Diary of the Watterson � Episode 14

Loveswept to you


(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel



Raymond immediately paused and slowly lifted up his hands.

“Who sent you?” Raymond asked simply..

“Who? Well you have a lot of enemies, how will you know who sent me..” The masked man smirked.

“I give you just five seconds to disappear” Raymond said.

“How audacious of you.. Threatening your threatener” The man chuckled.

Immediately the man placed his hand on the trigger, Raymond swiftly ducked and made to tackle him but the man quickly jumped up.

Raymond jumped and then kicked of the gun he was having. The man now made to punch Raymond but he dodged it just by a bent of the head.

He grabbed the man’s hand and then twisted it roughly..


Raymond now hit the man on the nose twice with his elbow before releasing him.

Before the man could even retaliate, he gave his a strong hit on the nape of the neck, making him pass out immediately.

Raymond fixed back his coat and entered his cat before driving off the area..

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Here, all clean..” Melody heaved and turned to Angelo with a frown.

“Can’t believe your room was this messy!” Melody said and rolled eyes.

“What was I expecting from a boy” Melody muttered and made to leave.

“I’m sorry, what did you just call me?” Angelo looked up from his phone.

“B.O.Y” Melody stuck out her tongue and left.

Angelo sighed and shook his head.

“I really thank mom and dad for giving birth to a calm guy like me if not, that kid could have suffered” Angelo said inwardly.

“Goodbye Melody!!” Monica waved at Melody who smiled and waved back before leaving.

She looked at the time and it was 8PM.

“Gosh!, I’m so late..” Melody said and looked out.

Since she was first under Scarlett, it was her driver that took her home. Now that she is no longer here, what will she do?

“Maybe I should just go home..” She thought and walked out of the mansion.

She began walking home while humming a music to herself. Strangely, the street was deserted and so quiet.

That made Melody to hasten up her steps. She looked back and saw a dark shadow walking towards her.

Melody quickly turned front and swallowed down nothing. She began walking faster. She turned back and to her surprise, the shadow began walking faster.

No one needed to tell her. She took to her heels and began running as fast as she could. She heard running steps behind.

She turned back to see the shadow was slowly catching up with her. She turned front and made to hasten her steps but the person grabbed her by the arm.

“Let me go!!” She made to push the person away but the person slammed her back against the wall.

“Who are you..” She asked as she saw it was actually a man, probably in his early 30s.

“I’ve been watching you lately and I must admit, you’re really s*xy from the way you twerked lastly. That greatly turned me on, mind if I had a taste of you?” He smiled widely.

“What? You’re insane.. Let me go!!” Melody struggled.

“No one can hear you so I wished you would collaborate but since you don’t want then…”

The man pushed her to the floor and came on top of her, pinning both of her hands on the floor.

“No!! Let me go!!! Help!!!!” Melody struggled but it was all in vain.

The man began kissing her neck and that made her struggle more. Tears slowly began gathering her eyes.

Melody felt chilled air hit her body as someone pulled the man from her. Melody stood up and arranged her top.

She looked up and watched as a man, more like a guy was busy beating up the man who tried to r�pe her.

Melody stood up from the ground and went to them.

“Leave him..” Melody pulled the guy from the man.

She turned back to the man and gave him a hard kick on the face.

“B�stard!!” Melody spatted and slapped him severally.

She spotted a rock nearby and then hit it on his head, making him pass out.

“Good for you” She said and turned to her saver.

Turns out he is young. Probably her age. Melody frowned.

“You’re the guy that bumped into me at Howards University” Melody said.

The guy looked at her carefully and smiled, revealing his cute dimples.

“Miss pretty..” He said.

“Thanks for saving me, need to go buy!!” Melody said in a rush and ran away.

The person looked at her and wore back his hoodie before walking away.

? ? ? ? ?

Stephanie slowly opened her eyes and yawned lightly. She sat up on the bed and looked round the room.

To her surprise, she wasn’t in her room. She held her head tightly as a splitting headache hit her.

“I must have drank too much”

Her surprise turned to shock when she realized she was naked. She tried moving and yelped in pain when she felt her nether region aching.


The remaining words went back to her stomach when she saw a complete stranger laying down next to her, sleeping.

“Who is this? What did I do?” Stephanie gasped.

She looked at the person keenly and sighed..

“Thats not how I imagined it to be” Stephanie said inwardly.

She stood up and dressed up then wrote and note and left it for him before leaving.

? ? ? ? ?

Morning, Donovan mansion**

Scarlett walked out of her bathroom with a towel wrapped round her body. She slowly wore her dress then brushed her hair and did her makeup before leaving the room.

“Good morning ma’am” The maids greeted.

“Thanks, good morning” She replied cheerfully and entered the dining room.

She paused when she saw Raymond having his breakfast. Taking deep breaths, she went and saw down four chairs away from him.

“Good morning” Scarlett muttered.

“Thanks” He replied, pressing his phone with that usual look on his face.

Scarlett faced her meal and began eating. What followed was silence as no one spoke but ate that meal.

“I hope you still remember we’re going to meet the reporters to announce our marriage” Raymond finally spoke.


“Okay” Raymond stood up from the table. A maid quickly came to clean the rest.

“I’ll be waiting for you in my car, I give you 10 minutes to hurry” Raymond said and left.

Scarlett rolled her eyes and frowned.

“I give you five minutes to hurry” Scarlett mimicked him.

“Like I was one of his employees” Scarlett rolled eyes and continued eating.

? ? ? ? ?

The Watterson**

“Steph!!” Julia exclaimed as Stephanie walked in the house with a sullen look on her face.

“Where were you all night?” Arnold asked.

“Not important dad” Stephanie said and made to go upstairs.

“Not important? We’ve been awake all night worrying about you then you..”

“I said it’s not important!! I’m an adult for God sake dad, stop acting like I’m 6” Stephanie snapped and went upstairs.

“I think the marriage is affecting her more than we thought” Julia said.

Arnold nodded and sighed..

? ? ? ? ?

? Congratulations!!

? You look good together

Those who came to watch Scarlett and Raymond leave the press kept saying. Scarlett hugged Raymond’s arm as she smiled at them.

The cameras kept taking pictures of them till they entered the car. She quickly released him and shifted away from him.

“To S�W Couture” Scarlett told the driver.

He nodded and drove to the direction prescribed.

“Will these two months be over soon?” Scarlett wondered as she looked out of the window..



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