Trouble in Heels – Episode 67

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“Judgement time!” Lucas sounded like a maniac as he stood informed of the next person with a smile plastered on his face..

He didn’t waste his time as he gave Same judgement to the man who also dared to touch his wife..

“Did you think I’ll let you off simply because you peed your pants? Tsk! I’m more dangerous than you think and this is just a mere warning to you.” Lucas squats Infront the man who was wincing in pain and dipped his cigarette on his shoulder wound making his scream out loud..

The lady Tried to block all their screams with her palm but couldn’t because her hands were chained behind her..

Lucas was acting like a mad man on rampage at the moment who didn’t flinch or felt pity for them when he saw how much pain they were in..

He rose to his feet with a devilish grin plastered on his face before firing at the second man…

His screams were loudest and shrill but he didn’t care about any of that.

No one could save them anyway .

“Gag her.” Lucas pointed at the unfamiliar lady whose face had become paled with fear..

She was really starting to regret accepting money from that woman to teach someone a lesson but his greedy self couldn’t refuse when it has to do with money..

“No please!” She pleaded but it fell on deaf ears as she was gagged, muffling her screams..

“Your punishment is gonna different and less painful I promise.” Lucas said with a smile but the hell would she believe anything from his mouth..

“Let me take care of her Boss please.”a man with terrifying eyes spoke and she shuddered.

Lucas took out a handkerchief and wiped his gun clean before tucking it back and the lady heaved a sigh of relief when she realized she won’t get shot but unbeknownst to her, she would suffer a terrible fate.


“I don’t plan on dirtying my hands either. Peel off her skin and cut off her fingernails.” Lucas casually said like he was talking about business..

Her eyes widened in fear but couldn’t scream because it came out muffled..

So that was why she was gagged..

“I make the best creations, remember?” The man said with a cunning smile..

All her screams came out muffled and no how hard she tries to scream nothing comes out.

“Make sure you deliver her body alongside this two to the location I sent you.” Was the only thing Lucas said as he walked away..

Her shrilled cries could behind outside the cell room as he walked towards his car..

Sebastian opened the backseat door for him and took the passenger seat..




Anna woke up with a poarch throat after sleeping for hours..

She slowly stood up and looked around her but felt like the dark room was awfully familiar..

Even though it was dark, she could tell it was the room she shared with Lucas at the mansion.

How did she end up at the mansion?

Did he bring her here?

She slowly walked towards the light switch and turned on the lights..

Her hunch wasn’t wrong after all. She was right about it.

So he did bring back to the mansion without waking her up..

A smile made its way to her face when she saw a food tray beside her and a sticky note attached to it..

“I made this with lots of love. You can go back to sleep if you’re tired, I’m just gonna finish up on something.”

How can someone be dangerously sweet at the same time..

She must have saved a nation on her previous life to be rewarded with such a husband.



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