Water Strike -Episode 20

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Episode 20


*One week later*

(The uncompleted building)

Bola: (A bit worried) Ha..Kingsley..I think it’s high time you release my father oo… because mum has been crying none stop all this while..I’m even tired

Kingsley: (looks at her and sighed)

Bola: why are you not saying anything naa…ha..please let’s just strip the prank, and find a better way to get married…before your mum’s stomach will start you show out

Kingsley: My mum is not pregnant…

Bola: (shriek) what???

Kingsley: yea…she confessed to me. She only wanted your dad to marry her…that’s why she lied. She is tired of staying without a husband to provide her daily needs…

Bola: (sighs) hmmmm…ok since that is the case..there is no more hindrances…my dad won’t marry her again if he finds out that she is not really pregnant for him…so let’s just release him..and..

Kingsley: (Draws her closer to himself) Bola….( He called, softly) I did not kidnap your dad

Bola: (stunned) what…I mean…I don’t get you..

Kingsley: I said I did not kidnap him…the plan did not work….I just ….hmmm (ruffled his hair)

Bola: (removing her hand of his grip as she stared at him in shock) Kingsley….w..ait…what of that useless letter we saw…I mean what is it about….if you didn’t kidnap him..then why the letter

Kingsley: (Tries to hold her, which she declined…he groan and faced her) fine this was what actually happened….I gave two different gangs the plan…one is to kidnap your dad..and the other, to send the letter. But the route you told us about was fake… your dad didn’t take that route when he was going..and the most annoying part is that…the other gang took the letter to your mum before the plan was carried out….and the first gang didn’t call me on time to inform me about not seeing your dad….they waited for about one hour more than the time they should have waited…..I just. …hmm..look dear..I’m sorry ….I fact I’m confused right now…..

Bola: (sighs) so you are telling me that my dad actually went for that meeting…..so what are we gonna do now…my mum couldn’t reach any of his co- members that he went with. She tried calling them but their numbers are not reachable……she now believes that he is dead…but you are here telling me another story… (She frowns and folded her arms)

Kingsley: Babe I’m sorry…but I assure you that your dad is fine okay….you said that the meeting will last for about three to four weeks right?

Bola: (nodded)

Kingsley: that’s it…so let’s not worry…he will come back….after the meeting

Bola: But what about those that have believed him to be dead….how are we gonna tell them

Kingsley: we won’t have to tell them….he will tell them himself when he comes…and whereas we have to fasten our marriage stuff…I have saved enough money we will need for the ceremony…let’s just get married and end all this hanging out in an uncompleted building

Bola: (sighs) ok oooo, I pray so….

Kingsley: (smiles and hugs her)


(In the guy’s room)

Emeka: Hmmm, I can’t believe that Oga landlord is gone just like that, someone that we saw in the morning and the next thing we heard is that he is dead…hmm..this life is so short oo

James: Sure naa, that was how I lost my mum then…who will ever expect such a thing to happen

Segun: (Hissed) mtcheww, everyone will sha die one day…so..oga landlord time has reach already…bye gone is bye gone

Douglas: Abi oo, it’s even better as he die sef… (he mumbled)

Emeka: Why will you say sure a thing…

Segun: Haaa…wait oo since the time he died, didn’t you notice changes…

James: what changes

Douglas: We have peace of mind of course..no landlord troubles and so on…

Emeka: (Chuckles) oh…that..well that doesn’t mean you should be happy for someone’s death

Douglas: haa noo, me I’m happy ooo

Segun: He should not even come back sef….what am I even saying…he should not resurrect on the day of rapture

Emeka: (Laughs hard) why…

Douglas: That one fit cause commotion for heaven

Segun: (Looks at Douglas) which heaven…oga landlord cannot go to heaven…even hell sef no fit em…him and devil go dey get quarter for hell…em fit off the fire sef with him wahala

Emeka: (Laughs and rolls on the floor) You guys will not kill me, this is oga landlord we are talking about oo…ehn…he is dead already…you guys should just forgive him and let go of the wrongs he has done us….and whereas it is not good to hold grudge against the dead

Douglas: (Shrugs) if you say so…..(looks at James who is in deep thought) James….James…(He taps him, why James jerk a little)

Segun: Which kain thinking be this one….wetin dey sele

James: (hissed slightly) don’t mind me jare…I was just thinking about this same oga landlord death….is it not strange….somebody left in the morning and in the afternoon he is dead…as how…what killed him..we don’t know..only the letter sent to landlady was all we saw…aint you guys thinking the same way I’m thinking right now

Emeka: Yea bro…I also thought about that..but…what can I say…

Segun: Well that’s their own problem…its two month already and Landlord was expected to come back in perhaps three weeks or highest a month. But he is not here..

Douglas: And the funniest part is that that his wife is such an illiterate to have believe a letter sent by an anonymous, without trying to find out about it….now they are planning the marriage of Bola…without the father’s consent..what if oga landlord is not really dead

Segun: Thunder fire your mouth there…he must be dead oo…in fact really dead…whoo guys let’s talk about something else jare…that Oga landlord matter dey vex me oo

James: Are they not going to invite us for their marriage…imagine Bola is now getting proud because she is getting married, mtchew rubbish

Segun: Why won’t she be proud, after all the guy might have bang her and made her believe she is special…

Emeka: I heard that they will hold the introduction ceremony next tomorrow….our breakfast, lunch and dinner is sure for that day

Douglas: I actually got new poly bags yesterday. I really enjoyed myself during oga landlord’s little burial’s ceremony…that his goat that he did not want anybody to touch is what we even ate.

Emeka: But why will they even do burial without properly confirming is the person is really dead…all this people ehnnn…they like party too much…but anyway…it’s their own problem

Douglas: That’s how we do things here…ahnn if you die and we can’t see your corpse..we will just bury your empty casket….

James: But Guys, this is an introduction ceremony we are talking about not the marriage party, which one is break fast…and lunch….

Segun: And so????….we must chop…end of discussion…



(Bola could be seen putting on very colorful attires as other members of the family troop into oga landlord compound. Kingsley was not left out…his outfit matched with that of Bola.

Susan has come to an agreement with landlady, they promised to let go of the hated they have for each other in order to make their children’s marriage a successful one…The elders of the family came around as they started the introduction….other tenants could be seen hanging around as they watch the event)

Elder1: (Oga landlord’s elder brother) Good day everyone….we all welcome you to this introduction ceremony.. it’s such a pity that my aburo (younger brother) is no longer with us…but we all know that tears endures for a night but joy comes in the morning. We have all mourned his demise….but what we are about doing now is gonna bring joy to this family… Whenever our child is getting married we are all happy….ABI…

Others: Yes ooo

Elder 2: You are right….

Elder 1: So let the introduction begin…

(The family introduced each other, as they do that in joy and happiness. Kingsley was welcomed into their family as they all accept his proposal to marry their daughter. Same thing goes to Bola….they were about serving the food they prepared to the visitors when the guys walked in, looking like holy angels but with pocket full of nylon bags)

Landlady: Anhnahn…awon wo le leyii (who are this ones) what are you looking here…this is not club..this is family meeting

Segun: landlady…..haaa..are we not your tenant….shey we cannot come and celebrate with Bola… again…she is our friend naaa

Douglas: ( smiling sheepishly) yes yes..you are right…let us come and join you to share the drinks….

Landlady: noo no no …you cannot oo ahn abn…when did you become Bola friend

Elder 1: Iyawo waa  (our wife) leave them naa..let them come..they just wanted to help

Emeka: ABI oooo

Elder 2: You boys can help us share the drinks please….thank you for making yourself available….we were even looking for those that will help us off load it from the lorry

James: we are always available sir…  (They went towards they lorry smiling, but not without receiving hard glares from landlady)

Landlady: All this boys ehnn…na food they find come ooo…you no see their pockets…the nylon wey dey there fit form Backo bag

Susan: (laughing heartedly) ahnahah landlady…leave them na…there is enough food..let them help us…we can also give them food..or are they not your tenant…ehn.leave them…

(As they eat and merry…the atmosphere changed as they heard a sudden scream from one of the tenants….far off.

They were still wondering what made the woman scream and run away like that when they saw the unimaginable….Oga landlord, dressed in a befitting outfit with his bag in his hand. He was heading their direction with a surprise look on his face wondering why his brothers and other family will be in his compound.

Landlady fainted immediately she saw him while Susan ran away with other family members leaving their food opened.

Bola and Kingsley find their own square root, same with the guys. The compound was totally deserted with food and drinks scattered on the ground….only landlady who was left to her own fate on the floor. Oga landlord stride towards her….with a strange thought hovering in his mind….

Landlord: what is going on…..why is everyone running




Funny people…Oga landlord’s ghost has arrive oo

One more episode to go..and we will wrap this up…


Love Y’all

Vickie Dora

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  1. Haaa…author vickie, e no good like dis oo wetin make you no update us since sef. Anyway, thank you for the update and make the episode very very very looooong oo.

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