Trouble in Heels – Episode 62

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“F*ck!” He cursed and stood up immediately and rushed outta the bathroom while dialing Sebastian’s cell phone number.


“Check all the CCTV cameras of the building right now! ” He half yelled and ran through the hallway while adjusting his tie in frustration..


He ran through the hallways checking every single room on the floor but found nothing..


He was getting frustrated each passing second.. what if something bad had happened to her? His guards were already in the b


Sebastian came running towards him with his tablet..


“Where is she?” He asked and took the tablet from Sebastian and began checking the camera one after another and watched everything unfolded..


He was boiling with anger as he watched his wife dragged away by two unknown men..


Once he saw the direction she disappeared to, he handed the tablet to Sebastian and run off towards the elevator on the east wing of the hotel…


His heart was beating really fast as he drew closer to the east wing alongside Sebastian but unfortunately the elevator was stuck with someone inside…


He was having a hard time controlling himself and badly wanted to punch someone..


“I want this elevator opened ASAP!” He said with a guttural voice sending shiver down the spine of her subordinates..


Sebastian took out his phone and began making a few calls.


Lucas was a major shareholder at the hotel and he was someone they can’t afford to offend..


The people at the ball room could easily guess something was wrong after seeing how heavily guarded the place was and they were being prevented from leaving the balls and this got them all wondering what was going on..


Lucas on the other hand was livid and was beyond Angry..


A few technicians arrived shortly and began trying to pry open the elevator door while Lucas stood Infront of the elevator with a dark look..


Sebastian who was standing behind him was already talking to his men and has asked them to investigate the whole thing..


He wanted to know the gutsy person who dared to scheme against the lady boss in such place..


Are they courting death?


The technicians managed to open the door and found Annabelle on the elevator floor..


Lucas pushed them outta his way and picked up his wife in bridal style and walked away..


Anna who seemed to notice she was being carried tried to resist even though she wasn’t strong enough..


She was struggled in his arms but he didn’t slowed down and kept walking..


“Ssh.. it’s me, Love.” He whispered into her ear and she immediately recognized the voice..


“Why did you leave me all alone?” She asked with sleepy eye and Lucas was having a hard time concentrating when her hot breath fanned his skin..


“I’m sorry..”


Her lips were so close to his neck and this only confirmed the fact that she was drugged because he knew she won’t dare flirt with him when sober…


Anna suddenly licked his neck making him gritted his teeth in frustration..


“Behave yourself.” He said in between clenched teeth and began walking really fast but Anna didn’t stop as she kept licking his neck..


Lucas suddenly found the room he was looking for and took her in immediately and dropped her on the bed but she refused to let him go..


She held onto his shirt and held his bottom lip captive..


He tried to pull away but she suddenly wrapped her legs around his waist and began kissing him…


“I feel so hot, make it stop..”



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  1. Thank God, she was found

    So she was drugged to be horny, that's terrible. I'm more than sure they will not get away with this

  2. Thank God she wasn't abused but I know they've woken up a side that should not be in Lucas and they will surely pay severally. Thanks for the update

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