A Night With Him � Episode 58


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 58


“She shouldn’t be in this house anymore” Allysia said, walking out of her room.

Mrs Marshall followed her.


“Where’s Irene?” Allysia asked Jim one of her Irene’s bodyguards who was standing outside her door.
“She left to deliver her goods” He said.
“Without taking care of Ivory?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“She took care of Ivory already, Ivory is presently taking her nap” Jim said.
“Brother gave her the many chance to do whatever she wants” Ally said and Mrs Marshall nodded in agreement..

“I need to go check out the workshop” Allysia headed to Harold’s garden.


“I’m sure she didn’t spend a dime to buy those things in that workshop,they are way too expensive for someone like her to afford” Allysia sat in the living room with Mrs Marshall.
They were both waiting for Irene to be back while Nola cooked was in the kitchen making dinner.

Irene sure has some explanation to do.

They heard a car came to a halt in the compound.
“She’s back” Allysia said, sitting upright.
She planned on how to bombard Irene with questions.
The door opened few minutes later and they were surprised and disappointed to see Harold walk in.
He doesn’t return from work this early.

“Hi mum” He pecked Mrs Marshall on both cheeks.
“How was your day brother?” Allysia asked.
“Normal, are you both expecting someone?” Harold asked curiously.
“I saw the workshop in the garden,you don’t have to explain. We know she forced you to do it” Allysia said.

“Forced? Irene never forces me to do anything. She refused when i showed her the workshop and i had to talk her into accepting it and we were both in there yesternight till she was done sewing” Harold said surprising Allysia and his mum.
“Wait…were you guys waiting for her?” Harold asked.
“For what?” He asked.
“We thought she forced you to do it” Allysia said.
“And you’re gonna do what to her? It’s high time you both stopped all this. Irene is not like Ivory’s past nannies! She’s different,she’s far different. Stop treating her like she means nothing,it’s unfair” Harold dropped his blazer on the couch.

“You keep doing things you won’t do on a normal day just because of her” Mrs Marshall said.
“Mum, everything i did for Irene,i can do it for any other person…”
“I know you’re a philanthropist but..” Allysia was saying.
“Then why are you so against me helping Irene.” Harold interrupted her. “Moreover it’s my money and i can do whatever i want with it”

“Irene is still the best nanny Ivory ever has, Ivory could testify to that. She has never tried to seduce me or peform any immoral act,she’s just like a second mother to Ivory, Ivory loved her right from the start. Irene is a very good person,i don’t know where your dislike for her is coming from. You didn’t even treat Ivory’s past nannies like you do treat her. Shes a human too,the fact that she did not get the opportunity to be in our position doesn’t mean you should treat her like thrash, she wouldn’t be here if she saw better opportunities,you both are being unfair to her” Harold said and Mrs Marshall looked remorseful,she seemed to be having a change of mind.

“That doesn’t mean you should treat her like she’s part of us, the fact still remain that she’s a nanny and shouldn’t get the privileges her employer and his family gets” Allysia said.
“That’s up to me to decide,I’m her employer after all, she’ll do whatever i say and whatever you see Irene do. I told her to,she doesn’t do anything without asking for my permission,she has never taken advantage of my kindness to misbehave,she’s still the most well behaved person I’ve ever seen”
“She might be pretending brother” Ally said.
“Whatever…if you both don’t stop being mean to her then im gonna change towards you too”
Harold said.
He picked his blazer and started walking towards the stairs.

He stopped and turned “And i think you both should know this. I’m in love with Irene”

“What!” Allysia screamed while Mrs Marshall just stared at him..
“Yeah” Harold smiled before disappearing to his room.

“Arrrgh!” Mrs Marshall sighed.
“What do you think?” Allysia asked in horror.
“I think Irene might just be what Harold said. She looks nice to me..”
“No! She’s a pretender! Godmother,I’m sure she’s here on a mission. She wants something,that’s the reason she’s acting all nice and sweet” Allysia said.
“Really..” Mrs Marshall said, reasoning what Allysia just said.

She might be right.

The last thing she wants is for someone to hurt her only son.

“And did brother just said he’s in love with her” Ally said, burying her face in his palms.
“I’ve suspected that since we got here..it’s quite obvious” Mrs Marshall said.

The door opened and Irene walked in.
She greeted Mrs Marshall and made her way to her room with Tom and Cory.
“She didn’t say hi to me!” Allysia whined and Mrs Marshall laughed.
“You wouldn’t have answered”

Irene hurried into Ivory’s room through the adjoining door and she was just waking up from her nap.
She rubbed her eyes with the back of her palm.

“Hey there” Irene smiled.
“I want to pee” Ivory said,still rubbing her eyes.
Irene led her into the bathroom, she washed her face after peeing.
She was fully awake by the time they walked back into her room.
“Do you want cake?” Irene asked her as she sat her on her couch and switched on the TV.
Ivory nodded.
“I’ll be back” Irene said and she went to get two slices of strawberry cake from the kitchen.

Ivory ate her cake while she watched animation on the TV.
“I guess you’ve done your homework?” Irene asked.
“Yes, Damien and i did it together” Ivory smiled.
“Ohh…is he fine?” Irene asked and Ivory nodded.
“Be quick with your cake so we can go to the library okay?”
“Okay Irene”


They were eating their dinner in silence and Irene was glad Allysia or Mrs Marshall haven’t made any taunting remark so far.

“I saw your workshop and it was beautiful” Allysia said to Irene.
Irene was surprised but she muttered thank you .
“It must have cost you a lot” Allysia mocked further.
“Huh…no. Harold did everything for me,the only thing i bought in there was the mannequin, Harold did every other thing” Irene said.
“It must have been so nice to have someone do so many things for you without you spending a dime, i bet you want that to happen more often” Allysia taunted.

“Allysia!” Harold stopped her from making further remark.
“I’m sorry brother…i was just trying to chat with Irene,you said i should be nice to her” Allysia said.
“If that’s the definition of nice to you, you should better go back to your books ” Harold said.

“Damien said to greet you dad” Ivory said.
“Ohh” Harold smiled.
‘Damien?’ Allysia thought,her mind wandering back to the Damien in her class.
“Who’s Damien?” Ally asked.

No one has ever mentioned him.
“Irene’s brother” Ivory said before Harold could stop her.
Ohh…he can never be the one in her class.
They can’t afford her school.

Allysia continued eating…”But how did you meet her brother? Has he been coming here?”
“Yes” Ivory said.
“Tch” Allysia rolled her eyes.
“This place is your workplace Irene, not a public house” Allysia said with a fake smile.
Harold glared at her.
“Am being nice, i smiled!” Allysia said.
“Irene never told her brother to come here, i told him to!” Harold said.
“Why?” Allysia asked.
“Cause Y has a tail and two branches” Harold said and continued eating.

Irene bursted into laughter,she couldn’t hold it anymore. Ivory joined her too and Harold smiled.
Allysia seethe quietly.
“Are we going to your workshop tonight?” Harold asked.
“I’m done with the orders and I’ve had them delivered,i want to rest for tonight and accept the next set of orders tomorrow” Irene said and Mrs Marshall thought she sounded like a competent business woman.
“Ohh..that’s fine then” Harold said.


“Damien,she returned my call already” Mrs Neave said, walking into the living room in her nightwear.
She was about to go to bed when Irene returned her call…she hadn’t picked when they called earlier.
Damien was watching a movie,he just finished doing the dishes after they had dinner.

“Ohh…what did she say?” He asked.
“She’s fine as she said but i think she misses you” Mrs Neave said.
“I’ll go over to spend some time with her on Saturday then ” Damien said.
“You should better do. Good night once again and make sure you go to bed soon”
“Okay mum, Good night” Damien said.

He’s going to bed after watching this movie, he held his phone in his hand, planning to throw it in his backpack tonight so he won’t forget to take it to school tomorrow.
Marlene wants to see Irene’s pictures…he smiled.

He’s gonna tell Irene about Marlene on Saturday too.

“Finally” he said as the movie came to an end.
He switched off the lights and went to bed.



  1. Allysia is just jealous Irene is getting so much attention from Harold. And I like that Harold made them know his feelings for Irene
    Getting more interesting
    Next please

  2. Has Allysia forgotten/is she not aware that she(Ally) n her Mum are also poor,And wud av still be poor if Harold hasn't help them then?….I hate D way she let dat wealth got into her?

    Allysia,u better back off too… Damien does not want someone like U(I personally don't want U for Damien ?)

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