Diary of the Watterson � Episode 8 & 9

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



“Why do you hate Tara and does she hates you too” Ursula asked.

Monica looked down on the drink she was having. She then looked back at Ursula with a rather cold face..

“It’s a long story Sula..just know that it was because of a guy” Monica said.

“A guy? You both liked the same guy?” Ursula asked.

“Not really.. Okay, let me tell you, it all began when we were-”

Screams immediately filled the whole hall as Skye went upstage.

He was wearing a white singlet with black jeans, showing off his biceps and his abs could be seen from the thin piece of clothing he was putting on.

“Skye!! Ahh!!!” Ursula screamed and rushed to the front line to watch his performance.

Monica sighed as she watched almost all the girls go crazy about him.

“You’re not a fan of Skye I suppose..” Ash said, coming to sit near him.

“Not really..but he has a cool voice” Monica said.

She watched Ash and could see sadness flash through his eyes as he watched Ursula go crazy over Skye.

“Sorry..” She muttered

Ash looked at her and smiled slightly..

? Silver High!! Make some noise!!


Skye winked at them and looked round the hall, probably searching for someone. He smiled when he saw Monica sitting near Ash, watching him.

? This music is dedicated to everyone out here going through a tough time. DJ, hit it!!

The beat began playing and he danced to the music. Same as the audience too..

? Do you sometimes think you’re the most unlucky in life.
? That you’d probably carry bad luck all your life.
? That the world is against you..
? Well don’t worry coz someone will always be with you..

He paused as the beat continued playing..

? You like that guy, you like that girl..
? You thought that he’ll always be with you.
? Then he broke your heart and left you stranded
? Well don’t worry coz someone will always be with you..

He paused as the music became slow..

? Ohh.. don’t worry, don’t worry..
? You can always trust and believe.. In you!!
? You’re the love of your life..
? So don’t give up so long as..
? You believe in you!!

The music kept playing and the whole hall was in a dance mood.

“Come let’s go dance..” Ash pulled Monica to the dance floor.

They began dancing and laughing to laughing with Ursula and the rest.

? Hey y’all talking trash bout my name.
? Well I don’t care
? All motherf*ckers out there
? Well f*ck y’all there’s

He kept singing and everyone kept dancing happily..

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

Scarlett walked out of her bathroom with a towel wrapped round her body. She applied her body cream then dried her hair before putting on her nightwear.

She climbed the bed and laid down then took her phone. Immediately she logged in, a frown settled on her face when she saw the video of her and Raymond.

“That jerk..” She muttered.

Well the video was brought down but it was too late for some people already had copies of it..

Suddenly her phone began ringing. She smiled and happily picked the call.

“Big bro..” She said.

“Is the news true? You’re dating Raymond?”

“Huh? Of course not! I can’t date that cheap jerk” Scarlett frowned.

“Okay” Jayce smiled.

“I miss you.. When will you finally come back? After all these years. You left when I was still in highschool!” Scarlett whined..

“Very soon.. Maybe next month or so” Jayce said.

“Really! Ahh!!!” Scarlett scream excitedly.

Jayce smiled on the phone..

“I’ll call you tomorrow” He said.

“Alright, goodnight big bro” Scarlett.

“Goodnight.. I love you”

She hung up and kept her phone then covered herself well with the blanket.

“Tomorrow is the party day..” She thought and smiled before closing her eyes, sleeping off immediately.

? ? ? ? ?

“More!!! I want more of this!!” Ursula said drunkenly pointing at the bottle that she had in hand.

“Sula..you’re wasted” Monica said.

“C’mon..drink too!!” Ursula said and laughed.

“Nope, I’m not tolerant to alcohol so I’ll pass my turn.” Monica said.

She looked round and luckily Ash was still around.

“Ash!” She called. He walked over to them. He chuckled when he saw Ursula spewing nonsense from her mouth..

“She’s drunk right?” Ash asked..

“Yeah, can you help me carry her to my car? She weighs tons..” Monica said.

“Sure!” Ash said and lifted Ursula up in a bridal style..

“Let me go! Or else I’ll tell my, parrot.. He’s,, the strongest man on earth!” Ursula said drunkenly, smiling widely.

Monica and Ash laughed as they left the hall.

“Monica..” A voice called.

Monica turned back to see if was Skye. She turned and looked back at Ash.

“I’ll just take her home..” Ash said.

Monica nodded and he left..

She turned to him. He walked over to her with a smile on his lips.

“Hey..” He smiled.


“I honestly didn’t think you will come?” Skye smiled.

“Did you like my performance?” Skye asked.

“Yeah..it was fun” Monica said.

“Have to go. Bye” Monica said and made to leave but Skye held her back by the forearm.

“Wait.. Just because I’m friends with Tara doesn’t make us enemies you know?” Skye said.

Monica sighed and looked back at him. She closed her eyes and then smiled..

“So you want us to be friends..” Monica said and he nodded.

“Oh..alright.” She said.

He smiled widely..

“I’ll have to go now. It’s late” Monica said, looking at his hand that he was still holding.

“Oh..” He muttered and released her.

“Bye Skye” She waved and left..

Skye stood there, smiling widely. Tara who was standing behind them sighed and rolled her eyes before walking pass him..

? ? ? ? ?

Ash stopped his car in front of Ursula’s house. He looked out at the mansion then at Ursula who was half awake.

He got down his car and went to her side of the car before opening the door. He smiled.

“She’s cute..” He thought

“Sula..Sula we’re here” Ash tapped her but she was still mumbling some inaudible things.

“Skye.. I’m you number one fan,, you’re so cute!” She pouted and giggled.

Ash sighed sadly and made to carry her but suddenly, she pulled him closer and smashed her lips on his.

Ash’s eyes widened by the minute till she released him and fell immediately asleep. He looked at her for a while, his heart racing crazily.

Nevertheless, he took her out of his car. Luckily, a guard was outside so he handed her to him before leaving..

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“Woah!!! Just look at my gown..so gorgeous” Stephanie exclaimed.

“Not as much as mine..gosh!” Scarlett gushed..

Well they both designed their gown and made it by themselves.

“What’s the time for the party” Stephanie asked.

“It starts at 6PM ma’am..” Her personal assistant replied.

“Cool..I still have time for my makeover, need to be the most gorgeous there. Heard that Raymond will be there,, gosh! Can’t wait!” Stephanie squealed happily.

Scarlett smiled, staring at her gown..

? ? ? ? ?

La Ty Designs**

“So you now know who’s Stephanie and who’s Scarlett among them right?” Tony asked.

“Yes ma’am” Maya replied.

“Good, you bought the drug right?” Tony asked.

“Yes ma’am” Maya nodded.

“And the guy, you already paid him” She asked and Maya nodded.

“Great, you can go prepare for tonight” Tony said. Maya nodded and left her office.

She smiled as she played with the pen on her desk.

“Stephanie Stephanie..guess you’ll be my victim for tonight” Tony smiled…

She bit her lips..

“Hope I’ll be able to meet Raymond Donovan… Heard his d*ck is paradise” Tony bit her lips, imagining him inside her.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

“Ahh!!! Gosh!, I’m so stupid!!!” Ursula screamed loudly at the cafeteria that everyone turned to her.

“What’s wrong Sula..” Monica asked.

“I think I kissed someone yesterday,, while I was drunk..” Ursula said, trying to remember the face but it was all blurry.

Monica burst out in laughter.. She already knew who it was but it’s better she find out on her own..

“Will you stop laughing?! I gave my first kiss to some stranger” Ursula frowned.

“I told you not to drink, you decided to act all tough so..” Monica continued laughing.

Ursula frowned and hit her head.

“Ouch..” Monica said and hit her head too.

They began hitting each other..

? ? ? ? ?

Evening.. Orleans**

The huge hall was all dimmed yellow and a slow music was playing at the background.

Reporters came from each news industry. Celebrities from everywhere could be seen at the party..

A black Porsche car stop in front of the red carpet and the driver came down then opened the door.

A pair of black shinny heels got down the car and the camera lights began flashing in their number.

Stephanie smiled and waved at the camera. Scarlett got down next, both looking dangerously pretty..

Stephanie was wearing a black long long with a long slit starting from the middle of her thigh, going down. Her hair was curled up, falling freely.

Scarlett was putting on a backless navy blue gown, with a black belt round her tiny waist. She tied her hair into a bun with few stands falling on both cheeks.

They both cat walked down the red carpet into the hall.

“Wow..” Stephanie smiled, staring round the hall..

They both walked to a group of businessmen for acquaintance.

“Miss Stephanie…” A man stretched his hand.

“John..” Stephanie smiled as he took her hand and kissed it’s back.

“You look ravishing tonight” He complimented and she smiled.

“Olivia..” Scarlett hugged a lady, kissing her on both cheeks.

“Miss Scarlett, you’re dressed to ki*ll” She complimented.

“Not more than you Olivia” Scarlett said and she chuckled.

Stephanie looked at the last person and her heart summersaulted thrice.

Raymond was standing there, sipping his wine silently.

“Mr Raymond..” She said, trying to hide her excitement.

Raymond looked at her and stretched his hand. She gladly took it and he placed a kiss on it’s back.. That made her whole body shook.

“Good day Miss Stephanie” He said in plain formality.

“He knows my name?! Ahh!!” He mind screamed in excitement.

Raymond looked at Scarlett and she looked back too, trying hard not to glare at him.

“Good day Miss Scarlett” Raymond said.

“Thanks” Scarlett said and looked away.

The others just looked at the both of them..

They began discussing about random stuffs when the MC went up stage with with an envelope at hand

“Good evening ladies and gentleman.. The time has come to know the best industry of the various category of the year” He said.

“To commence, the best technology manufacturing industry of the year is..”

He began calling and they kept applauding for the winner.

“And now, the best fashion industry is..” He paused.

Scarlett and Stephanie crossed their fingers. Tony from where she was sitting stared in eagerness.

“S�W Couture!” He announced.

The rest clapped for them. Stephanie and Scarlett smiled widely as they advanced to collect the trophy.

Reporters and photographers flashed their lights on them, taking as much pictures as possible.

They took it and went downstage. People came by to congratulate them.

Tony from where she was sitting fumed in rage. A waiter suddenly came and stood beside her.

“You know what to do..” Tony said in anger.

“Yes ma’am” Maya replied and left.

She went at the counter and poured wine in five different glasses. She brought out the drug and began pouring it in one glass of wine.

“Maya! Quit slacking around” Her boss said

“Yes boss!” She turned to reply and that made her loose concentration and she poured the remaining one in another glass.

She placed the five glass of wine and left for their table.

“A glass of wine?” She suggested, smiling innocently..


She brought out the glass of wine and made to give it to Stephanie but Scarlett was quicker. She took it..

The rest took the remaining glasses. She stared with wide eyes as Scarlett drank the wine and smiled.

Stephanie noticed her staring but decided not to pay attention..

“No..” She thought, slowly walking away..

“Cheers to the success of S�W Couture” Scarlett raised her glass..

“Cheers!” The rest replied except Raymond.

They all drank their glasses and continued chatting happily. Few minutes later, Scarlett felt uneasy.

“I need to use the rest room” She stood up and left.

Scarlett began walking to the restroom. She suddenly began feeling dizzy.

“What’s happening to me..” She muttered and held onto the wall.

She felt like her whole body was on fire, making her wince. Scarlett staggered till she touched a door.

She opened it and walked inside, everything was so blurry and felt dizzy to her.

She kept walking till she bumped on the bed. Falling on it..

“He.. Help..” She managed to say.



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