A Night With Him – Episode 54


Zeemah writes�

Chapter 54


Allysia who thought she was the only one raising her hand wondered why the teacher was taking long to ask her to answer the question,until she saw Damien’s hand up too.

“What!” She screamed inwardly..
Well…he might just want her to notice him.
She had been so thrilled to find out he was in her class, he’s got great looks that almost made her drool,she had intentionally knocked him over just to feel his broad back.
She has never seen a guy as good looking as him,she always thought George is the most good looking guy she has ever seen but Damien proved her wrong.

She had gave him a middle finger cause she really wanted to f**k him.

She couldn’t believe she felt butterflies in her stomach when he looked into her eyes.
He’s attracted to her of course,every guy wants her.

She can have him if she wants cause she’s so sure no one can resist her beauty, guys always fall at her feet.
But she hadn’t caught him stealing glances at her like other guys do, he had concentrated on his laptop. Maybe he had steal glances when she wasn’t looking.

Paris and Jane had told her the girls were head over heels with him but couldn’t approach him cause he’s from a freaking poor home.
And she’s afraid that might be the only problem when he asks her out cause she doesn’t want to date someone from a poor home either.

The teacher sighed softly..

“I honestly don’t know who to choose” Miss Meg said.
“Ohh” Damien said, seeing Allysia’s hand up too.
He slowly brought down his hand and Marlene wondered why he did that.
They can both answer the question.

“Okay… Allysia go ahead” Miss Meg said and Allysia stood up proudly and answered the question.
The whole class clapped and Damien couldn’t help but feel kinda bad, they never clap for him whenever he answers a question.
He shouldn’t be bothered by it though,it’s obvious most of the students do not want to associate with him because his last name doesn’t ring a bell.

How petty.

He must admit he’s impressed with Allysia, she’s not only beautiful,she’s intelligent too.

“Well… Allysia, you’re correct but you didn’t give me a detailed answer, I’d like Damien to try too” Miss Meg said.
“What do you mean my answer wasn’t detailed?” Allysia asked the teacher.
“You only made reference to it, you didn’t go into details. That was not a satisfactory answer, though you tired. I’d like Damien to make attempt too” Mrs Meg said and even the blind could see Allysia was fuming.

Damien stood on his feet and answered the question,he gave the best explanation he could and with the smile on Miss Meg’s face,you could see she’s impressed.
“That’s it! Exactly the detail i want” Mrs Meg said and Damien was about sitting when he heard someone clap.
The whole class turned and Damien lifted up his head too.

It was Marlene.

He stared at her in surprise so as the other students.
They all knew Damien did his best with the answer but the fact that he’s not in their calibre made it feel horrific to clap for him.
But Marlene had.

“I bet she’s as poor as he is” A student whispered to the other.
“Of course, poor people appreciate their kind” Another student responded and they laughed.

“Thank you” Damien smiled, deeply touched.
Marlene nodded and faced her laptop.
She hadn’t clapped for Damien out of pity, his answer was eloquent and impressive and she learnt one or two things from it,it made her understand the subject better.

Although his answers have always being impressive and she has never clapped for him, what prompted her was that she could see how his face was when Allysia was clapped for.
She hadn’t clapped for Allysia cause she could see her answer wasn’t detailed like Mrs Meg had said, she doesn’t even clap for anyone regardless of who they are,she’s not used to it. Damien had been the first person she would clap for in Ivy Royals.
She feels the students are just being unfair to him because of his status and that’s what keeps drawing her to him.

Unlike other students,he always tries to talk to her even if she mostly ignore him.
He doesn’t mock her for hiding her last name nor ignore her and he has stood up for her once.

His looks are killer! And she must admit she felt her heart pump the moment she bumped into him.
He has the most beautiful set of eyes she has ever seen and she always steal glances at him when he’s not looking.
She freaking likes it when he talks to her and sometimes she was always too stunned and nervous to reply him.
She looks forward to seeing him every morning and whenever he walks into the class, she’ll cover her smile with a fake frown.

She has always liked her life without friends but now she wants to have a friend.

“Okay then, let’s continue the class” Miss Meg said.


Damien sat back in class determined to find out why Marlene doesn’t go to the cafeteria.
She has never visited the cafeteria.

Students left the class one after the other until they were both alone.

Minutes passed in silence until Marlene stood up and walked to her locker.
She unlocked it and carried her meal from her backpack.
She had waited for Damien to leave but seems he’s not leaving anytime soon cause he’s obviously busy with his laptop, she couldn’t wait anymore,she’s starving.

She returned to her seat with her meal and a bottle of water,she started eating.
Damien who had pretended to be working on his laptop turned to her.
“Eating in the classroom is prohibited” He said and Marlene nodded.
“Why don’t you ever go the cafeteria?” He asked, thinking she was fearless,any teacher could come in and have her punished for it but again she ignored him.
“Anyone could come in and…have you punished” Damien proceeded.
“The school proprietor wouldn’t say a word if he sees me right now” Marlene said, twisting the cap of the water.
“Really?” Damien asked, wondering what that could mean…ohh.

“You have a phobia for eating in the same room with a lot of people?” Damien asked thoughtfully.
“Yes” Marlene lied.
She is Royal and her family tradition forbids her to eat with so many people.
“Ohh..now i know” Damien said..
“And thanks for clapping earlier,it made me feel so happy” Damien smiled.
“Is that why you didn’t go to the cafeteria?” Marlene asked.
“Not really, i wanted to find out why you don’t always visit the cafeteria too” Damien said.
“Ohh” Marlene almost smiled,but she quickly stopped herself.

“By the way…why did you dropped your hand earlier? You could have waited for the teacher to choose who to answer the question” Marlene said.
“Well…i felt i should give someone else the chance to answer the question” Damien said.
“She could have done the same too, i heard she’s very intelligent and answers questions in class all the time, she could have given you the chance too”
“So, you do listen to gossip” Damien teased.
“No, i overheard one of the students say it”
“I did the best thing by dropping my hand…as a gentleman” Damien said,proud of himself.

“I’m glad you don’t ignore me anymore” Damien said.
“I did.. recently” Marlene said.
“It’s not as much as you do before… though i understand you’re a reserved person and you really appreciate being on your own” Damien said and for once Marlene looked at his eyes directly.
“Thank you” She said, touched.

So many people leave her and even hurl abusive words at her after she has ignored them for some time but Damien never left her, he understands her and never stopped talking to her.
She can’t continue ignoring him, it’s not fair .

“I’m glad you understand me and I’m sorry for the times I’ve ignored you” Marlene said and Damien thought he was dreaming.
He blinked like a nervous puppy and Marlene almost laughed.

“I’m..I’m surprised” He finally said.
“You should be” Marlene shrugged.
“But I’m so glad i finally got you to stop ignoring me, talking to you is great”
“Its not my thing to talk to people or make friends, i’ve been like this for so long” Marlene said.
“Ohh..you must have been lonely”
“No, i have my brother and cousin to always talk to and i have a dog too. His name’s Bes” Marlene smiled and she quickly stopped.
“Wow” Damien said, obviously smitten.
She has a beautiful smile and he’d pay his last penny to see her smile again.

Marlene sighed, thinking she had said too much.
She’s not always this open to people but she had told Damien without even thinking.

“I have a sister too” Damien smiled.
“Really?” Marlene asked, knowing he must love his sister so much with the way his face had lit up when he mentioned her.
“Yes, her name is Irene,she’s my world, i love her so much and I’ll gladly do anything for her and do you know what?” Damien asked.
“What?” Marlene asked interestingly.
“She packs her hair,just the way you do”
“Wow” Marlene said,intrigued.
She rarely see females style their hair the same way she does.

She continued eating and then glanced at Damien.
“Do you care for some?” She asked.
“No, thank you. I’ll just go get pasta from the cafeteria” Damien said, getting on his feet.
He’s starving already though he doesn’t want to stop talking to Marlene.

She’s so interesting to talk to.

“You should go quickly before lunch break is over” Marlene said.
“Yeah” Damien said, hurrying to the door with smiles.
If he had turned,he would have seen Marlene smile too.

At that moment,they both knew a new chapter had opened in their lives.


“Why are you looking at the door?” Jane asked Allysia.
She was sitting with Jane and Paris in the cafeteria and she was kinda wondering when Damien would appear, as much as she hates to admit it..she has been waiting for him to walk in.

He walked in just then and Allysia blew out a breath.

Jane and Paris turned,as other girls did.
It’s obvious most of the girls find Damien attractive,their gazes followed him down to where he dished some pasta.

“I fell his looks are just wasted cause he’s so poor. Chandler should have such looks instead,he’s rich” Jane rolled his eyes.
“At this point,i don’t think i care about his status anymore,he’s so good looking and freaking intelligent. I think i love him” Paris said almost breathlessly and Allysia glared at her.
“What do you mean he’s so intelligent? Is anyone more intelligent than i am in this school?” Allysia asked, watching Damien from the corner of her eyes.
He was holding a plate of steaming pasta as he walked towards an empty table but before he got there, Anna and Danielle invited him to their table.
He went to sit with them.

“As much as i hate to admit it, Damien is so intelligent. I don’t even know who’s more intelligent between you two” Jane sighed and Allysia felt like hitting her head with a fork.

“And what do you mean by you love him?” Allysia asked Paris, biting her upper lip.
“Yes i do” Paris confirmed, staring at Damien.
“You should better back off…” Allysia said.
“He’s mine” She added inwardly and groaned when she saw Chandler approaching her with roses.


“Allysia” Nola called.
“Just let me be. Mum!” Allysia yelled, dropping her backpack on the stairs and walking angrily to her room.
Nola sighed as she picked up the backpack wondering who must have pissed her off.



  1. Y do pple easily 4get how they used 2 be? Srsly, ally is too much. Am evn strtng 2 hate her behaviour, de way she ansa's ha mum.

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