A Night With Him – Episode 53



Zeemah writes�


Chapter 53






Harold and ivory returned at night and Ivory was so exhausted that Irene had to put her in bed immediately.


She walked out of ivory’s room and gently closed the door behind her.

She’s damn hungry, she needs to go join others in the dining room for dinner.

They are eating already.

She had had her lunch in her workshop,not feeling comfortable enough to eat with Ally and Mrs Marshall without Harold.

Her bodyguards stood by the door of the dining room while she walked in.

They’ve all started eating, except Harold who was obviously waiting for her.

She was touched and she felt her heart reach out to him more.


She didn’t notice Ally and Mrs Marshall’s gaze on her.

They were wondering what she was doing in Harold’s private dining room.


“Thanks for waiting” Irene said to Harold before sitting beside him.

“What!” Mrs Marshall exclaimed startling everyone.

“What do you want?” Ally asked Irene who looked confused.

“Irene dines with us” Mrs Nola said.

“Who gave that rule?” Allysia asked, obviously annoyed.

“I did” Harold said, urging Irene to start eating but she couldn’t.

She couldn’t even bring herself to dish out the meal.


“This isn’t happening! Harold, you want me to dine with a nanny?” Mrs Marshall asked, looking insulted.

Harold sighed…”And what’s wrong in being a nanny?”

“This isn’t happening!” Mrs Marshall dropped her spoon loudly.

“Brother, It’s highly disrespectful of her to eat on the same table with godmother” Allysia said.

“Why is it disrespectful? She didn’t bring herself here! I personally told her i want her to always dine with me and she always have and Ivory is fine with it” Harold said as gently as he could.

He doesn’t want to yell.


“She needs to get up and leave now, i can’t dine on the same table with her” Mrs Marshall said.

“Yeah” Allysia sighed.


Irene’s hands trembled as she slowly stood up.


“Sit!” Harold said in a tone she has never heard him use before.

He seems pissed.

“Sit” He said in a calmer tone.

“Please” He added to the surprise of Ally and Mrs Marshall.

“I can just go have dinner in the kitchen,I’ll be fine” Irene said.

“No, you’re having your dinner here. Sit” Harold said and she finally did.


After all Harold is her boss not Mrs Marshall or Allysia.


“Mum! This is my house,I’m sorry to say this but you’re not entitled to oppose to how i treat my staff, i employed her and i want her to always dine with me, even Ivory hadn’t complained. I can invite whomever i want to my dining room. It’s my dining room” Harold stated clearly.

Mrs Marshall sighed knowing she can’t get Harold to change his mind,she only fumed as she continued eating.


“But she wasn’t here for lunch! Why did she suddenly wants to dine with us now. Because you’re here?” Allysia rolled her eyes.

“Because she wasn’t comfortable with you guys, you’ve not been nice to her since you arrived and to think she has been looking so forward to meeting you made it worst” Harold said.

“I can’t believe you want us to be nice to her despite what Ivory’s past nannies have done and why was she looking forward to meet us,is there any motive behind it?” Ally asked, facing Irene who had her eyes glued to the table.


She never expected all these…it’s just so much to take in.


“She’s not Ivory’s past nannies Allysia! She’s different” Harold said.

“And she was looking so forward to meet you cause i told her a lot about you. Stop being rude! Eat! And go to bed!” Nola chastised Ally who frowned as she continued eating her food.


“Dish out your meal Irene and eat up” Harold said.

“Ohh..okay” Irene said.

Harold stroke her hair, hoping that’ll make her feel better and it did! she felt incredibly better.


“What!” Ally mouthed while Mrs Marshall just stared.

Nola was not surprised, knowing Irene and Harold felt something for eachother.


“And how was your day with Ivory,she seemed tired but happy” Irene smiled, returning to her old self.

Harold’s hands really does magic.

“It was totally great, we had a nice time, she said she can’t wait to show you the pictures tomorrow” Harold smiled.

“I can’t wait too” Irene smiled.

“And you’re yet to show her her ballet room.. she’ll be so happy” Irene said.

“Yes, and she really likes the dress you made for her. I want you to make more of it for her and let me know the price” Harold said.


Irene nodded, knowing she’ll never charge Harold for anything.

He has done so much for her and she’ll feel ungrateful to charge him for just making dresses for Ivory.

“I…” Irene was saying.


“You must be so tired” Allysia said to Harold, cutting in.

“Not really” Harold said.

“But i won’t mind some of your massages though” Harold added and Allysia laughed.

She looked like a sweet soul when laughing and Irene wondered why she’s being treated this way.

Well…she’s starting to understand it’s probably because of the way Ivory past nannies had been.

But she’s not them.


“Allysia, when i saw you, i thought you were a striking model who’d appear on the cover of a magazine without question,you’re so beautiful” Irene said before she could stop herself and Allysia looked surprised.

She never thought the lady would compliment her beauty despite how mean she has been to her.

She must admit she’s a bit touched but that won’t make her soften towards her.

it might be part of her strategy.

She’s not gonna get her like she got Harold, Ivory and her Mum.


“Of course,I’m beautiful” Ally shrugged.

“There you go again” Harold said and Allysia smiled.

“I can’t wait to get to school on Monday” Allysia said.


She’s the Queen of Ivy Royals and she’s greatly admired.

She’s good at almost all the activities, she’s so intelligent that no one has been able to beat her result so far, she stands out among the female students with her unmatched beauty and the male students always cling to her like magnet. She’s always the center of attraction and everyone strives hard to be her friend.


Harold decided not to mention Damien to her.

He wants her to see for herself though she wouldn’t know who he is.

He’s having doubts about who’s more brilliant between the both of them.

He knows there’s gonna be some real competition between them.


They all finished dinner and everyone returned to their rooms after saying goodnight.




Damien stepped out of the car and bid the driver bye.

He started walking to his class when someone almost knocked him over.


He turned and his eyes locked with a girl’s whose beauty was almost breathtaking..

“Wow” Damien said inwardly.

Her green eyes was captivating and her red hair almost matched with her thin lips.

She’s looking so attractive and he couldn’t remember seeing her face during the time he’s being here.

Well..she might be in another class.

Her school uniform clung to her body like second skin and he must admit every part of her body was attractive.


She rolled her eyes as she walked past him with her head high.


“You should at least apologize” He shouted after her and she showed him a middle finger before walking away.

“Wow!” Damien sighed.


Different characters in Ivy Royals!




“OMG!! Allysia is in school! ” A student announced to the whole class and everyone looked excited except Damien and Marlene who were confused.

They were waiting for their first class to start.

“Who’s Allysia?” Damien asked Marlene.

“I don’t know either” She said and he smiled,glad she didn’t ignore him this time.


He liked staring at her and talking to her even though she doesn’t give him attention.

He really wants to be her friend, but she seems like a very shy and timid person.

So cool and reserved and well mannered, he really liked that about her.

She’s beautiful and pretty intelligent too.

There’s this thing about her that keeps drawing him to her.

There’s something in those blue eyes of hers,he really want to get to know her.

And she always remind him of Irene.

They do pack their hair the same way.


The class fell silent and he turned to the front of the class, thinking a teacher had entered but he was wrong.

It was the girl that had almost knocked him over.


“Allysia!” The students cheered.

“Ohh” Damien sighed and faced his laptop.

Seems she owns the empty seat that has Allysia written on it.

Damien wondered if he’s fated with bumping into people that’ll end up being his classmate.


“She’s beautiful” Marlene said and Damien turned to her, surprised to hear her say that. She barely talks.

“Yes she is” Damien said.


And deep inside him, he knows he’ll choose Marlene’s cool beauty over Allysia’s anytime.


Allysia was beginning to hug her classmates one after the other and she rolled her eyes when she got to Damien.

She sighted Marlene too and sighed.

“I guess we have new students” She said, excluding Marlene and Damien from her ‘hug session’


“I’m prettier than her anyway” Allysia said to herself, deeply disturbed about Marlene’s beauty.


Everyone settled down immediately a teacher walked in and class started.




Damien and Allysia raised up their hands when the teacher asked a difficult question.


Allysia who thought she was the only one raising her hand wondered why the teacher was taking long to ask her to answer the question,until she saw Damien’s hand up too.


“What!” She screamed inwardly..





  1. Allysia rude jerk you're not only one that's intelligent. Those two new students are not only beautiful but with brain as well.Miss pompousity.

  2. yeah,ally,u naw hav felow competees,so u beta watch ya back.nd how com its jst 3 new comers(though ally's an old student),does ds mean dat d rest ar olodo rabata or wat??,evn in d so calld"prestigeous"sch???

  3. It's going to be very interesting in this class, with Allysia, Damien and Marlene around.

    I am suspecting that Marlene is a royal. I trust my instincts. I may be wrong anyway.

    1. Wow I can't wait for next episode. Ally got competition to do and she kind of rude let her not forget the she her and her mother were one poor until Harold decided to help them

  4. I agree with Irene, Allysia and Mrs Marshal behavior was due to the previous nannies attitude which is to get Harold's attention
    Allysia and Damien will be in tough competition and eventually become friends
    Next please

  5. I do don�t like Ally�s attitude at all like she�s any different from poor people her mother should teach her some humility even Ivory acts way better than her

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