Diary of the Watterson � Episode 2 & 3

Loveswept to you.


(Loveswept to you..)

CHAPTER 02 & 03

By: Ariel Mirabel



Morning.. The Watterson**

Monica smiled as she hugged her pillow tightly, snoring cutely in her sleep..

She felt something cold touch her face making her frown in her sleep, yet she ignored it.

The next thing that follow was a splash!

“Ah!!” Monica gasped, sitting up on her bed.

She touched her face to see it was all drenched up, even her pillow..

“What the..”

Angelo was standing in front of her with a glass of water. He smirked at her..

“Good morning Moni” Angelo said.

“What the f*ck! You scared me half to death!” Monica stood up from the bed.

“Your maids were waking you up but you were adamant to it.. Anyways you have five minutes to prepare if you don’t wanna be late for your first class” Angelo said and walked out of her room.

Monica stood up from her bed. She looked at her left to see Skye’s coat lying on the chair.

With a sigh, she entered the bathroom for a quick shower.

? ? ? ? ?

A-J Corp**

“Dad really? You had to drag me to your company just to meet a guy..” Scarlett whined.

“It’s not just any guy.. He’s a CEO of the second most popular company in the area, that is after mine” Arnold said, leading the way.

“But I don’t want to meet him,, can’t you take Steph?” Scarlett asked.

“You know very well that your sister is so obsessed with this guy.. She’ll never agree to follow me” Arnold said.

Scarlett sighed as they continued walking..

“Sir, your partner is there already..” His personal assistant said.

“Okay” Arnold replied.

He looked at Scarlett who was frowning with her arms crossed.

“C’mon, cheer up! You two are 24 for Christ sake!, your age mates are already getting married” Arnold said.

He opened the door to his conference room and went in, Scarlett followed behind.

A man was sitting on a chair who had it’s back to us.

When he heard the door open, he turned his chair to face them…with that cold look on his face.

“Raymond!!” Arnold smiled.

“Good morning Mr Watterson” The man stood up. Arnold and him shook hands..

Scarlett was still on her spot, staring at the man with a funny look on her face.

Raymond looked back at who came with Arnold, wondering if she’s lost or something.

“Oh Raymond that’s my daughter, Scarlett. I asked her to keep me company” Arnold said.

“Scarlett, meet my business partner. Raymond Donovan” Arnold said.

? ? ? ? ?

Howards University**

The bell rang signalling the end of the first class of the day. The lecturer walked out of the class and Angelo began packing his things..

“See you around bro” His benchmate Ethan said and left the class.

Almost immediately, Avery walked to him with a wide smile on her face.

“Angie!!” Avery screamed his name happily making people turn to look at them.

“What again?” Angelo said.

“Look what I found in my things, I thought I lost it” Avery said and sat down next to him, showing him an hairpin.

“Oh, you still have that?” Angelo said.

Well it was an hairpin he gave her when she was 6 and him 7. On her birthday.

Angelo took it and began fixing it on her hair. Avery just stared at his face with a different look on her face.

“Here, it still fits you” Angelo and smiled lightly.

He looked at Avery and furrowed his brows.

“What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me that way? Do I have something on my face?” Angelo asked.

“Oh! No, not at all…Uhm, thanks” Avery tugged her hair behind hegr ear and looked away for him not to see her blush.

A girl suddenly ran into their classroom, excitement glaring on her face..

“Guys! Chloe is back!, I saw her coming out of the car.. She’s back!!” The girl screamed.

People began murmuring amongst them. Angelo face slapped himself and shook his head.

“Here comes trouble.. When I thought this year will be a nice and peaceful year for me” Angelo sighed.

Avery just stared at him.

? ? ? ? ?

“Go Mel!”

“Go Mel!”

“Go Mel!”

The little crowd gathered by the roadside cheered as a girl danced crazily at the middle of the crowd.

“Go Mel!! Show them what you’ve got!” A girl screamed, clapping ger hands.

The music ended and the girl strike a pose. The crowd applauded her as she bowed politely.

Those who had some money on them began giving her what they could give her.

“Not bad…” The girl who screamed said handing the money over to the dancer.

“Thanks Phoebe” Melody smiled.

She covered back her hair with her hoodie and carried her radio before walking out of the area..

“So where else are we heading to?” Phoebe asked.

“I’m heading home, the money I got will be enough to buy my brothers medication” Melody said.

“Okay let me escort you home” Phoebe said.

They began walking back home while discussing about random stuffs when suddenly, three boys blocked their way.

“Hey pretty ladies” One of them said.

Melody just looked at them with a boring look on her face.

“We don’t want trouble so it will be nice if you hand over your money nice and slowly and who knows maybe after it we can take you guys to home for some fun” He whispered to Melody’s ears.

Melody closed her eyes and before anyone could predict her move, she kicked the man in the place where the sun never touches.


Melody grabbed Phoebe’s hand and they began running a marathon.

“After them!!” The one who got kicked screamed painfully.

The other two guys began running after them while the third one followed behind while limping.

They kept running till Phoebe saw a place to hide. She pulled Melody in and the men ran pass them.

Melody and Phoebe sat on the floor, breathing heavily. Well that’s her effect of being street girls. Chances of being r�ped or robbed are high.

Meet Phoebe and Melody. Both of them are 18. They are highschool graduates and also the best of friends.

Phoebe is the talkative type while Melody is the cool type. Both of them are from a poor background, reason why they couldn’t afford to continue with their education.

“Quick let’s get home before they come back here” Melody stood up.

Phoebe followed behind her.

? ? ? ? ?

Silver High**

Monica kept bouncing the ball till she dribbled her opponent. She jumped and aimed the ball at the net, it entered.

“Yay!!!” Monica’s team began screaming, same as the supporter of her team.

“And it’s a 3 point in favor of the LILY TEAM.. LILY TEAM wins!” The entertainer said on the mic.

“Yay! We won!.” Monica exclaimed happily as they entered the dressing room.

She walked to her locker and picked her towel, dabbing her face with it. Once she was through cleaning up, she changed to her school uniform before walking out of the room.

“Never knew you play basketball” A voice said.

She turned and to her surprise it was Skye.

“You? What are you doing here? Are you stalking me?” Monica asked.

“I stalk pretty girls..” Skye smirked.

“Hey! What do you mean by that?!” Monica snapped and Skye chuckled.

“Was just joking.. I’m now a student of this school, you’re cute!” Skye winked.

Monica rolled eyes and began walking away. Skye followed her.

“What’s your name?” Skye asked.

“Stop bugging me!” Monica rolled eyes.

“Then just tell me your name” Skye said.

“Fine, it’s Monica..are you happy?” Monica rolled eyes and left.

Sky stopped following her and smiled.

“Monica…not bad” He smiled.

Ursula who’s been watching them from afar furrowed her brows..

? ? ? ? ?

A-J Corp**

Scarlett rested her head on her palms and sighed as she watched her father and this Raymond guy discuss about business stuff.

Scarlett looked at the time on her phone and it’s almost two hours gone.

“This is boring!!” Scarlett said inwardly.

She unknowingly yawned loudly. She opened back her eyes to see Arnold and Raymond looking at her…

“If we were boring you, you could have just leave rather than making me witness that must disgusting thing I’ve seen today” Raymond snapped.

“What?!” Scarlett said unbelievably.

“I disgust you?!” Scarlett said, slowly getting angry. Well she has a short temper.

Arnold looked at them and tried calming Scarlett down.

“Calm down Scar, Raymond let’s continue” Arnold said.

“If I was so disgusting, you could have let me know rather than making me waste two hours of my life seeing this stupid and ugly face of yours… I’m off!” Scarlett snapped and picked her bag then left the room.

“Stupid? Ugly?” Raymond muttered lowly, folding his hands.

“So sorry Raymond. My daughter,, she has anger issues don’t worry I’ll handle her” Arnold said.


Scarlett marched angrily to the exit of her parent’s company. No one dared talked to her nor greet her for they knew her anger is like a volcano.

She entered the elevator and clicked the button, tapping her heels on the floor.

The elevator opened and she made to walk out but paused at who she saw.

“Lucy?” Scarlett called.

“Omg! Scarlett!”



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