misguided information I had about how stepmothers treated their step kids. I didn’t want my children to complete for my attention or worse: get beaten up in my absence.” He explained to me.

“What has changed now!” I proclaimed to him.

“Well, you not a child for starters. You are more successful than 80% of young adults _ that tells me that you are well able to take care of yourself. My job with you ladies is done.” He added.

“I see, so this lady… Do you like her?” I asked him.

“I can’t believe am having this discussion with you,” he laughed, “I like her. She’s proven to be a good friend, and someone I enjoy talking to…” His face puffed up with a glow as he spoke about her.




LISTER: ‘How did your day go?’

MATIMBA: ‘It was okay. Just tiring. Ben made me walk for 2hrs straight.’

LISTER: ‘That’s not bad. It’s about time you burnt up some fat. What about him finding out you cheating, did he say anything about that?’

MATIMBA: ‘Nope. We spoke about relationships a lot though, especially marriage.’

LISTER: ‘Oh! That’s a real man right there. Would you like to be his wife?’

MATIMBA: ‘Don’t be silly. Marriage as never been a diamond in the rough for me. To answer your question, I’ve not really thought about it _ I think I can.’

LYDIA: ‘Well, you two have known each other for a long time. I wouldn’t blame him if his already planning on making that move.’

MATIMBA: ‘Thats a valid point. He has really changed in the few months, I’ve been with him.’

LISTER: ‘I know this is the part were you now say ‘however’ so what’s the problem?’

MATIMBA: ‘I just feel like he hasn’t told me everything about him. What if he has a child or maybe worse…?’

LISTER: ‘What else would be more terrifying than him being a baby daddy?’

MATIMBA: ‘He might be a divorcee. LOL. Some breaking news, dad wants to get married.’

@@ @@ CHILESHE @@ @@

“When are you getting a car?” Lydia asked me. She had refused to spend the night in fear of her boyfriend going to her place to check for her.

“With so this traffic here? Not anytime soon…”

“There is nothing wrong with traffic. If you look at the growth of the city, having a car is becoming equivalent to owning a smartphone.” She told me.

“I know that. I just want to build a house for mum. After that, I can get a car in peace.” I told her.

“That’s a good idea, and how is that business she started?”

“You still remember that!” I asked her shockingly. It had been almost a year ago when I told Lydia about my mother’s business plan on which she heavily advised.

“For your own sake, unlike you, I actually pay attention to everything you tell me.” She said.

We stood at the road side, she had called one of her male friends to pick her up. I was never okay with the arrangement, but again, there was nothing I could do and buses had stopped moving already.

“Won’t this dude snitch on you…?” I asked her as the car approached.

“Well, he knows you as my boyfriend. I know you are not comfortable with this but hey, at least I get to spend more time with you because of him.” She told me.

Even though I wasn’t very good at expressing myself when I was not okay with something, it was easy for another person to read my facial expression, and conclude I was in the wrong.


To be continued…

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