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Episode 21



(Douglas and Emeka, could be seen panting heavily at the back of one of the tenant’s building as they peep to check if he is after them)

Emeka: Haarg….that was close….haa.,..

Douglas: I’m not ready to die now…how will a ghost just appear from no where

Emeka: Abi oooo, but he is dead naa, why can’t he just stay in his grave….he was even holding a bag….is he coming to stay again. Dead among the living…

Douglas: I don’t know ooo, ehnn..that Oga landlord too like money….we can’t do his daughter marriage again without him coming to collect his own share of money. Even his ear is still functioning after his death hehhnnn….na money go kill erm…hargggg…I can’t come and die

Emeka: Hmmm…but landlady is there ooo, she fainted….and everyone left her

Douglas: Ehnn he will take her along naa….his plan will not work for us…useless man

Emeka: (Stares at his hand) So you even remembered to take a bottle….na drink go kill you

Douglas: Na food go kill you too…wetin dey inside that nylon wey you hold (Pointing towards his hand)

Emeka: (scratches his head) Ermm, well it’s just one small take away, that I took…you know naa..i can’t just leave the whole food there…Oga landlord might finish everything…you know that ghost no dey belle full…he might finish the whole food without even getting ok…

Douglas: Ok ok…do you know what we are going to do now…

Emeka: What?

Douglas: We are going to share the food and drink….i’m really starving…that oga landlord ghost has spoil show…

Emeka: Share what…in which place…what if oga landlord disappear and meet us here

Douglas: That one is his own problem…we are safe in this place…whereas he did not see us when we ran here…bring it jare lets eat. (He collected the food and they both dip their hands in it and devoured it)


Segun: I don’t get it oo….is this oga landlord tire of his grave…abi devil don send erm packing from hell fire

James: (Sighs) hmmm, I don’t think he was really dead…what we heard was just fake news…I strongly believe that the letter was fake…

Segun: You and your belief sef…ahnn..

James: (Thinks for a while) I think I will have to go back there

Segun: (surprised) wait oo guy…are you ok…go where…even normal ghost dey kill pesin…that one will kill you and kill your spirit…his ghost will be very wicked ooo

James: Stop all this joke jare, are you not hungry, let’s go back there and see for ourselves if he has gone…and whereas he might not be a ghost. We will just go and inform the others that he is still alive…but we will be able to pack enough food before doing that…always use your sense to think naa

Segun: (Thought for a while) well you are right ooo, let’s just be careful


Bola: Heeiii…what are we going to do now…ehnn…..heeiii…now maami has fainted….how are we going to proof to them that he did not really die…ehn…

Kingsley: Hmm…I don’t know oo

Bola: which one is you don’t know…..how are we even sure that he is not really dead…ehnnn…this one that his number was not reachable for more than two month…hehn…baami do not used to do like that…..even if he is travelling for two days..he will always call maami, now that his number did not even go at all….what am I gonna believe…ahnnn….this one is too much o

Kingsley: Hmm…don’t panic..let’s just go back there and find out for ourselves…

Bola: Go where

Kingsley: The compound naa..

Bola: I’m scared of ghost ooo

Kingsley: Is he not your dad… let’s just go jare


(Oga Landlord, sat beside his fainted wife as he waited for everyone of them to come back…they suppose to be happy seeing him back alive, but why did they all ran away…and what were they even celebrating, he thought, as she stare at the food and drinks around)

(He sighted James coming from away, with segun trailing behind him…he seem a bit confident as he comes closer and greeted him)

Landlord: Haa..Jemisi….welcome my child…this one that everybody ran away like this…I’m confused ooo. I have even tried waking my wife but…it seems like this faint is strong ooo

James: (Smiles a little and pack a handful of sand in his palm, he threw it at Oga landlord)

Landlord: Ahnahn…jemisi..what is the meaning of this naaa

James: (laughs hard, as oga landlord wondered what is really wrong with him. Segun watches from afar) So you are not even dead…and everyone believes you to be dead

Landlord: me…dead…dead..as how

James: Yes now…we even buried you at the end of that building….you can go and see your grave

Landlord: Grave????how…where did they see my body to bury

James: we just bury empty casket…..as you did not come back at the expected time….and a letter was sent to your wife stating that you are dead

Landlord: Ahnnahnn but..i (he thinks for a while) no no..it’s can’t be them. They can’t send a letter of my death when I’m not dead yet and they don’t even know my family sef…so..how

James: wait…which people..and why did you not come back all this while sef

Landlord: (Sighs) hmmmm…it’s a long story..omo mi (My child) just call the others let me explain to them…thank God that my brothers are around….what are they even celebrating

James: Your daughter is getting married naa..but let me call them first, you will hear from their mouth (Stands up to meet the others. Segun went closer to him as he walks towards his direction)

Segun: Guy you get mind ooo…ahn ahn

James: (Smiles) What am I an igbo guy for…we must have strong heart naa, and I’m doing it for the food too


Landlord: so that’s it, our car got into an accident on our way there, and I fell into a coma….some of my colleagues died. I was taken to a hospital where I stayed till I recovered. I didn’t die..I was only in a coma (he explained to everyone after James managed to bring them back. They were a bit surprised to see him hale and sound)

Landlady: hmmm….so that was what happened, but who is that meekunu that gave me that letter naa

Susan: Abi oooo

Bola: (Stares as Kingsley, as he avoided her glance) What are you doing? (She tried to whispered as she sighted him stands to his feet)

Kingsley: I…i…am…am..the one (He stammers)

Susan: You are the what…(Screams) heeiiiiiiii Kingsley has killed me

Landlady: You are the wetin, ahnahn, but is it not one dudu boy like that that come to this house and give it to me…abi I lie (She faced the others, with shock clearly written on their faces)

Bola: (chips in quickly) maami…there is a bit of misunderstanding here….he sent someone to give you the letter…it’s not our fault anyway..we were just desperate to get married

Elder1: How….ehn…by stating that your father is dead….

Landlady: So you too know about it ehn..bola….and you were crying like a goat…..

Bola: (they both went on their knees) We are sorry maami…baami please forgive us… (She explained in details what really happened, and Kingsley told them his own part of the story)

Landlord: (shakes his head) hmmmm….i can’t believe this (He stare at Susan, who hid her face in shame…Kingsley already revealed that she was not really pregnant, which others already knew…except Oga landlord. He felt disappointed, as she also knelt before him in tears)

Susan: Please forgive me too for lying about the pregnancy, it was for my own selfish interest..

Landlord: I’m still baffled…..what if you both had kidnapped me like you planned…haaa…bola, Kingsley ….hmmm

Landlady: (Faces her husband) oko mi…hmmm. Please forgive the both of them..they are just kids and are too immature to understand what they were about doing…and as for Susan…we are now friends…forgive her too

Elder 2: Yes Jamiu…your wife is right……we can’t cancel this ceremony any longer…everything happened for a reason…..

(There in the audience the guys sat on a bench and watched the scene)

Emeka: erm…guys….

James & Douglas: Yes (They replied while segun concentrated on his phone)

Emeka: Can’t you see what is happening over there

James: I don’t get you

Emeka: They are confessing ooo…

Douglas: Hennhenn what naa happen…they should confess naa….is it not the food we are waiting for…what concern me with all this stupid things they did

Emeka: (signs) but I think we should also confess…you know…looking at oga landlord now..he seem calm. It seems that that accident has reset his brain

James: (Shouted in a whisper) which kain calm…that one?

Segun: (Raises his head) e be like sey you no know wetin you dey talk

Emeka: Well I know what I’m saying….let’s also confess the bad thing we did to him..so that he can forgive us….

James: And which confession is that one

Emeka: (Scratch the nape of his neck…as the others waited for his to split it out) Lets tell…him..that we were the one that threw sh*t on him naaa

Segun: (charges at him) God punish your mouth there…..

Douglas: If your name be Emeka…you just talk….see me ooo…this boy wan spoil show for us

Emeka: I’m not spoiling any sh….

Segun: If you no want make your mama come carry your corpse for here…just shut up…you fit ignite oga landlord bad spirit….

James: Emeka…nobody is confessing anything…the confession he has heard today is enough…if we add our own…kasara fit burst..abeg

Emeka: Okay oooo if you say so…..

Segun: hmmm oga landlord….that one wey we do no reach erm oo, more is to come.

Douglas: Abi o…because after this meeting he will go back to his normal self

Landlord: so as I was saying…………..





Douglas: (slapping Emeka across his butts) Wake up….wake up…..ahanhan…which kain sleep be this…you drink….you just come from village you kon dey sleep like this

Emeka: (Rubs his eyes as he sits on the bed) yee..yeee…..(Looks around) Where is the food…the drinks…what are we doing here

James: (stared at him, puzzled) What drink is that one….are you ok Emeka?

Emeka: Haa…no….don’t tell me I have been dreaming all along, what is today’s date

(The guys stared at one another as there watch him in surprise)

Segun: Today is 30th January, and you came here yesterday..guy wetin happen

Emeka: (popping out his eyes)…I had a dream…I have been living here for a long time now. Are you sure I came here yesterday….because the dream I had has 20 episode

James: I don’t get you

Emeka: (He explained all that had happened in the dream)

Segun: (laughs) heeiheeii, so bola….got married…and we were eating rice…and that idiot Oga landlord died

Emeka: Yes…but he came back

Douglas: That man na witch….even for pesin dream, em still dey come back to life

Segun: But why didn’t you stop him naaa….why do you allow him to wake up in your dream

Douglas: Guy…you will have to back to that dream oo and do the needful..

Emeka: but I can’t….

Douglas: (Hits his head downward) Go back to sleep joor…oga landlord must not wake up….and add this present moment as episode 21…idiot…yaaa…yaaa…maaddd

Landlord: (Bangs their door) open this door this moment..before I…

Segun: (Opens the door) Wait wait…before you break the door…I have good news for you

Landlord: good news oshi woo ni yen, give me my money jare….

Douglas: (Popping his head under segun’s armpit) Our new brother that came yesterday…said that he saw you die in his dream….wait sorry…you had an accident and enter coma….

Landlord: Meeee

Douglas: Ahnahhn…yess now…and we want him to go back into that dream and do the needful…..so..oga landlord…put you house in order….because you will leave this compound for us today

Landlord: You both are stupid…in fact..that your new brother will leave this house today

Emeka: (coming out of the room with his box and other bags) Oga I’m ready oooo….I will leave

Douglas: (Stares at him) Ahnahn…where are you going too

Emeka: To the school itself…guys I will leave in the hostel, no need for sharing this compound with you….

Segun: Why….

Emeka: Guys…that dream has really explained the type of compound I’m coming to leave in….now I know why you both were laughing yesterday, when I asked about the compound. The lord has revealed everything to me in my dream. I’m not ready to suffer abeg…..good day…mtchew….stupid people….crazy compound. (He drags his box along into to dusty road of Lagos, as they all gape at him, sighing and shaking their heads in pity for him)

Douglas: Hmm…that ajebo never see something, na Lagos erm dey.




Curtain Falls

The End


Lagos life no easy my brother and sister; if you no shine your eyes, you go enter one chance



And we are done with this lovely comedy, gosh…emeka has been dreaming all along

Whats your best part in the story?

Who is more annoying? Who is more funny?

How i wish i could continue this story…perhaps writing a clip about Emeka’s life in the hostel where he plans on staying. That might come up in the future though… Just keep it in mind that there are other amazing Nigerian stories which i will like you all to read.

I will be bringing up PARTIAL OBEDIENCE soon, perhaps after i’m done with IN LOVE WITH TWO BROTHERS.

Thanks so much for reading…but please and please….leave a good comment.

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Love Y’all

Vickie Dora


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  1. Jesus Christ…. so it as all been a one day dream, this authoress caught us off guard… thank you for this wonderful comedy.. i will be following for updates of others…. more grace to you authoress

  2. 😂😂😂…. So it has been Emeka dreaming all this while
    Very interesting and funny story
    More insights and strength to you Vickie, you have won my heart
    Wish you the best always 😘😘

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