Diary of the Watterson � Episode 15

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



The Parker**

“Guess who got her first salary today? It’s Melody!!” Melody screamed immediately she stepped foot in her house.

“Really? That’s so cool!” Boris smiled, coming out of his room.

“How you feeling Boris?” Melody ruffled his hair which made him frown.

“Stop that, I’m not a kid anymore” Boris frowned.

“So far as I remember, I’m 8 years older than you so you’re nothing more than a baby” Melody stuck her tongue and walked away.

“Mom.. I have good news, I just cashed out” Melody exclaimed happily.

“Wow! Really, that’s so nice” Mrs Parker replied, coming out of the kitchen.

Melody went to help her walk till they reached the living room where they sat down on the couch.

“Mom, I told you to stop overworking yourself” Melody scolded.

“I have to” Mrs Parker smiled.

Melody smiled and kissed her forehead.

“Don’t worry, once I’ve saved enough money we’re going to go for an operation for your leg” Melody said.

“Anyways, I was saying I just cashed out. My first salary, with it we can be able to pay for the house rent and also sponsor Boris back to school” Melody smiled.

“That’s so good. Miss Marga has come thrice this week for her money” Mrs Parker said.

“Did I hear I’ll go back to school?” Boris peeped in.

Melody nodded with a smile.

“That’s so cool! Yay!!” Boris began jubilating.

Melody and Mrs Parker laughed as they watched him..

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“Stephanie is still not here?” Scarlett asked her PA for the uptenth time.

“Yes ma’am, I don’t think she’s coming” She replied.

“Okay” Scarlett dismissed him.

Scarlett sighed and buried her face in her palms.

“What I’m I going to do alone? Stephanie is now slacking off from work, the runaway show is just next and we haven’t even gotten a design to present plus we haven’t yet picked a model… F*ck!!!” Scarlett exclaimed.

Her phone began ringing and she looked to see it was Jayce, her brother. She ignored it and buried her face in her palms..

Few minutes later, she looked up. The phone had already stop ringing by then..

With a determined look on her face, she brought out a notebook with a pencil and began sketching out some designs.

She kept tearing and throwing away those designs she didn’t find appealing.

“Loosing has never been in my agenda. I’m gonna win that contest no matter what” Scarlett thought.

? ? ? ? ?

Lucy walked in a room. She walked up to Maya and tapped her cheek.

Maya weakly opened her eyes and looked up at Lucy.

“It’s been three days you’re here and you still won’t talk? That person must have paid you good money for you endure all these” Lucy smirked.

A man walked in and began untying Maya.

“Boss said we free you. Count yourself lucky, he rarely forgives” Lucy said.

Maya slumped on the floor immediately they finished untying her. She was so tired and weak. Hasn’t ate for three days.

“Take her back home” Lucy said to the man.

He nodded and picked her up before heading to the exit.

“Try and tell to them what happened to you and see what will happen to your life” Lucy said before the man left with her.

Lucy finally smiled..

“Raymond is married, how funny!” Lucy chuckled lightly.

“Time to go visit the wife..” Lucy muttered and left the room.

? ? ? ? ?

Mond’s Corporation**

Raymond tapped the key on his laptop before printing out what he has typed.

He brought out a paper and began signing where he had to sign it.

Suddenly the door swung open and pretty lady barged in.

“Raymond how could you!!” She yelled.

Raymond frowned and looked up from what he was doing.

“Luna? What are you doing here?” Raymond frowned.

“What I’m I doing here? I’m supposed to ask you what do you think you’re doing?” Luna snapped and walked closer to him then hit her hand on his table loudly.

“How could you get married without telling me?” Luna yelled.

Raymond looked at Luna for a while without talking.

“So..you’re spewing all these rubbish,, because I got married” Raymond said calmly.

“Of course!, you cheated on me..” Luna said.

Raymond placed his pen on the table and slowly stood up, not taking his eyes away from her.

He took closer to her and before she could react, he grabbed her by the neck.

“Raymond..” Luna managed to say.

“This is going to be the first and the last time you’re going to come here to disturb my peace because of my personal life.. Remember you were the one who came to me. You told me about your f*cking feelings for me and I rejected it, I don’t do love.. We are just f*ckmates, nothing more” Raymond spoke slowly to her.

He released her afterwards. Luna held onto the table, breathing heavily. She swept her hair to the back, staring at Raymond.

Luna smiled afterwards..

“Babe” She called and walked to Raymond, gently caressing him.

“I’m sorry, I was just surprised. You never told me you were getting married that’s why” She pouted.

She stood on her toes and leaned to his ears.

“Please don’t ditch me, I can’t live without your d*ck” Luna whispered seductively.

Raymond took a step back and went to sit.

“Leave, I’m not in the mood..” Raymond said.

Luna turned and began walking away. A frown immediately settled on her face.

“Raymond you’re mine and no one else” She said inwardly, glaring and no one in particular.

? ? ? ? ?

S�W Couture**

“Finally done!” Scarlett smiled.

“Just need it to be sewed and then we’re good to go!” Scarlett smiled.

“Ma’am, you have a visitor. Should I let her in?” Her PA informed her.

“Sure” She replied.

Minutes later, the door opened and Lucy stepped in with a cute smile on her face.

“Babe!” Scarlett exclaimed happily.

“Scar, how are you doing?” Lucy smiled and walked to her, they hugged..

“I’m good just.. A lot has happened to me lately” Scarlett sighed loudly.

“I know, I saw the news.. You got married” Lucy smiled.

Scarlett nodded and began narrating everything to Lucy. Lucy nodded, pretending like she knew nothing.

“I’m sorry friend,, come let me take you out. My treat!!” Lucy said.

“Really? Let’s go, I’m even done with work here” Scarlett said, picking up her jacket and purse.

They left her office while chatting.

? ? ? ? ?

The Mall**

“Really?! $1800??” Phoebe exclaimed.

“Yeah” The lady said.

“Gosh!, its too expensive..” Phoebe pouted and walked away.

She checked the money she was having. Just $1000. Well she actually came to do some shopping since she’ll be resuming school on Monday.

“How I’m I going to buy new clothes and also my books and textbooks plus my shoes and..”

All these thoughts occupied her mind that she didn’t notice she bumped into someone.

They both went down with her falling on top of the person.

“So sorry… I was just walking and I didn’t-” Phoebe paused when she saw who it was.

“You?” Phoebe immediately frowned.

“Firm b**bs, thay turns me on..” Ethan smirked.

Phoebe gasped and quickly stood when she realized that her bosom was pressing on his chest.

“You pervert!!” Phoebe exclaimed and left the mall.

Ethan stood up and smirked, watching her as she left.

“She’s hot… You know her?” One of Ethan’s friend said.

“Kinda..” Ethan smirked.

He went to the shop he saw her walk out of.

“Good day miss” Ethan flashed his cute smile.

“Oh..gee” The lady exclaimed when she saw his handsome face.

“Excuse me, the girl who just left this shop. What did she come here for?” Ethan asked.

“She came to buy some school stuffs and clothes” The lady replied.

“Alright, I hope you do offer home service” Ethan asked and she nodded.

He brought out his phone and placed a phone call..

“Hey bro, can you locate a house of this girl for me?” Ethan smiled.

Once he finished what he came to do, he left the shop and went his way with his friends.



  1. I don't seem to understand Lucy's intensions, being a friend of Scarlett and working for Raymond
    I know Scarlett is not aware but what of Raymond?
    Next please

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