Diary of the Watterson

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)



By: Ariel Mirabel



Can you cope in a family where craziness, stubbornness, fights, troubles, mad vibes reigns in the family? Well that’s what Mr and Mrs Watterson go through almost each day…

Mr Arnold Watterson and Mrs Julia Watterson are a couple, happily married for more than twenty years who grew ‘A-J corp’ to a well known company worldwide.

This couple is blessed with five children, more like five brand new species of headache. Wanna know who they are?

Jayce, their first born, 27. He traveled out of the country so not much is known about him..

Stephanie the second born, 24. A real badass with a mouth sharper than a knife, she always makes sure to get what she wants..

Scarlett. Stephanie’s twin sister but not identical twin though, 24. This one is a whole new brand of craziness. Not the one you can mess with and go free.

Angelo, 20. A calm and quiet guy,, music is his life. He spends half of his day listening to music.. More of an introvert.

And lastly Monica, 17. The baby of the house. Cute and adorable as f*ck but is a nuisance. She can frustrate Angelo for anything in this world..

Wanna know more about them?

Wanna find out secrets that no one would never have thought existed in this family?

Tags: Romance, Arranged marriage, jealousy, highschool, college, and many more!!




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