Water Strike -Episode 19

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Episode 19

(f**k up)

(In the guy’s room, Douglas barged into the room panting heavily as the guys wondered what was chasing him)

Segun: what is it na…why are you running like this…

Doughlas: (Breathes out loudly) haaa…I saw that wicked lecturer, what is that his name again oo….ermmm

James: is it Mr. Benson…

Doughlas: y….ee…ss, yes yes, Mr. Benson…I saw him talking with Oga landlord, only God knows what are discussing. I quickly sighted him from afar backing my direction. I quickly ran through a bent corner into the compound, if not he would have seen me. I don’t want that useless man to know where I’m living jare

Segun: so…??? What is he sees you, is it bad for your lecturer to know where you stay

James: Ask em ooo

Douglas: (scoffs) hargh, that one…wooo…noo, I can’t ooo. What if I do any bad thing in school now, they will not have any problem finding me if they know my house. And apart from that, I told him that I live in my personal house, you know na…how we use to form big boy in school. I just want him to know that me sef…I dey there….so if he sees me here now, he might ask me what I’m doing in this environment, and that useless Oga landlord will not let me land before he will spit everything to him.

Segun: (laughs hard) sure thing guy…you know your landlord naa….he will just say it like this (Mimicking Oga Landlord) Haaa…you no know this one……he is my tenant…na my house erm dey stay…him and those his olori buruku friends (laughs again, as James chuckled and checked the time)

James: geez, it 5:00pm already and I’m damn starving

Douglas: (Surprised) hanahhan, I thought Emeka went to buy some food..where is him naa…is he not back

Segun: He is the one we have been waiting for since ooo, my worms are so angry right now

(Immediately, Emeka enters. His breathing was a bit high out of tiredness…he drop the bag containing food and slum on the bed, as the guys watch him with gape)

Segun: Guy…wetin happen naa….you no see food buy…

Emeka: (Yawns) I bought the food…I’m just stressed out jare…I couldn’t get the food from the close by kiosk. I had to go to the food restaurant across the road, to the other side

James: Eyaaa, sorry you hear…..Aje butter…

Emeka: (hissed) mtcheeww…are you whining me now

Douglas: (mockingly) Nooo…he is coking you…woo bring my own share of the food


Emeka: And that was what I saw ooo.. (He just finished telling them about Bola and Kingsley who he found in an uncompleted building, making out)

Douglas: Heeeeiii…wait oo…it seems I know that boy ooo

James: Is it not kingsley….

Segun: That Igbo guy….that…erm

Emeka: No need for explanation, we all know Kingsley…so why the explanations…

Segun: Abeg shut up there…if you no wan hear…cover your ear

Emeka: (rolls his eyes) whatever

James: Hmmm…bola….bola…

Douglas: that small girl…imagine…

Emeka: which small girl…she is 20 for Christ sake

Segun: how do you know…..

Emeka: she told me herself…so????

Douglas: wait oo emeka, this one that you are defending Bola like this…hope no string attach

Emeka: W…ha..t…what do you mean

James: woo, don’t mind him jare…..douglas just want to get on your nerves

Emeka: Or does he have a spot for her too

Douglas: (Stands up with force and he snaps his fingers) God forbid…..hnn…me…and omo Oga landlord (Oga landlord’s child) no….I can’t even near there at all

James: But come to think of it, Oga landlord wants to marry his mother naa…so why are they still doing Romeo and Juliet

Emeka: woo, that one is their business..i want to read abeg (He drew out a book from his bag)

Segun: Mtcheeww (he hissed) they don use reading do you…you can read for Africa..everyday is reading

Emeka: And that’s why I pass every time, thank you…mister


Oga Landlord’s Apartment**

Landlord: so…as I was saying…I’m travelling tomorrow…we have a certain meeting at the landlord’s organization headquarter…and Chairman has chosen me to represent him there….so..I will go with the others…

Landlady: Hmmm (she breathed out) okay…oo….where are they doing the meeting

Landlord: (clears his throat) At Abeokuta

Landlady: Haaaa, Ogun state, far, far

Bola: Maami..it’s not that far na…Ogun state is close to Lagos here, it’s a neighboring state

Landlady: neighbor or no neighbor…its sha far..haa (She frowns and twisted her face)

Landlord: so are you saying that I should not go……ehnn iya Bola….

Landlady: ohh, so I’m now Iya Bola now abi…what about the sweet names you use to call me…oh I forgot…that witch husband snatcher has taken that place abi…

Landlord: I won’t tolerate this insult from you ooo Moji…that meeting alone will fetch me a lot of money and I will use it to pay the bride price of my new wife….and that’s final.. (He snapped and walks away, leaving mother and daughter to their fate)

Landlady: Hmmmmm, so Susan has finally taken my husband..haa..(Starts to sob) she has taken him away from me ooo

Bola: (Tries to pet her) Maami, stop crying naaa…it’s ok…all will be well

Landlady: (shakes her head) no..all is not well ooo….well we shall see..(She stood up and leaves)

Bola: Hmmmm, I really need to see Kingsley


Bola: (Speaking to Kingsley, at their agreed joint) Hmm dear, I think I have a good news oo

Kingsley: (Grinning) share it with me darling

Bola: Well my dad will be travelling for a meeting tomorrow…and I believe he will stay up to one month over there…

Kingsley: (Furrowed his brow) So????

Bola: Don’t you get my point, let’s get married immediately in between that break…so that when he comes back…he would have no choice but stop the marriage between him and your mother

Kingsley: (Frowns a little as he tried removing his hand from her grip) nooo naaa

Bola: What??

Kingsley: You know that I can’t possibly get all the materials for your bride price in a month…and whereas. Your dad must be there when I pay it…

Bola: (Sighs disappointedly) yea..you are right…I didn’t think about that earlier

Kingsley: But there is still a way

Bola: Which way

Kingsley: Kidnapping him of course

Bola: (Frowns) noo…haa Kingsley…wont that be too much…I don’t think I want to be part of this oo (she folded her arms, and turns her face away from him)

Kingsley: (smiles and caress her cheek) Babe….i promise you..we will do a clean job..trust me..your dad will be fine. In fact he won’t have any scratch, okay

Bola: (Grumbles a little)

Kingsley: (Pouted) please believe me this once

Bola: (A bit sad) okay ooo…but be careful oo

Kingsley: I will, oya smile for me naaa

Bola: (Smiles shyly, and hugs him) I love you

Kingsley: Love you too baby….  (he grins, while she blush)



(Sitting on his bed in his room, Kingsley receives a call from one of his agent)

Kingsley: Hello…hello…Tunde….how e take go na

Tunde: (from the other line) haaa…matter don kas oooo

Kingsley: I no get you, wetin happen (he stood up from the bed and pace round the room)

Tunde: Haaa…we no see the man now…we wait wait wait ooo…e no pass this place oo

Kingsley: what do you mean..that route is were oga landlord usually pass now….his daughter told me herself

TUNDE: HAa…na em we dey settle for here oo…we sef no understand oo

(Immediately, another call entered)

Kingsley: Hold on, let me pick this call (he picks the call) Hello…shaggy….

Shaggi: Haaa bros…..i don do erm oo, I don delivr the message (he stated, grinning from the other end)

Kingsley: Which mesasage heeiiii..jesus

Shaggi: hanhan, the message naa..i don give Landlady the letter wey say her husband don die. Your mama even dey there sef…all of them don start to dey cry..

Kingsley: Jesus…shaggy are you daft, are you ok…(He snapped)

Shaggi: Ha..me no deaf ooo..and I okay very well

Kingsley: You are mad…you and your family. which kain brain you carry…I told you to give it to her the following day..not today

Shaggi: You no explain erm well na…if to say you say, give it to her tomorrow I for know, but that following no clear ooo…wooo alaye…na my money remain oo, I dey for that garage, come pay me make I dey go my house.

Kingsley: f**k your as***ole, damn….(He yelled and cuts the call) Oh my God, what am I gonaa do now ehnn…what if oga landlord decide to come back before the end of the month…heeiii…this guys are foolish oo…..heiii


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