Unbreak My Heart – Episode 73

{ Melt into me... }

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{ Melt into me… }

By: Chidimma M.


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Logan smiled as he stared at Kristina’s sleeping face. He’s been awake for awhile and that’s all what he kept doing.

It just seem so unreal that they’re finally married. She’s finally his and no one else, the one he wants to spend his life with.

Logan brought his hand to her face and rubbed her cheek before tugging a piece of her hair behind her ear. He leaned closer and placed a kiss on her forehead.

“Wake up wifey..” He smiled and poked her cheek.

“I wanna sleep some more…” Kristina pouted and turned to the other side of the bed.

Logan chuckled and slipped his arms round her waist, placing a kiss on her bare shoulder.

“Wakie! Wakie!” Logan pinched her cheek.

Kristina grumbled and slowly opened her eyes then yawned before facing him. She smiled and cupped his cheek.

“Good morning hubby” Kristina smiled.

“How did you sleep?” Logan held her hand and placed a kiss there. Kristina scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Sleep? How do you expect me to sleep when we did it till 3AM..I barely slept” Kristina pouted.

Logan chuckled and rubbed her brows.

“We are married so it’s for better or for worst. Besides, we booked a flight which will leave by 10 so we gotta wake up early.” Logan said.

“Oh yeah, forgot about our honeymoon” Kristina said, sitting up on the bed. She stretched her arms.

“Less I forgot… Happy Valentine’s day love” Logan stretched a red rose to her.

“Awn…that’s sweet of you” Kristina collected it with a smile.

Logan stood up from the bed naked and scooped Kristina in his arms.

“Let’s go shower. It’s 7 so we have to hurry.” Logan said, entering the bathroom.

“Baby…baby…” Ricardo called.

Valentina slowly opened her eyes. She closed it back and opened it then blinked twice before sitting up on the bed, yawning lightly.

“Happy birthday my heartbeat” Ricardo said.

Valentina looked sideways and saw Ricardo sitting there, holding a plate with a cake in it. Valentina smiled, happy that he remembered her birthday.

“Thanks babe.. That’s so cute!” Valentina gushed.

“C’mon, blow the candles and make a wish.” Ricardo said.

Valentina nodded and mumbled something before blowing off the candle. She cupped Ricardo’s cheek and kissed him, they broke the kiss shortly.

“Unfortunately, Logan and Kristina’s wedding day fell on the eve of your birthday I could have wished we travel to Paris… I know how much you loved our stay there.” Ricardo smiled.

“It’s nothing, spending it with you and the kids is enough for me” Valentina smiled.

Ricardo smiled and stretched a red rose to her.

“Happy Valentine’s day my love. Want you to know that I love you.. You’re my now, you’re my tomorrow, you’re my forever love” Ricardo said.

“Awwn…” Valentina gushed, blushing really hard. She slowly took the rose and scented it with a smile on her face.

Ricardo placed the cake aside and stared at her.

“I’ll make sure you’ll never forget this day babe, it’s gonna be memorable. Trust me” Ricardo smiled.

“Really?” Valentina said and sat down on his thigh, straddling him.

“Why don’t we start now?” Valentina whispered and kissed him…

Ricardo held her waist, kissing her back. His hand squeezed her butt while her hands raised his shirt which he let remove. She began caressing his chest, running her hands on his abs.

“I love you” Valentina said breathlessly immediately they broke the kiss.

“Love you more” Ricardo smiled.

Her gaze caught something on his left chest and she gasped.

“You got my name tattooed on yourself?” Valentina said.

“Yeah, was planning to show you later but you ruined the surprise. I did it yesterday” Ricardo said.

Valentina stared at it and couldn’t help but run her hand through it.

“Gosh…will you stop being so romantic?” Valentina said.

Ricardo smirked and switched position, pinning her hand on the bed.

“Never” He muttered and kissed her back. Immediately his hand touched her nightie and made to pull it off…

“Dad!! Mom!!” Myles began knocking on the door.

Ricardo paused as his gaze darkened.

“Val, did you date anyone who’s name is Myles?” Ricardo asked.


“Who knows, maybe he died and got reincarnated into this Myles and he’s bent to always ruin our moment” Ricardo frowned, getting off her.

Valentina laughed and stood up from the bed.

“The kid is just clingy. He didn’t grow up with a mother so it’s normal” Valentina smiled, opening the door.

“Happy birthday mommy!!” Myles immediately hugged her, followed by Minnie.

“Thanks my babies. I’m so happy you thought of me” Valentina smiled..

“We made a drawing of you. See…” Minnie showed her.

“Awn…really? I’ll keep it safe with me don’t worry” Valentina took it from them.

“Oh my gosh…cake!!” Minnie rushed to where the cake was.

“Good morning dad” Myles smiled.

“Morning” He scoffed.

“What’s wrong with dad?” Myles asked.

Valentina simply giggled silently…

“Let’s do all our routine so that we can go say bye to aunt Kristina and uncle Logan” Valentina said.

“Okay mummy!”

“Can’t believe today we have school!” Kimberly groaned and hit her head lightly on the table.

“Yeah, I’m so tired! Yesterday’s party was kinda exhausting” Charlotte groaned.

Iris couldn’t even talk, she just yawned amd blinked like a zombie. Riley was just coming to school and she too looked awful.

“Bad morning girls” She said.

“Bad morning to you too” They chorused.

“Happy Valentine’s day girls!” Maxwell walked to them, smiling brightly.

They all gasped.

“F*ck!” Iris exclaimed.

“I forgot what day it was…” Kimberly muttered and looked at Maxwell who was looking at them all with a confused look.

“It’s too late!” Riley sighed..

“Oh you mean you forgot what day it was?” Maxwell asked and laughed when they nodded.

“You girls partied and left your memory behind” Maxwell teased.

“And what’s up with the scary look. You guys are even more scarier than those on Halloween day” Maxwell said.

“Will you get lost!” Charlotte snapped.

“Okay…I’m going” Maxwell shrugged.

“Wait for me after classes” Maxwell mouthed it to Kimberly and winked before leaving.
“Were should we go now?” Minnie asked.

Well they were just returning from airport were they went to see Kristina and Logan off.

“Let’s go to a rest and eat as a family!” Myles said.

“Great idea” Ricardo, smiled and made a U turn, driving to their favorite restaurant.

They got there and everyone alighted the car. The passerby’s began taking some pictures of them as they made their way into the restaurant.

The restaurant was none other that Valentina’s former workplace. The manager was surprised to see Valentina enter there, surprised and a little it ashamed.

“I wonder how Fiona is doing?” Valentina thought loudly.

Seeing her former boss just reminded her of her encounter with Fiona.

“She went back to where she came after I began dating you” Ricardo replied.

“Good for her” Valentina said.

They went and settled down on a seat before placing their orders.

“I’m sorry babe, I couldn’t get you something” Iris muttered after a while of silence.

Right now, they were at his secret location. Gavin smiled and brushed her hair behind her ear.

“For the uptenth time…it’s nothing. Valentine’s day isn’t a day were we are burdened to share gifts with our lovers. It’s all about the beautiful moments we share together.” Gavin said.

Iris smiled and kissed him lightly before placing her head back on his chest.

“I don’t know how I fell so deeply for you but I don’t want it to end…never” Gavin intertwined their fingers and kissed her hand.

“Me too candy” Iris said.

“Candy…love the sound of that” Gavin smiled and kissed her hair.

Iris smiled and stared at huge red teddy bear he gave her earlier.
“Where are you taking me to?” Riley chuckled as Luca held her hand, guiding her to somewhere. She couldn’t see it since her eyes got bandaged.

“Almost there…careful were you step” Luca smiled.

“And we’re here…” Luca said and Riley quickly removed the bandaged. She gasped at what she saw.

They were in an area which was beautifully decorated with red roses and red balloons. At the center of the hall is a table for two with some sweet delicacies in it.

“It’s so…beautiful” Riley gushed.

“Not as beautiful as you” Luca said making her blush.

He held her hand and kissed it before slipping a bracelet in it. The exact same replica of the one he had.

“So that you’ll always think of me when I’m far away from you.” Luca smiled.

“All I want to say is thank you. Thank you Riley, thanks for everything… I never felt this happy with anyone before. You kept on loving me despite knowing fully well that I was still in love with Iris. You took me in and then turned me to your slave. I’m a slave Riley…a slave of your love in which I’ll never want to part away from. All I need is you, all I want is you…baby, I love you too.” Luca smiled.

The smile which was on Riley’s face kept growing as he kept talking. Her heart almost exploded when she heard what she’s ben expecting for almost a month now.

“I…I love yo-”

“No need to say it again babe. Let me cherish you the way you truly deserve to be cherished” Luca cupped her cheek and kissed her.

Riley held his jacket, kissing him back too.

“Today was honestly the best birthday ever. Spending it with my new family…it can’t possibly be more better!” Valentina exclaimed.

“You sure about that?” Ricardo said as they entered a dark room..

“Huh? Wha…”

“Surprise!!!!” The light came on immediately.

Valentina gasped as she saw her mom, Iris with her friends and also some of her friends at work…

“Happy birthday Val!!” They exclaimed.

“Oh f*ck…you all remembered” Valentina said sweetly.

“Of course we did. Ever since we know you, you’ve been nothing but kind to us. Despite the fact that you are now higher in status that us, you didn’t forget us so how can we forget a day as special as this in your life.” One of Ricardo’s worker said.

“Aw…thanks everyone” Valentina said.

“What we waiting for? Let the party begin!!” Iris exclaimed and they began playing the music.

The maids brought in a huge cake with a ‘Happy Birthday My Queen’ written on it. Valentina blew the candles immediately after they finished singing the song to her.

“Thanks for today love” Valentina said to Ricardo who was feeding her with the cake.

“You can thank me after this” Ricardo said and stood up.

“Attention everyone!!” Ricardo said, earning everyone’s attention.

“I thank you all for coming here in your number, it really makes me happy that you love my heartbeat but not as much as I do” Ricardo said making the others to laugh.

“I want you all to witness this moment. Valentina, I will first of all start by saying a huge thank you to you. Thank you for coming into my life, thanking for loving me without accepting anything in return, thank you for loving my kids, thank you for loving me too… There’s no one on this earth that I’ll want to spend the rest of my day with but you. I want us to grow old together, I want us to see our children grow together, I want us to achieve greater things together. I want to do everything with you…waking up next to you knowing that you’re fully mine and that’s why here, before everyone here…”

Ricardo paused and went down on one knee. Valentina immediately gasped from where she was sitting, same as the others.

“I know I’m not perfect, there will be ups and downs but together we’ll find a way out. Valentina, will you make me the happiest man on earth by accepting to be my better half, my Mrs Thornton, the mother of my children… Will you marry me?” Ricardo opened the red box he had in hand and a diamond ring stood there, shining brightly.

Valentina closed her mouth with her hand, fighting back her tears but it was impossible.




The people cheered and clapped happily. Valentina sniffed in and nodded several times.

“Yes!! Yes!! There’s no one else I’ll want to spend the rest of my life but with you… I’ll say yes over and over” Valentina teared up happily.

Ricardo smiled and took her hand, sliding in the ring in her finger which fit in perfectly..

Valentina stood up and hugged him tightly as they clapped for them. She buried her face in his chest, feeling so embarrassed.

Ricardo lifted up her head and cleaned her tears.

“I love you babe” He said.

“Love you more my cupcake” Valentina smiled.

Ricardo leaned in and slowly took in her lips for a melting and heartwarming kiss.


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