A Night With Him � Episode 57


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 57


“Yeah…and i think you look like a princess in some fairytale. You’ve got a calm and beautiful face” Damien said…
“Huh?” Marlene widened her eyes.
“I’m sorry if you aren’t okay with that” Damien said.
“No, i am.. absolutely” Marlene sighed softly.

When she heard ‘princess’ she thought Damien knew her identity already.
The last thing she wants is for anyone to know her identity.
She’s not ready for it yet.

“Are you okay?” Damien asked, afraid he must have triggered something in her.
“I’m fine, my mind just wandered off” Marlene smiled and he nodded.
He’s always happy to see her smile and he didn’t even know when he started grinning.
“Did i said something funny?” Marlene asked.
“Uh?..ohh, no. I can just be stupid at times” Damien said and she laughed,they were stepping into the class just then and the whole class stared at them.

They dropped their backpacks and walked towards their seats, ignoring the gazes and murmur, they were used to it anyway, the class is always mocking them.
Danielle and Anna said hi to Damien as he walked past their seats,he returned their greetings and he was surprised to see a girl wave at him.
He do see her face in the class but he doesn’t even know her name,he stole a quick glance at her desk and saw that she was Paris.
He waved back at her with a smile and Paris nearly gripped Jane’s hand out of excitement.

“What’s wrong with you? You should better back off like Allysia said” Jane advised.
“No! I won’t let Allysia control me anymore” Paris said,with a voice that told Jane she’s damn serious.
“All because of a guy? A poor guy?” Jane asked.
“I don’t mind, I’m gonna make him rich, I’m gonna get a car for him and take him on trips” Paris said dreamily and Jane stared at her with her mouth wide opened.

Paris dad was an assemblyman who used to be a judge, he’s famous and incredibly wealthy.
He’s among the top ten wealthiest in San Francisco.
Harold Marshall is the first and he’s Allysia’s brother,that earned Allysia more respect.

“Paris back off, Allysia wants him too” Jane said cautiously.
“Let the best girl win” Paris said with a determined look.
“What!” Jane said in surprise, Paris has never been this outspoken.
She was always hiding behind Allysia, doing whatever she wants but she changed suddenly just because of a guy!

Well..he’s not just a guy, a very handsome one at that.
She would have gone for him too if he wasn’t so poor.

“Did you see how he smiled at me.. ohh” Paris closed her eyes as she held her chest.
Jane smiled.

She isn’t prepared for the storm that’s about to brew between her two friends.
She wish Paris can just let go of Damien for Allysia and at the same time,she wants Paris to stand up for what she wants too.

Arrrgh…she’s so confused.

Damien and Marlene settled in their seats.
“I think you’ll have to explain something to me on the arithmetic homework we were given yesterday. I couldn’t complete mine cause i did not even understand it ” Marlene said to Damien.
“Ohh… should we start now?” Damien asked.
“No, during lunch break” Marlene said and Damien nodded.

He had bought a bag of potato chips and water so he could stay with Marlene during lunch break.

“He should just look at me for once!!!” Allysia screamed inwardly.
Damien had seem not to notice her since he walked into the class and that’s so painful cause she had gone extra mile to make herself look more pretty today.

She suddenly banged her desk and everyone turned to look at her.

“You piece of shits! Take your eyes off me” She cursed inwardly and was glad what she did made her gain Damien’s attention.
He stared at her for a while wondering if she’s okay.

“Are you okay babe?” Chandler rushed to her seat and she groaned.


Irene laughed at Tom’s joke,the rest of the bodyguards joined in the laughter.
They were all in her workshop and she was packing the dresses she made.
She’s done with this set of order and she’s gonna accept the next set once she delivers this.

The bodyguards helped her seal it while she packed it.
They’ve become great friends and they always enjoy their time together.
They talk about lots of things,their childhood,their parents, partners, work. There’s never a dull moment with them.
Joel, Cory, Jim and then Tom, Irene actually forced them to stop being so uptight and rigid, they’re enjoying it now .

“What! What’s going on here?” They heard and they all turned to the door..
Mrs Marshall stood there looking lost, she was strolling in her son’s garden when she heard voices and she was so shocked to see that the flower room has been transformed.
She has not been to the garden since she arrived.
And she knows quite well that this is Harold’s private garden,no employee is allowed in here.

The bodyguards bowed in greetings.

“Don’t give me that look! Explain what this is about?” Mrs Marshall asked.
“T..th..This is my workshop” Irene said slowly, staring at her feet.
“You’re joking right?” Mrs Marshall laughed even though what Irene said was clearly true.
There’s a sewing machine, mannequin, threads, scissors, clothes materials…

“What gave you the audacity to use this place as your workshop?” Mrs Marshall asked angrily.
“Harold.. Mr Harold…” Irene said.
“Oh..my..God!” Mrs Marshall said before walking away. She’s going to call Harold.

She deeply regret to have allowed Helena raise Harold.

?Ivy Royals high school?

“Do you want to eat before before we start arithmetics?” Damien asked.
It’s lunch break already and students are starting to move out of the class.
“I’m gonna start the arithmetics first and … i brought meal for you too” Marlene said.
“Huh?” Damien asked, surprised.
“I.. Arr… thank you but you shouldn’t have done that” Damien said.
“Why? You’re not gonna eat it?” Marlene asked and when he didn’t answer,she knew he wasn’t gonna eat it.
“I thought we were friends” Marlene said,hurt.

By now,no student was remaining in the class except them.
“Yeah,we are friends” Damien said.
“And you’re going to let the meal i brought for you go to waste?” Marlene asked.
“I’m going to eat it” Damien said,not wanting to hurt her feelings.
He was touched she could be that generous.
She smiled and her smile hit him like it always does .
“But…don’t bring meal for me everytime ,it’s gonna make me feel uncomfortable” Damien said and Marlene nodded.

“So, let’s start…which part don’t you understand?” Damien asked and Marlene switched on her laptop.
“I got the first part right but it got confusing from this part” Marlene pointed to it.


“Woah…never knew it was that simple” Marlene stretched as Damien finished explaining to her.
She tried it after he explained to her and she got it right.

“Yeah it is” Damien said. Teaching her was fun,they laughed multiple times.

“I’ll go get our meal” Marlene got to her feet.
“I’ll get it, it’s in your backpack right?” Damien asked.
“Yeah,let’s go get it together. I’ll get the water”


They started eating and it was like they were having a mini feast,there were more than three meals to choose from,the meals were delicious and richly looked,there was even deserts..
Damien suspected Marlene isn’t as poor as they portrayed her to be.

“We better finish this quickly before someone comes in and think we’re having a mini feast” Damien said and Marlene laughed..
He smiled.
“Geez! I don’t laugh this way Damien. You’re funny” Marlene said, smiling.
“I’m not, you just find the things i say funny” Damien said.
“Because they are, Charles and Bes are the only ones that make me laugh this way” She said.

“Charles is my brother and Bes is my dog” Marlene said, seeing the confused look on Damien’s face.
“Ohh…you have a dog, that’s great”
“Yeah” Marlene nodded, feeling she just let her mouth run again.
She hope she isn’t gonna reveal her identity one day.

They ate the rest of their meal in silence and Damien thanked her after they were done.
They cleared the desk and went back to their seats.

“Are you with your phone?” Marlene asked and Damien shook his head.
“You wanna use it?”
“I want to see your sister’s pictures”
Damien smiled “really?”
Marlene nodded.
“I’m gonna bring it tomorrow then” Damien said.

Lunch break was over and students started returning to the class.
The first two to walk in looked at them suspiciously and Marlene and Damien laughed.


“Hey Mum” Damien smiled as he walked into the living room.
Mrs Neave was knitting and watching TV.
There was a bowl of steaming pizza rolls beside her.

She looked great in a simple chiffon-sleeved dress with white flip flops, her hair was packed in a bun and her face glowed.
She has transformed after her surgeries, she’s more happy and relaxed now.
She loved their new house also..

She smiled on seeing Damien….”How was school?”
“Great Mum” Damien threw one pizza roll in his mouth and it was so hot that his mouth danced.
Mrs Neave laughed.

“Ahhh!” Damien sighed when he finally finished chewing the roll..
He dropped his backpack and sat beside his stepmum.
“You sure love boring shows” He said trying to change the channel, Mrs Neave slapped his hand painfully.
“Ouch! You’re so mean” He groaned.
“I’m gonna hit your mouth next” Mrs Neave threatened and Damien shifted far away.

She laughed…” How’s Irene?”
Damien sees her everyday cause she’s always in the car with Ivory whenever they come to pick him.
“I don’t think she’s fine,her face doesn’t look happy and i asked her,she said she’s okay” Damien said.
“Really?” Mrs Neave asked worriedly.
“Get my phone from my room,let’s give her a call”
“Okay Mum”


“Ally, you won’t believe this” Mrs Marshall walked into Allysia’s room,who was sullen that Damien hadn’t seem to notice her today.
She was back from school,changed into her house wears.

“What?” Allysia sat up on the bed.
“Ivory’s nanny has a workshop in Harold’s garden!”
“What!” Allysia exclaimed.
“Yeah,the flower room was transformed into a workshop for her!”
“She must have forced brother to do it” Allysia got on her feet and slipped her feet into her slippers.

“I think she enchanted brother” Allysia said.
“Yes, he now does things he normally won’t do”
“You’re right Ally! He never allows any employee in the dining room but he allowed her! even after i complained” Mrs Marshall said.
“She shouldn’t be in this house anymore” Allysia said, walking out of her room.

Mrs Marshall followed her.



  1. What problem do Allysia and Mrs Marshal have with Irene, because I don't want to believe this is about previous nannies attitude anymore
    Next please

  2. If not for Harold generosity will allysia be where she is today? Cuz I don't know what exactly her problem with Irene is

    1. Huuuun this Allysia self her own is becoming too much and she will let Harold spell the kind of person she is? It can only be Harold that she too and her mom is where they are. I wonder why she doesn't emulate her mother Nola at all.!

  3. More ink to your pen authoress??
    Please try to make this story easy for us to access cause it�s very tiring for me to start tapping on the next button till it gets to the new episode,please make it easy for us to be able to access the next episode immediately,just like the way other authors and authouress made their story easy to access.Thank you??

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