Trouble in Heels – Episode 66










Lucas sat down inside a cell holding his newest prisoner with a dark expression.

No one could tell what he was thinking as he stared at the woman tied to the chair alongside two other men..

They were probably sleeping and this made him scoff.

“Wake them up.” He commanded with a guttural voice and one of the men in charge of taking care of the prisoners pressed a button and hot water came raining down on the three sleeping beauties..

They all opened their eyes with a loud scream…

“Why did you bring me here? Untie me bas***d!” The lady screamed oblivious of the man sitting in the dark..

“You’re finally awake, i guess it’s time the fun get started.” Lucas spoke with a hoarse voice and of course this got their attention because they were familiar with that voice..

“I didn’t do anything.” The lady kept insisting even though her heart was beating really fast in fear and confusion..

How did Lord Lucas find them? She made sure not to leave even a trace of what they’d done.

“Oh well we could do this, the easy way or the hard way but unfortunately I choose the hard way.” Lucas scoffed and stood up unhurriedly with a cigarette and lighter in between his fingers..

Lucas wasn’t the type who smoked alot, he only smokes whenever he’s stressed about something or about to ki*ll someone..

He walked outta the dark so they could have a clear view of his face..

They were panicking and also sweating profusely..

One the men who had dragged Anna outta the bathroom couldn’t keep his cool as he Walked Lucas come closer..

“We have nothing to do with this! it was all idea!” He shouted but Lucas didn’t stop coming closer..

He stood Infront of the man who was shaking like a duck and smirked mockingly..

He placed his cigarette in between his lips and blow out vapor…

His coat hung on his shoulders leisurely, making look like those mafia lord their mom always warned them about..

“Of course you didn’t do anything and I’ll like to reward you for telling me the Truth.” Lucas pulled out his Glock 17 and shot the first person on his thighs making him scream out in absolute pain but unfortunately for him, they were in the middle of nowhere and no one could hear his screams…

“That’s for lusting over my wife.” Lucas nonchalantly spoke..

“And this is for touching my wife, with your filthy hands.” He didn’t give him Time to recover from the pain of being shot on the thighs when he shot him at his shoulders and forearm…

The other man was shivering in fear as he watched his colleague being shot right Infront of him…

He’d already peed his pants in fear of what was gonna happen to him…

“Everyone single person in Luxembourg knows I’m possessive of my woman and only I is allowed to touch her and not you filthy freak.” He casually spoke and dipped the end of cigarette in his wounds making him scream till he blacked out due to pain..

Lucas acted like he didn’t just tried to ki*ll someone as he walked towards the next person unhurriedly..

The next person was visibly shaking like a duck. His forehead was covered in sweat as he waited..


“Judgement time!”




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