Trouble in Heels – Episode 60

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“They’re all crazy about you and this makes me jealous.” Lucas whispered into her ear as they walked into the hall and all eyes turned to their direction.


Anna did not only steal the spotlight from other beautiful socialites, she also stole the spot beside Lucas..


The ladies were throwing daggers at her while the others wished their boyfriend was that handsome..


“Get jealous all you want. I’m still prettier than you.” She badly wanted to stuck out her tongue but unfortunately she couldn’t do that in front of so many socialites..


They were not only the best dressed, they were also drop dead gorgeous.


“Lucas! My man! It’s been ages!” A middle aged man with a bald head sauntered towards them happily while Lucas only forced out a smile and extended his hand for a handshake..


The middle aged man who is Robby was his old business partner..


“Hello Robby, you haven’t aged a bit.” Lucas doesn’t know how to compliment anyone so he always tries to be sarcastic.


“And you look more handsome than the last time I saw you.” Robby burst into ripples of laughter and clicked his flute with his..


“How’s your business in Singapore?” They were slowly talking about business while Anna just stayed beside Lucas with a bored expression on his face.


“Business is doing great as usual.” He paused and his eyes finally landed on the beautiful damsel beside Lucas..


“And who is the beautiful lady?” Robby asked with amusement because it was the first time Lucas had attended such a big function with a Lady beside him..


“My wife.” He boldly declined and the old man was stunned beyond words.


“Wow! And here I thought my daughter was gonna have a chance with you.” Robby laugh nervously and scratched the back of his neck..


His actual intention of approaching Lucas tonight was solemnly because of his daughter who has been bugging him about it..


“It’s a good thing you know your daughter can’t ever have a chance with me.” Lucas added and pulled her closer to him..


“Hello Mrs Caine.” The old man couldn’t help but greeted her in respect and Anna did the same..


She already getting tired of standing and listening to their boring talks..


Once Robby was gone, other businessmen bombard Lucas and she was having a hard time keeping a straight face..


“Are you tired?” Lucas whispered against her ear jerk her outta her thoughts..


“I’m fine.” She lied..


She wasn’t fine at all. She was bored and also wanted to sleep..


A waiter walked towards with a tray filled with drinks and she happily accepted a glass of red wine..


Lucas had long let go of her waist and was already in the middle of so many businessmen who were looking to curry favor from him..


He’d assured her that he was gonna join her shortly so she walked towards a secluded spot and began enjoying a glass of wine while she stared at his direction..


She ended up gulping down the entire glass and still wanted more because it was a good wine but unfortunately she began sweating profusely and began feeling hot and uncomfortable all over..


She tried to ignore It and thought it as her being bored or not used to being around people but it was starting to get really worst so she tried to find her way to the bathroom..


She walked through the crowd and finally found the rest room..


She rushed in immediately and splashed water on her face but that didn’t take away her discomfort..


She was slowly starting to feel drowsy and couldn’t stand properly.


Anna leaned against the wall when the rest room door was suddenly pushed open..


“Need a hand?”



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  1. Hunn somebody is getting into trouble oo, mind your business and stay of anna else, lucas is gonna feed your corpse to the vultures.

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