COMPLICATED – Episode 22



Written by Princess Juliet�


Episode 22


Warning: This chapter contains matured contents.



Atarah was so shocked and shaken to the core. She couldn’t believe her eyes. For seconds she did not move and just stood there staring at the neck chain with wide-open eyes that cannot shut.


�My neck chain?� She ran her fingers lightly over the stony pendant, feeling its texture, its sharp edges, its links, everything about it, and yes, it was hers, customised with the first letter of her last name-Jones, the same one that her late dad had given her on his deathbed.

�But how did it get here? Why is it here?� Her head was reeling with questions that made her so confused.


�Won�t you take a shower first, Princess?� She heard the sound of approaching footsteps and moved her head up just in time to see Jayden walk into the room. He was wearing nothing but his briefs and his sinewy hot body was dripping with water.


�How did you get this?� She confronted him immediately and he looked at her with his eyebrows raised questioningly. �I�m talking about my neck chain.� She half shouted and only then did Jayden notice the neck chain in her hands. His face paled in an instant and he looked as if he might faint. �D**n! What the h*ll have I done?� He silently cursed his own stupidity and with his heart in his mouth, rushed over and dragged it out of her hands.

�Don�t touch it, it is mine.� He was scared of her reaction and carefully avoided her troubled gaze.


Abashed, Atarah stared at him speechlessly, trying to form words. �Yours, how? I mean, what do…you…mean…by…that?� Her words broke up and all she could say were stuttering sounds, �The neck chain is mine, it belongs to me.�Her eyes silently pleaded with him to believe her and Jayden was stuck with no way out.


He let out an exasperated, defeated sigh and then confessed. �You are right, the neck chain is yours.�


�How then did you get it?� Atarah demanded. She was beginning to get giddy, almost hysterical and just wanted an answer, any answer at all. �Or is it from your big brother, Greg?� She looked at him with burning curiosity, �He gave it to you right?�This question made Jayden’s blood boil and a trickle of jealousy moved through him.


He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth as he made the toughest decision he�d ever made, to tell the truth.

To hell with his fears! To hell with the promise he�d made to her mother! This was the right time to do this, so he believed.


Bracing himself for the worst, he said in a low voice, � You gave it to me yourself.�


�Me?�Atarah looked at him confused, she wasn�t sure she heard him right.


�At the hospital, in that wardroom, remember?� He hinted and her eyes widened a moment, a flare of sudden overwhelming emotion to which she could only stutter. �What�what�are you�trying to say?�


Jayden hesitated a moment before responding.� I was the one in the room with you on that fateful day.� And Atarah was utterly dumbfounded at his response.


An image flashed in her head, that of the little boy with curly black hair reassuring her and she cringed at the thoughts, shaking her head in disbelief. �No!No! No! This isn�t possible, it isn�t possible at all,� Her eyes were burning with hot tears that she didn�t want him to see but unfortunately, Jayden did.


�Please don�t cry, Tarah.� He attempted to hold her but she took a step backwards and hugged herself tightly, crying more profusely. The sheer agony on her face was somehow proportional to the confusion that clouded his mind.


She couldn�t believe it, she couldn�t bring herself to believe that the man she was in love with was the same person she�d liked for years, the same person she�d been searching for, the same person she�d had a crush on. �Gosh! How could I be so blind to the extent of mistaking him for someone else? Could that be the reason why we had bonded so fast? Could this be fate?� She looked up into his face and saw he was staring at her with soft eyes full of concern.


�So tell me,� She breathes out her words, �What exactly happened in that hospital twelve years ago, how did I end up not dying, how did I survive that illness?�She wanted to know as she was not properly informed, no one had told her about it.


Jayden gazed down at her for a moment with an expression that made her heart flutter. �I..erm, no�My father saved you,� There was this genuine uneasiness in his voice that pique Atarah�s interest and she definitely knew he was hiding something.


�And?� She decided to her help him out.


�I donated my blood to you,� Jayden muttered somewhat.


Stunned, Atarah was so shocked she was struck speechless.

He gave her his blood! He�d saved her! He was the miracle that�d happened to her, he was her miracle.


�Oh, my goodness.�She gasped and without thinking twice, threw her hand around him and pressed her lips to his in a gentle kiss. Her lips were soft and warm and sweet with chocolate.

The shock of them short-circuited Jayden�s brain and for a moment he couldn’t breathe. And then he was pressing her lips apart, hungry for her, desperate for more. She softened against him, sighing and he braced himself for her to retreat, but instead, she tightened her arms around him and kissed him back, her tongue tangling with his as she explored his mouth.


�I love you, Jayden.� Her soft moans sent him into a deep frenzy of lust and he lifted her into his arms and gently placed her on the bed without breaking the kiss. Atarah gave a little gasp under his mouth before being completely smouldered by his fire.

He wanted her, she understood in amazement and was all ready for him. She wanted to give her complete self to him, her virginity, not as a form of repayment, but as proof of her love.


Slowly, and with her hands trembling, she began to unzip her jeans and Jayden broke the kiss to stare at her.


�Are you sure about this?� His hands were moving over her body possessively and he couldn’t just stop, for she was driving him wild and crazy.


Atarah nodded her head in response, blushing shyly. �What about you?� She whispered close to his ear.


In response, Jayden took off his briefs and laid on top of her stark naked, pulling her into a deeper kiss as they rolled together, leg tangling, arms reaching, lips seeking.


He took off her shirt, unclasped her bra and his hands went exploring, touching her arms, cupping her br**st, then lower, to her special place.


Atarah�s eyes went huge, mesmerized and she clung to his shoulder as he eagerly nibbled on her br**sts


�Oh my god, Jaydeeeeeen.�She moaned loudly, wriggling her body in pleasure and Jayden smiled inwardly, teasing her further.


�What do you want?� He gasped, �Tell me……�


�You know……. I want you inside me, Jayden.� She curled her legs around him, seeking to get closer. �I need you. I want to take you in….. I need you…….�


Jayden rose up then, his blue eyes sparkling with satisfaction as he slid down her panties. Jeez! He was over the moon. With slow gentle thrusts, he entered her and forced a painful cry out of her as he popped her hymen and possessed her body whole.


~~~~~~~~~ The next morning~~~~~~~~~


It was still barely mid-morning. The sun was warm and its slanting rays shone through the glass-doomed window lighting up the room. Jayden squinted at it as he forced his eyelids open.


He felt a warm hand on his waist and slowly turned his full body sideways, Atarah was still sleeping peacefully beside him naked, her delicate features were at ease as she breathes steadily and softly.


A light smile escaped from his lips and he wrapped his hand around her, breathing in her womanly musk.


�Good morning, princess.� He muttered somewhat and kissed her forehead before climbing out of bed and walking into the bathroom to brush his teeth and take a long hot bath.


When he returned to the room, Atarah was already awake. She was rubbing her eyes and looking around the room in a daze.


�Hey, babe, �Jayden drawled lazily as he walked over to the closet and only then did she notice him.


Her eyes fell on his hard chest first, then on his member and that was enough for her to remember all of the crazy things he�d done to her earlier in the morning, the way he,d taken her all over and over again till she was completely spent out.


�Good morning.� She greeted him, a blush rising to her cheek and Jayden nodded his head in response as he slid into a pair of denim jeans.


�Go take your bath.�He whispered and turned his back to her, pulling out a black boot from his shoe rack.


�Yeah, sure.� Atarah jumped out of the bed and picked up her clothes from his drawer before dashing into the bathroom.


�Are you gonna change in there?� Jayden�s mischievous laughter followed her and she blushed even harder.


�Leave me alone,� Was all she said as she stepped into the bathtub, brushed her teeth with an extra toothbrush and took a long steamy bath to wash off all of the dirt. When she was done, she changed into her clothes and returned to the room feeling refreshed.


Jayden was now fully dressed, and he was looking so hot in his tight-fitted jeans and long-sleeved sweater that hugged the muscles of his arms firmly. Atarah swallowed nervously.


With a smile plastered on his face, he walked towards her, stopping when there was just a step distance between them and handed her the neck chain. �l guess it is time for me to return it.� He chuckled.


Atarah smiled lightly as she took it from him. �Then I am giving it back to you.� She stood on her toes and to Jayden�s surprise, clasped the neck chain around his neck. �Don�t ever take it off, no matter what.�She whispered close to his ear.


For a moment Jayden said nothing, he just stared at her, astounded. �Let’s go.� Finally, he spoke, his voice controlled and Atarah nodded


She picked up her handbag and followed him out of the room, down the stairs and into the sitting room where a middle-aged man sat watching the news.


�Good morning, dad,� Jayden grunted his greeting and Trent turned his head to him sharply.


�Morning so…….� His voice trailed off into silence when he noticed Atarah and he eyed her curiously. �Who is she?�


�My fiancee,� His son�s response almost made him choke on his saliva and Atarah looked at Jayden with shock and disbelief. �When in the world did he propose to me?� She wondered in silence and bent her head shyly when she felt his father�s intense gaze boring through her.


Trent was not pleased at all, he was completely disappointed with his son�s choice of woman. He looked at Atarah up and down disdainfully, wondering what his son liked about her.

She was beautiful, no doubt about that, but was way below his status and class.

�We will talk about this when you return from the office.�He simply said dismissing them


�Whatever,� Jayden retorted rudely and with that, took Atarah�s hand into his as they walked out through the front door and outside to his car.


�And what was that drama all about?� Atarah yanked her hand out of his grasp and glared at him.


�Hey! Hey! What did I do, princess?�Jayden regarded her with a puzzled expression.


�You didn’t propose to me, did you?�


�No, but you did.� He replied cooly and Atarah gaped at him, dumbfounded.


�The neck chain, remember? You said I shouldn�t take it off, no matter what.� He added seeing her puzzled look and Atarah almost laughed at the oddity of his words.


�You’re so funny, Jayden.�


�Am I?� Jayden couldn’t catch the joke, for he was d**n serious.


�No, you are cute.� She stood on her tiptoes to kiss him lightly then opened the car door and climbed into the passenger seat.


Jayden followed suit. He closed the door behind him and when he started the car, drove out through the gate and down the expressway heading to her home.


Unbeknownst to them, Mary had been watching them from her balcony window all the while. She put a call through to her driver as she stepped out of her room. �Prepare the car asap, we are going after someone.�




Despite the heavy traffic, Jayden got to the narrow path leading to Atarah�s home in no time. He pulled his car off the road and then turned to her, smiling. �See you tomorrow, Princess.�


�Tomorrow?� Atarah looked at him with her eyebrows raised questioningly and he chuckled lightly.


�I�ll call you.� Slowly he cradled her face in his hands and proceeded to kiss it lightly- first her forehead, then her cheeks and finally the corners of her mouth. �I love you, Tarah.� He whispered in her ears, making her blush.


�I love you too, Jayden.� Opening the car door, she stepped out closing the door behind her and blew him a goodbye kiss before running down the hilly road.


Jayden watched her till she took a sharp bend and then made a u-turn, driving past a familiar car. It was one of his stepmother’s collections and he was so sure about it. �What is she doing here? Does she have a friend around here? Well, that is her business.� He shrugged off the thoughts and stepping on the gas, increased his speed as he zoomed off to the hospital.




Atarah stepped into her house and was surprised to see the sitting room in disorder, her mother was standing beside her two luggage boxes with her hands on her waist.


�What�s going on here, mum?� She demanded, looking at the two boxes and her mother scoffed at her question.


�You are leaving here today, you are returning to the Philippines and never coming back.� She screamed at her daughter.


Stunned, Atarah was speechless for a long moment. She couldn’t believe her ears. �But why?� She found herself asking but her mum gave her no response, she just stood there staring into the distance.


�What about my school? My future? My dreams and my pass…….� She paused mid-sentence as the realisation finally dawned on her. �Oh! This is because of Jayden right?�


�You shouldn�t have slept over at his place,� Her mother�s words confirmed her suspicions and she bit her lower lip hard till it tasted blood, �You should have just listened to me.�


�But I love him, mum, I love him very much.� She cried out with anger and frustration and her mother�s face turned pale hearing that.


�Did he sleep with you?� She asked angrily and Atarah swallowed hard as if there was a lump in her throat.


But before she could respond, a knock sounded on the door interrupting them and she was more than pleased.


�I�d better get that,� She whispered


�No, let me do it,� Her mother said, already heading towards the door. When she opened it, she saw her worst nightmare staring right at her.





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