A Night With Him � Episode 60


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 60


She covered the meal and they both stared at the door in silence.
Damien’s heart pounded in fear, Mr Harold might probably hear about it,he had promised him he isn’t gonna disappoint him and go against the school rules.
He would be so disappointed.

Few minutes later, Allysia walked in with the proprietor.
Damien sighed disappointed she had actually went to call him.
She’s not nice a bit,she’s a meanie.

“There they are” Allysia said with a triumphant smile as she approached them with Mr Natalie.
Damien got to his feet,so as Marlene.
“Do not say anything” she reminded him.
“Your high..Marlene,i never knew you were the one she came to me for. She only said two students were breaking one of the school rules by eating in the class.” Mr Natalie said and Allysia stared on in confusion.
Damien wasn’t surprised,he thought Mr Natalie said that cause he knew Marlene has a phobia…

“I know you wouldn’t have followed her if you knew it was me, lunch break will be over soon. Can you leave us to continue eating?” Marlene asked.
“Of course but he…has to be punished…” Mr Natalie said.
“For?” Marlene asked.
“You’re the only one allowed to eat in the class during lunch break,not him” Mr Natalie said.
“Okay then, if you’re gonna punish him,then you have to include me in the punishment ” Marlene said.
“No..no…” Mr Natalie sighed, he glanced at Allysia who looked confused by the whole thing.
She knows Mr Natalie as a no-nonsense man who doesn’t joke with disciplinary actions.
She had expected him to start with the punishment immediately but here he is, speaking like a ten months old baby.

“I made him eat with me because he’s my friend,i feel lonely whenever i eat by myself. He’s not going to get punished Mr Natalie or you’ll have me punished too” Marlene said.
“Of course I’m not going to punish him, you both can sit and continue your meal,it’s just few minutes left for lunch break to be over” Mr Natalie smiled.

Marlene sat and Damien was still standing in surprise.
He was wondering how Marlene was easily able to convince Mr Natalie.
She did it without stress that he started wondering if they were related in any way.

Marlene pulled his hand and he sat down.
“How did you do that?” He asked her.
“Jazz!” She whispered and they laughed.

“What in the world is going on?” Allysia finally asked.
She hadn’t wanted to believe that Mr Natalie was going to spare Marlene but now it seems so.

“Look Allysia, do not think everyone now has the right to eat in the class. Only Marlene does because she… ” Mr Natalie was saying.
“Has a phobia for eating among so many people” Marlene completed .
“Ohh… yeah!” Mr Natalie quickly said.

Allysia angrily pulled her hair band off her hair and let it down her back.
She was so f****ng pissed.
“You’re going to spare her?” She asked, almost going crazy with anger.
“There’s a reason to that Allysia” Mr Natalie said.
“This is… unbelievable!” Allysia glared at Marlene who had continued eating.
Damien was picking at the meal.
“Mr Natalie,who in the world has a phobia for eating among so many people? This is so crazy mehn!” Allysia blew out rasped breath.

“Eat!” Marlene said to Damien.
“I am eating”
“No, you’re picking at your meal” Marlene said.
“Ohh” Damien sighed.
“You said you will continue eating after Mr Natalie confirms that you’re not gonna be punished”
“I think i lost my appetite all of a sudden”
“Darn. You’re such a coward” Marlene rolled her eyes and Damien laughed.

“What? I’m pissed at you” She said, packing the meal.
“I’m sorry about that Marl but this is the first time I’ll see you roll your eyes and it’s actually funny and cute at the same time” Damien smiled.
“Tch!” Marlene rolled her eyes again and Damien laughed.
She started laughing too, they were both oblivious to the fact that Mr Natalie and Allysia were there.

“Hey!!” Allysia screamed and they turned to her.
“This psycho is still here” Marlene muttered under her breath.

“Mr Natalie, did she bribed you or something? I never knew you were this corrupt” Allysia said rudely.
“Don’t talk to me that way Allysia! Or I’ll have you punished” Mr Natalie said.
Allysia laughed “Really?”
“Yeah, don’t think you can also get away with anything because I’m sparing Marlene, there’s a reason i did so. Caution your mouth so it won’t get you into trouble” Mr Natalie warned and Allysia stared at him in disbelief.

There’s a reason he did so?
She was so sure it wasn’t the phobia thing.
There must be a more solid reason.

Mr Natalie almost bowed to Marlene before leaving the class but he quickly cautioned himself.

Allysia banged a desk in anger and stared daggers at Marlene..

“You shouldn’t destroy that desk or you’re gonna pay for the damage, it’s better to hit the wall instead” Marlene said as she walked to her locker.
Allysia restrained herself from dragging her back and giving her the beating of her life.
“I told you Marlene has a phobia for eating among so many people but you still went ahead to report, we’re classmates and we’re meant to protect one another weaknesses, that was so unfair of you” Damien said and Allysia felt his words deep in her heart.
She stared at him and her anger dissolved almost immediately.
Damien could see that Allysia has a soft and caring part to her but her fierceness overwhelmed it all.

He stopped staring at her, with the way she stared at him, he could feel she found him attractive.
He would love to have her as a friend though, he would love to bring in her soft and caring part and thrash her ferociousness.
She needs someone to help her pull her acts together.

A loud sound indicated that lunch break was over.
Allysia slowly returned to her seat,she wasn’t feeling remorseful,she was enthralled by Damien’s charm.
Looking into his eyes had almost stolen her breath away and he had stared at her too.

She glanced at his seat and saw him talking to Marlene, they laughed and she felt pained.
He hadn’t looked at her the way he looks at Marlene, he had looked at her pitifully, not with love.

Who the hell is Marlene?
She’s sure as hell that she isn’t the daughter of an infamous safecracker like people call her, there’s obviously more to her.
Mr Natalie has never acted that way, he acted like he was scared of her.
And who the hell doesn’t have a last name?
There’s definitely something about her!

“Why didn’t you return to the cafeteria Ally?” Jane asked.
She stood in front of Allysia’s seat, with Paris.
“I didn’t feel like” Allysia responded sullenly.
“Ohh” Jane said.
“Did you meet Damien in the class when you came in?” Paris asked Allysia who glared at her.

“You need to stop rolling those eyes or you’re gonna crack my ribs with laughter” Damien said to Marlene.
“Okay, i will stop but on one condition” she said, all smiles.
“What?” Damien asked curiously.
“I want to view Irene’s pictures again.. please” Marlene said.
“Woah…you’ve also been charmed by my sister” He laughed .

“I’m gonna tell her about you on Saturday, she’ll be so happy to see i finally have a close friend” Damien grinned.
“You don’t have friends?” Marlene asked and Damien shook his head.
“Girls just wanna have a taste of me and they leave after they get it”
“They leave or you discard them?” Marlene asked. She knows the game pretty well,her brother is a full time playboy.

“Well..yeah” Damien admitted plainly.
“That’s not fair Damien, girls are not objects, we should be treated with respect” Marlene said and Damien blinked in surprise.
She sounds like irene just now, Irene tells him that too.
“I know but i do enjoy it…i don’t discard girls though, they leave when they see I’m going out with another person”
“That’s more like it” Marlene rolled her eyes and Damien laughed.
“I had so much fun with girls at my old school, they were all over me and some sticks to me even when I’m going out with another person” Damien smiled at the memories.

“That’s not hard to believe, your looks says it all”
“Sometimes, i wish im not this good looking, maybe i would have had tons of male friends. I really want one” Damien said sadly.
“Do you know the reason most of the guys don’t wanna associate with you?” Marlene asked.
“My looks”
“Exactly! They are scared you might take their girl” Marlene laughed. “Not for any other reason, so you shouldn’t be bothered by that, they feel threatened by your looks Damien, you don’t have to have a male friend, I’m here for you”

“Thank you” Damien was emotional as he stared at her.
He felt like giving her big hug.

She talks wisely just like Irene, different from other girls he has met, and she’s the first girl he genuinely feel something for. He doesn’t know what it is and he doesn’t even care to know, he just want to be around her always, everything about her excites him. She makes him remember Irene occasionally.
Their traits are almost the same.
Asides Marlene’s beauty, she has a great personality.

“Do i have something on my face?” Marlene teased Damien, her cheeks were almost pink cause Damien has been staring at her.
She was trying hard not to blush.

“I’m just so glad i have you as my friend” Damien said.
“Me too, I’m not lonely anymore, and i look forward to coming to school everyday just because of you” Marlene smiled.
“I’m flattered” Damien blinked dramatically and they laughed.

“I bet you must have heard that severally, girls must have told you they come to school because of you” Marlene said.
“Yeah, severally” Damien said but hearing it from Marlene had hit differently.
He had indeed felt flattered.

“I don’t feel like a playboy anymore, girls don’t interest me anymore”
“Yeah or i would have made out with almost all the girls in here” Damien said and Marlene covered her ears.
They both laughed loudly and didn’t even notice the students staring at them.
“Damn! I’ve really changed” Damien sighed softly.
“I’m glad you have” Marlene said.
“It’s a good thing to treat girls with respect…”
“They keep coming to me though” Damien said.
“Then,you gently refuse them” Marlene said.
“What if they keep coming?”
“Then.. they will have to face me” Marlene said and widened her eyes in a fierce way.
Damien laughed.

“You look so cool that i was surprised you could call someone a b***h” Damien said.
“I didn’t mean to,but she needs someone to set her straight , she thinks so highly of herself” Marlene said.
” ‘If anything, I’m the real queen here, i rock with a real crown’ ” Damien mimicked Marlene and it was so funny that they both bursted into laughter.

“Did i really say that?” Marlene asked, still laughing.
Damien nodded.

“Shuu…Miss Meg is in class already” Damien said and they both got serious for class.


“I’ll be leaving once im done with breakfast” Damien told Mrs Neave and she nodded.
“I knitted a pink angora sweater for Ivory, come get it when you’re about to leave” Mrs Neave said.
“Okay Mum” Damien said.

He smiled as Marlene’s call came in.

?Are you there yet?” She asked.
He had promised to put her on phone with Irene when he gets to her.
?You didn’t even say hi to me” Damien pouted.
?I’m sorry…i guess i want to speak to Irene badly” Marlene smiled.
?You will, soon” Damien smiled too.

?You eating?” Marlene asked.
? Yeah,I’m gonna leave once I’m done.
?I should leave you to eat then. Byeee.

He dropped his phone, smiling broadly.

“Tch! You look like a pumpkin with that smile” Mrs Neave said.
“What!” Damien exclaimed.


Damien was allowed into Harold’s mansion without question, he greeted the workers as he walked into the main house.

“They’re at the dining room” Alex told him.
“Thank you” Damien said and walked towards the dining.

He walked into the dining room the moment Allysia was yelling at Irene.

“Do not f****ng yell at my sister!!” Damien shouted in anger.
He was so surprised to see it was Allysia but he didn’t care about that at the moment.
He dropped the sweater Mrs Neave knitted for Ivory and approached her angrily.

She’s Mrs Nola’s daughter,the one Ivory had told him about.

“You can be f****ng rude to anyone else but not my sister! I can be pretty violent when it comes to her,you better be warned” Damien said through clenched teeth.
He was so angry.
“What…are you doing in my house?” Allysia asked slowly, in shock.
It dawned on her that Damien is Irene’s brother.

“I’m not here for you,I’m here for my sister and this is not your house!” Damien stated clearly.

“Irene how could you allow her to talk to you that way? How could you allow her yell at you!?for how long has this been going on? This is so f****ng crazy, i can’t believe this!” Damien raked back his hair with an angry hand.

“Mrs Nola!” He yelled and Irene quickly stood up.
“Damie..” She was saying.
“Do not call me! How does it feel to be yelled at?” Damien asked Mrs Nola who was stunned .
“Don’t be rude Damien!” Irene chastised.
“She watched her daughter yell at you and didn’t say a word! What a nice way to raise a child” Damien taunted and Mrs Nola was too stunned to speak.

“Do not talk to my mother that way!” Allysia stood up, stabbing her fork into her meal angrily.
“Do not talk to my sister that way either! Whatever you do to Irene,your mum gets the same” Damien said.

Harold watched the exchange silently,he’s so glad Ivory is her room, watching animation.

“Get out this minute” Allysia said menacingly.
“The last time i checked,your last name isn’t Marshall. It’s so funny how people tend to change once given the opportunity to have a taste of wealth. You’re an opportunist Allysia! Quit acting like you own it all!” Damien said and Irene wanted to take him out but Harold stopped her.

Allysia shook with anger, damien’s words had hit her badly, her hands trembled as she slowly picked an empty glass cup.
She aimed it at Damien before they could stop her and he luckily dodged it.

Damien picked a glass cup too and aimed it straight at her, they started throwing things at each other and the bodyguards quickly stepped in.




  1. Oh my gosh……
    Allysia now has her match, Marlene at school now Damien at home. It's high time someone put her in her place where she really belong. I've been expecting Mrs Nola to chastise Allysia since, but it seems she is not bold enough to face her daughter. I'm double happy Damien whom she has been crushing on is the one to finally face her
    Thanks Zeemah for this episode. It was really interesting I had read and re-read over and over again
    Next and longer episode plssssssssssssssssss

  2. Wow! Unbelievable. The battle line has been drawn and Allysia will surely be the loser. Rudeness doesnt get anybody anywhere. Damien, I salute you for boldly standing for your sister. I owe you a chilled bottle of Guinness.

  3. I Love Dis sooooo much
    Allysia has finally cross the line(idiot,bloody opportunist?)it more annoying with the rate @wic Nola said she likes Irene,she still can't control her daughter?

    Damien I love U so much for always standing up for ur calm Sis?

  4. d hell!!!,y didnt he jst slap d living be-jesus out of her god damned face,does she tink she can tall anyhow nd go scot free,som fucker gats put her in her place 4 damn's sake

  5. Damien I so much love you for what you just did
    I've been wondering why Nola has refuse to chastise her daughter for being rude to Irene when she claim to love Irene.
    Next episode pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee

  6. Iyooo Damien is something else when it comes to Irene I like it…I like how Harold is so cool about all of this happy someone put Ally to her place…she is more than boring.

  7. My best episode so far??
    Allysia is truly an opportunist but the idiot is misusing
    Mrs Nola is to be blamed for what Damien said

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