Partial Obedience

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(Life is harsh) 

By: Vickie Dora



Life as many will say is harsh and full of challenges, but to Elizabeth it is beyond that.

Being a pretty but hard hearted girl, born into the family of five, enslaved and bounded by the chains of poverty, and not for once has she tasted luxury or riches; believes in fighting her way out of that condition by all means.

But unfortunately, her dreams started becoming shattered the day her late grandmother’s ghost appeared to her, telling her that she is now of age to take up the role of being the priestess of the great Oruka shrine, which was long prophesied before her birth. It’s either she takes the role or face the consequences ahead.

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Is Elizabeth really going to foregone her dreams of becoming rich and take up the priestess role?

Or will she decline it and face the consequences ahead of her with more suffering?

How will she try to overcome this problem and find a remedy?

Find out in this amazing and thrilling story?

It will be filled with superstitious beliefs, exchange of supernatural powers and romance as well…..


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