Unbreak My Heart – Episode 74

{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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They both broke the kiss inorder to catch their breath, resting their heads on each other.

“Omg!! I’ll soon be an aunty!!” Iris exclaimed.

“Iris…” Valentina said, feeling embarrassed.

“I’m so happy for you my baby girl” Peggy came forward and hugged her tightly.

“Thanks mom” Valentina smiled.

“You take care of my daughter okay?” Peggy said to Ricardo who simply nodded with a smile.

“Let the party continue!” Gavin said and the resy continued what they were doing.

Valentina and Ricardo sat back on their table with their guests congratulating them.

“Mommy!!” Minnie jumped on her, hugging her tightly.

“Finally you’re gonna be my real mommy now! Can’t wait for us to start wearing matching clothes, and you’re gonna teach us how you ride a bicycle and also lot of cool things…Oh and I want a baby brother” Minnie said.

“No…I want a baby sister. So that I can protect her” Myles said.

“No I want a baby brother, it more cool” Minnie said.

“No a baby…”

“Wow! Wow! Wow! Calm down! When the time comes you’ll see..” Valentina said.

Ricardo chuckled as he watched them. One will think she’s really their mother. Ricardo held her hand making her look his way.

“Thank you for the love and care you’ve shown to my kids” Ricardo said.

“I’m their mother so it’s normal” Valentina smiled.

“Awn…let’s take a pic to remember this day” Minnie said.

Ricardo nodded and brought out his phone then they did a family hug before Ricardo took the picture.

“I look cute…” Myles smiled, checking out the picture.

They continued discussing till they didn’t even see the time fly by..


“Can I open my eyes now…” Valentina said.

“Nope, not yet” Ricardo said as he guided her by holding her hand. He released her and after some few seconds..

“You can now open them” He said.

Valentina slowly opened her eyes and gasped at what she saw. Their room was completely relooked with rose petals all over the bed and the candles aligned In a heart shape on the floor with a poster on the wall reading “I love you Mrs Thornton”

She looked at Ricardo and saw him holding a rose in his hand.

“Awn…must you be this romantic gosh! You’ve made me blush so much today!” Valentina said walking to him..

She collected the rose from him and he held her waist, pulling her closer to his chest.

“That’s why my name starts with the letter romantic” Ricardo whispered to her before pressing a button, keeping the remote aside afterwards.

A slow music began playing at the background. Ricardo held Valentina as they swayed to the rhythm of the music.

All through, Valentina just stared at Ricardo wondering if he’s real.. How can a man be this caring, loving, romantic,…all!!

“What’s wrong?” Ricardo asked when he noticed her staring at him.

“I just feel like I’m not deserving of all these” Valentina said.

“C’mon…you deserve all these and even more my future wifey” Ricardo said.

Valentina smiled.

“I love you” Valentina said.

“Love you more baby” Ricardo replied.

Valentina cupped his cheek and stood on her toes, kissing him deeply. Ricardo wrapped his hand round her waist and kissed her back too.

His hand went down to her hips and suddenly, he lifted her up. Valentina instantly wrapped her legs round him.

He walked to the bed and then placed her there, with him hovering above her. Some minutes later, he broke the kiss and stared at her face with so much affection in his eyes.

Valentina stared back at him, mirroring his emotions. She placed her hand on his cheek without breaking the eye contact.

“I’m ready Rick…make me yours” Valentina said.

Ricardo just smiled and brushed her hair backwards before claiming back her lips.

His other hand lifted up her skirt, caressing her warm and smooth thigh. Valentina’s hand found it’s way to his shirt which she swiftly undid the buttons before removing it. She ran her hand all round his body and that alone was able to make him go mad.

Ricardo broke the kiss and then lifted her top, removing it off her body. He pecked her lips before before going down. Tracing kisses from her chin to her chest, to her cleavage, stomach and then her navel. He placed a kiss on her navel and the sucked on it earning a sweet moan from Valentina.

He then brought his hand to her waist, pulling down her skirt off her body. He continued with his kisses, kissing her s*x, going down to her leg…

Ricardo looked back up at Valentina who had this blush on her face making her look even more alluring especially with the candle light.

Ricardo slowly removed her bra and toasted it away, staring at her body. This isn’t the first he’s seeing her body and each time that happens, he’s always mesmerized..

“What did you do to me Val” Ricardo whispered to her..

Without warning he took one of her n*pples in, sucking on it, rolling his tongue round it.

Valentina kept moaning sweetly, enjoying what he’s doing her. Her body just kept reacting at every one of his touches.

Ricardo rubbed her honeypot which was already wet. He tore off her panties and then dipped his finger into her.

“Ric…” Valentina moaned sweetly and bit her lips.

Ricardo continued his sweet torture till Valentina couldn’t hold it any longer, she came right there.

Ricardo brought his hand to his mouth and then licked it off before kissing Valentina for a brief while. He got down and quickly slipped off his trousers before getting back up.

He parted Valentina’s legs wide and slowly penetrated her. Her warm wall embraced his manhood and the feeling was just…just…

“Ahh…Baby” Valentina called painfully.

“Sorry my love, just endure” Ricardo kissed her forehead as he slowly began moving in and out of her, letting her adjust to his size.

Valentina nodded and bit her lips painfully, grabbing the sheets tightly.

“Oh f*ck…” Valentina moaned.

Gavin just stared at Iris who was snoring cutely, holding tight onto him like he was a teddy bear.

“Wake up sleeping beauty…we have classes today.” Gavin tickled her nose, making her sneeze.

“Huh?” Iris muttered sleepily and yawned.

“Good morning Gavin” Iris yawned, sitting up.

Well she decided to spend the night over his place.

“Morning princess” Gavin smiled, sitting up.

“Anyone ever told you you look so cute while sleeping. Like a princess” Gavin said, sitting up.

“C’mon…I’m sure I bothered you with my snores.” Iris said.

“Your snores sound cute to me. Like a baby’s own” Gavin smiled, standing up.

Iris stood up too from the bed, she wore one of his top and it looked so cute on her.

“Let’s go get ready for school, you’ll just wear one of Kim’s uniform” Gavin said, leading the way to the bathroom.

Valentina yawned lightly as she slowly say up on the bed, she stretched her hand and gasped when she realized she was naked.

A blush crept up her face when she remembered what happened last night. She looked to her side and her heart skipped beats when she saw Ricardo sleeping peacefully.

“He looks so cute…” Valentina thought.

She laid back down next to him and stared at him with a smile, watching him sleep like a baby.

Ricardo’s eye lid shook and his eyes slowly opened before closing back. He opened them back again and rubbed it, looking at Valentina’s side.

“Good morning hubby” Valentina smiled.

Ricardo smiled and pulled Valentina closed to him, resting her head on his chest.

“Morning my heartbeat” Ricardo mumbled with his eyes closed.

“How you feeling?” Valentina asked.

Ricardo chuckled and opened his eyes, rubbing his hand on her lips.

“I’m the one supposed to ask you that” Ricardo said.

“I’m good, little bit sore but I’ve never felt this good. I’m happy I have it to the love of my life” Valentina said.

“I’m happy I’m the first man in your life” Ricardo said and pecked her lips.

Valentina smiled and hugged him tightly, burying her face in his chest.

“Let’s spend the whole of today at home” Valentina mumbled.

“Wasn’t planning of going anywhere” Ricardo said and hugged her to himself.

“Let’s sleep some more” Ricardo said.

“So how was yesterday for you guys?” Charlotte asked..

“It was so cool! Luca finally said those three letters word to me” Riley said dreamily, staring at her bracelet he gave her.

“Awn…that’s so cute! Well spent the whole of yesterday with my Gavin and also we went at my sister’s birthday party. She’s engaged now!!” Iris said.

“That’s cute!!”

“As for me, I refused to be oppressed. Luckily I’m no longer into love” Charlotte said.

“Everything takes time. One day you’ll meet your better half” Iris smiled.

“What of you Kim? How was your Valentine with Max?” Riley asked.

Kimberly thought for a while and suddenly blushed.

“Let’s pass my turn…all you need to know is that Max is a bad boy” Kimberly muttered.

“Wait…don’t tell me you two-”

“Yes! Yes!” Kimberly said feeling so embarrassed.

“Awn… How was it?”

“Was he gentle?”

“Did you feel pain or was it sweet?”

“Stop! I’m so embarrassed and you’re asking all these…gosh!” Kimberly hid her face.

The girls just laughed…

The door opened and a pair of smooth and white legs slowly descended down the stairs.

“Welcome to New York” The hostess greeted.

“Thank you” She smiled and removed her shades then smiled, revealing her dimples.

Her face was so beautiful with her makeup on plus her body was to die for.

“I’m coming for you my babies…” She muttered then smiled before wearing back her shades, waking away with her heels making noises.


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  1. I knew that!
    I knew something like will surely happen but wait,which babies are you talking about, Miss? The ones you abandoned? Or the ones that has accepted another lady as their mother since their biological mother couldn't do her roles? Things aren't done that way

  2. Hey miss, lemme give you a friendly advice even though i hate you….. Just get back on that plane and fly back to the hell hole you came from cos you will never get anything again, you are just here to waste time… am sure Myles and Minnie will get rid of her
    i love this authoress

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