A Night With Him – Episode 42

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Zeemah writes 

Chapter 42


“I can’t…sleep, let’s go into the library”
“Come in” Harold said.
“Huh?..i mean the lib..” She was saying before Harold shut her up with a sizzling kiss.

Her eyes widened in surprise and her heart was already beating fast against her chest, almost knocking it off.
She could feel her face heat up and she tried so much not to return the kiss but she couldn’t hold herself anymore.
She melted in his arms as she kissed him back and at that moment, all that existed to them was pure love.
Irene gave herself in completely loosing control over her mind.

A kiss has never made her feel this way.

The kiss went on and on until they both had to stop to catch their breath.
Irene sighed,not able to look up, she felt so shy that she wished she had magic,she would have just disappeared to her room cause she can’t even look Harold in the face right now and she’s so sure her cheeks must have lost it’s colour.

They both didn’t say anything to each other for a while.

Harold smiled and licked his lips, noticing how shy Irene was.
“Isn’t your neck hurting” He said, raising her head with his palms.
He made her look into his eyes and then smiled.
“You look beautiful and I’d do anything to kiss you over and over again” He said.
Irene’s stomach curled as he brought his lips closer again.

And she couldn’t even stop him!
She didn’t see herself stopping him.
She wanted it to!

“Come in” He whispered to her ear.


She walked into his room and smiled.
This is not the first time she’ll be here but everytime she comes here,she’s always impressed with how nice the place looks…
“Your room always looks so neat and beautiful everyday” Irene said.
Harold closed the door behind them.
“Thank you” he said.

“You look so cute when blushing, i almost kissed you again” Harold said.
“Can we not talk about the ‘kiss’ ” Irene said, her cheeks starting to heat up again.
She sat her butt on the bed, inwardly scolding herself over the kiss.
“Fine” Harold said beside her.
“So, you weren’t able to sleep?” He asked.
“Yeah, i just kept tossing in bed. Maybe because I’m overjoyed about my mum’s health” Irene smiled.
“Ohh,so you wanted us to go into the library”
“Yeah and…” She paused.
“What?” Harold asked.

“I know it must have taken a lot of courage for you to…profess your love to me and I’m sorry for delaying an answer cause i know you deserve one,i just want to put things in place first, I’m so glad you find me attractive or rather im surprised you do…”
“Surprised? Why?”
“I never thought you’d find someone like me attractive”
“Someone like you?”
“I mean…a nanny” Irene said.

“And being a nanny means you’re not attractive? Do not think that way Irene,you’re actually the most beautiful nanny I’ve ever met, you’re the only lady..I’ve ever had feelings for since Carrle left, love is not based on one’s occupation,it’s based on oneself” Harold said.
“You’re right” Irene smiled.
“Do you want a drink?” Harold asked walking to the freezer.”
“I don’t mind” Irene said.

“Here” Harold handed a glass cup of chilled orange juice to her.
“Thank you”
“Come” He took her hand and led her to the verandah.

“Wow, what a view” Irene said.
“Yeah,it’s a beautiful night” Harold smiled.
“I’ve never been here, you’re so lucky with this great view” Irene sipped her juice.
“And why did you poured juice for me but poured wine for yourself” She pouted.
“I don’t want you getting tipsy it might influence whatever you wanna say and you know you get tipsy easily”
“Ohh,how did you got to know so much about me?”
“By studying you of course, and you’re so easy to read”
“Really?” Irene frowned.
“Yeah but i guess I’m the only one that find you so easy to read ” Harold said.
“I guess so too, you’re so different,far different from the people I’ve met, being with you always make me feel like I’m in a different world” Irene said.
“Wow… really?” Harold chuckled.

They both rested their hands on the rails and stared at the sky with different thoughts running through their minds .

“Do you want to see Helena’s room?” Harold suddenly asked.


“Wow!” Irene exclaimed as she walked into Helena’s room with Harold.
They had to brush off cobwebs as they stepped in further.
“For how long have you avoided this room?” Irene asked.
“For…years now” Harold said, feeling so bad.
That guilty feeling is back.

“You shouldn’t have come in here without her necklace” Harold’s mind hunt him.

“You should have at least make the cleaners clean the room everyday” Irene said.
The room looks so dusty.. dust covered every furniture and cobwebs hanging at every corner of the room, there was a a stale smell in the air.

“You know what? We need to clean up this room first” Irene said.


They both set to work after getting cleaning tools.
“I think you should clear the cobwebs while i tend to the dust” Irene said to Harold.
“Ohh…okay” He said.
After so much efforts,they finally made the room look better,the dusts and cobwebs gone, everything looking so okay now and Irene could see how beautiful the room is.

“I’ll make the maids tend to the bathroom tomorrow” Harold said.

“Ohh…okay. Helena had a great taste,her room looks so cool and beautiful” Irene commented,her eyes darting all over the place.
She sighted a picture frame on the wall and moved closer to it.
She wiped it clean with the napkin and stared at the woman in the picture.
She looks pretty in curly golden hair and sharp blue eyes,fine nose and modest lips which held a beautiful smile.

“Is this Helena?” Irene asked Harold and he nodded without looking at the picture.
“And that’s…the necklace on her neck” Harold said.
Irene’s eyes moved to her neck immediately and she stared at the tiny necklace with held s crystal pendant…

Why does it look so familiar?
Like she has seen it… somewhere?

“Harold are you okay?” She asked, noticing how uneasy he felt.
“I need to go outside” he said.
“Okay” Irene said and watched him leave, she can understand how he feel right now,she so much wish she can help him get the necklace from Carrle.

Irene sighed and sat on the chair,the picture frame still in her hand.
She was still staring at it when she heard a sound, she raised up her head slowly and saw the bathroom door creaking open.

She sat still in fear, her heart almost jumping out of her chest.
She couldn’t explain how she screamed and flew to the door, tossing the picture frame away..


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