Diary of the Watterson – Episode 10

Loveswept to you

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(Loveswept to you..)


By: Ariel Mirabel


*✿❀ ❀✿*

“So what’s your favorite hobby” Stephanie smiled cutely at Raymond.

Raymond looked at her and made to speak but his phone suddenly began ringing.

“Excuse me..” He said and left for a quiet place.

“Yes?” He said.

“He has been spotted.. What should we do Ray?” A lady’s voice said.

“Capture him.. I have few questions to ask him. Make sure he doesn’t escape” Raymond said.

“Alright Ray..” The person hung up.

He kept his phone back in his pocket and made to leave but stopped and held his head. He suddenly began feeling dizzy..

“What’s wrong?” He frowned and looked around, the places were all wobbly and blurry to him.

He pulled on his tie, loosening it.. Maybe he’s just feeling uncomfortable.

He took a step and felt his whole body on fire, like..like…like he needed to be with a woman.

This has never happened to him before..

“Sh*t..” He cursed under his breath. That’s when it dawned on him that he was drugged.

He walked slowly while hissing. It really hurts down there..

He saw an opened door and just walked in the room, removing his coat which was such great bother to him at the moment.

He slowly sat down on the bed, holding his head tightly. Suddenly, someone groaned beside him.

He looked to see it was a lady..

At the party**

“Where’s Scarlett?” Stephanie asked.

“Maybe she went back..” Olivia suggested.

“Really? Oh well..” Stephanie shrugged though deep down she was worried.

Tony walked to a reporter and placed a paper in his hand before whispering to him.

“Come to the address on the paper at 7AM tomorrow if you want some juicy news for the media” She said and immediately left the party.

The reporter looked at the address and then back at Tony’s retreating figure..


Thinking that it was probably one of these bitches, he slowly caressed her exposed thigh.

“Who’s..it” Scarlett said weakly.

Raymond came closer to her and then caressed her thigh, moving upwards. Scarlett wanted to fight back but damn!! her body was craving..

He traced his finger to her b**bs and gently squeezed it, making her moan.

Scarlett sat up on the bed and then held his shirt.. Without warning, she crushed her lips against his.. Kissing him hungrily.

Raymond pulled her closer by the waist, kissing her back. His hand found its way to her zipper and he pulled it down..peeling her gown off her body.

Scarlett blushed lightly, feeling so shy. This is the first time a man will be seeing her body.

Raymond placed a kiss on her shoulder, unstrapping her bra in the process. He removed it and tossed it off before his hands came in contact with her b**bs.

Scarlett shivered and moaned as he pressed her pink n*pples. He released her and unbuttoned his shirt then removed it.

He took her tiny hands in his and then placed it on his chest, Scarlett slowly began caressing his body.

Both were completely ignorant of what they were doing. All they cared was to satisfy their body needs.

Raymond groaned and her touch. It felt so heavenly and so…gosh!

Raymond groaned in pain.. His manhood was rock hard and it hurt like crazy. He quickly unbuckled his belt.

He impatiently tore the last garment on her and roughly rode into her.

“Ahh..” Scarlett yelled painfully.

That’s when it dawned on Raymond that she was still a virgin.

“It hurts..” Tears escaped from her eyes.

If you looked at her at the moment, you wouldn’t know it was the badass and sassy Scarlett Watterson. She looked so fragile and innocent at that moment.

Raymond decided to take it slow. This will be the first time, he’s going slowly..

He slowly rode in and out of her. Scarlett hugged him tightly, dipping her nails on his back.

“Ahh…” Scarlett moaned..

Raymond stared at her face as he slowly f*cked her..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Morning.. The Watterson**

“Let’s contact the cops” Stephanie finally spoke out of worry..

“No! The FBI” Monica said worriedly.

“How could Scarlett be missing at a party” Arnold said.

The family couldn’t sleep for the whole for they spent it, contacting Scarlett’s friends..asking if they saw her but yet it was fruitless.

“I can’t wait anymore… I’m calling the cops” Angelo immediately dialed their number.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Scarlett winced as she sat up. Her nether region ached so much! She looked at herself and gasped when she saw she was naked.

“No..” She muttered when it all became clear to her.

She slept with a total stranger. She gave away her virginity to a complete stranger.

“No..” She covered her mouth as loud sobs escaped her lips..

She looked round the room but could see no one. She continued crying..

“This wasn’t how I imagined it to be?” She muttered.

How did it happened?

Was she drunk?

No, a glass of wine couldn’t possibly get her drunk.. Wait a minute..

She slowly stopped crying as she remembered how the waiter looked at her when she took the drink.

“Could she possibly…”

She heard as the door to the bathroom opened. Raymond walked out with a towel round his waist..

He looked at her with that usual cold expression on his face. The look on Scarlett’s face was exactly how he looked like when he woke up and found Scarlett sleeping next to him,,, shock!

“You?” Scarlett managed to say..

Tears filled her eyes again as she stood up from the bed. In anger, she rushed to Raymond and slapped him.

“You took advantage of me! You slept with me when I was at my weakest point..you took my virginity!! I hate you! I hate you!” Scarlett yelled in tears as she kept slapping him..

Raymond caught her hand and glared at her.

“Will you get it together?! So far as I love women, I’m not that desperate.. I took your virginity yes, but what then.. It doesn’t change anything in you” Raymond released her hand.

Her knees gave up and she sat on the floor with the sheets wrapped round her body.

“We were both drugged” Raymond said and began dressing up.

“Huh?” Scarlett muttered.

“If you’re really observant then you’ll notice the way that maid looked at you.. Do you have an enemy?” Raymond asked, dressing up.

“I don’t know…” Scarlett muttered.

“I’ll handle this case” Raymond simply said.

He began walking to the door but stopped and looked back..

“Also Miss Scarlett,, let it be the first and last time you’ll slap me… I’ll consider it as a mistake” Raymond said and walked out of the room.

Reporters immediately welcomed him when he stepped out of the room.

💭 Mr Donovan, researches has found out that you and Miss Watterson spent the night together.

💭 Is there probably some kind of relationship between you two? Maybe f*ck buddies?

They continued firing questions at him. He ignored them and left.

Scarlett who finished dressing too, dejectedly walked out of the room. The reporters swoon around her, asking her similar question.

She didn’t have the force to defend herself so she left the area..

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Howards University**

“This school is bigger than I thought” Phoebe exclaimed, looking round the school as they walked in.

Melody couldn’t hide her joy. She kept smiling widely as they walked in the school.

👥 Did you see the news?
👥 Gosh!, I didn’t expect that from Scarlett
👥 Heard she did that for them to win the award..
👥 Slutty Scarlett indeed.. Gosh!, I hate her

“What are they talking about?” Melody asked.

“We are phoneless how can we possibly know” Phoebe said

“That’s the registration hall.. Let’s go!” Phoebe pulled Melody to the area.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

The Watterson**

“Scar!!!” Monica exclaimed when Scarlett walked in with a sullen look on her face.

Angelo and Monica even skipped classes coz they were worried about her.

“I just need to rest..” Scarlett said when they all rushed to her.

“Where have you been?” Julia asked.

“Just watch the news…” Scarlett said and went upstairs..

Angelo switched on the TV, going to the news channel.

They all gasped in shock as they watched the news. Stephanie was the most shocked of all.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆


Raymond winded down the window of his car and stared at the hotel which they organized the party of yesterday.

“Go get me that lady on the picture..make sure you bring her here” Raymond said.

“Alright Don” He replied and got down the car then went in the hotel..

Raymond closed his eyes, thinking of ways to which to resolve this scandal. Personally, he didn’t care but his reputation is at risk and if his reputation is at risk, then so is his company.

He looked out and saw as his driver came back with Maya. She had a look of fear as she got in the car and sat down opposite Raymond.

His driver got in too, keeping back his gun in his pocket..

“Miss Maya, Good afternoon” He smirked.

Maya just stared at him. She saw the news and already knew it was her handwork..

“I have some few questions to ask you.. If you wouldn’t mind, let’s have a ride” He said, staring dangerously at her.

A drop of tear fell from Maya’s eyes as the car drove off with them.

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Later..The Watterson**

“That’s all what happened..” Scarlett concluded after she finished narrating what happened to her family.

“Gosh…” Monica sighed.

“So sorry my poor child..” Julia hugged her.

Stephanie just stared at her, not saying a word. She didn’t even know what to feel at that moment.

“I’ll make sure that whosoever did this to my daughter pays dearly” Arnold said in anger.

“The news has been brought down but it changes nothing…” Stephanie said, checking her phone..

“What to do…” Monica asked

“Miss Scarlett..” A maid called.

They all turned to her.

“Mr…Mr Donovan is here. He wishes to see you” The maid said.

“Let him in” Arnold said, standing.

Few minutes later, Raymond walked in with one hand in his pocket..

Stephanie stared intently at him.

“Good day Mr and Mrs Watterson” He said and looked at Scarlett..

“I’m here because I’ve found a way to make this rumor stop.. That’s the only way” Raymond said casually..

“What’s it?” Scarlett asked, standing too.

“Marry me”


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  1. That's just the only solution and Scarlett Dad's wish at first and I don't think it'll go well with Stephene.see how fate is bringing them together gradually.

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