Sins Of My Father – Chapter Twenty Two

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Sins Of My Father.


Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Twenty Two.


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It’s been two days and Amara had, still, not been found.

Even with him knowing he owned the same company he applied for a job at, he still couldn’t do anything about it.

He decided to first find Amara before anything else.

They had gone back for the driver to identify the car through magazine and checked for surveillance cameras around the spot their car broke down.

The detective that was assigned to investigate Amara’s missing case turned out to be a fan of Dora.

“ I must say it’s an honour to meet you in person.”

He was staring like he was face to face with Rihanna.

Tayo was really cooperative and understood every decision they made. Dora had to fill him in on Isaac’s case.

“ So whoever is doing this, could be the actual murderer.”

Sola was shocked at how easy Dora trusted him but she told him her guts never fail her.

They could definitely trust Tayo.

It’s was the following morning a video was sent to Amara’s phone.

The same person told them of how they were warned.

“ I gave you two days and you decided to test me. Whatever happens is on you.”

Folding his arms on table and leaning towards the camera.

“ I warned you.”

That was all from the video. Anna was shaken from it and encouraged them to hand it over to whoever it was.

“ We can’t risk anymore lives.”

Dora disagrees telling them they couldn’t.

“ Not just yet.”

This caused an argument in the house causing, Anna to burst out of the house in annoyance.

She doesn’t care about the money or documents or whatever, all she wants was for her children to be safe.

Tayo and Sola tried to calm both women but everything they said fell on deaf ears.

Time going fast and Anna still wasn’t back, worrying to restless Sola. He tried her number but she wasn’t picking up.

His mother have never been angry for this long.

His phone rang, suddenly and he quickly picked up.

It was Sire, much to his disappointment.

“ Hey.”

“ Sola, where are you?”

“ Home. Why?”

“ It’s your mum, she was rushed into the hospital not too long ago.” She told him. “ It was an accident.”

They rushed to the hospital to find Anna in a terrible state.

“ It was a hit and run.”

The doctor informed them. People who witnessed the whole thing said the car came out of nowhere.

They were at the hospital for hours and didn’t realise it was dark until Sola’s phone rang.

It was Esther.

She called to inform him she was at the airport and to come pick her up.

“ When did you get here, Esther?”

“ I got a call. I was told mummy was at the hospital.”

“ It’s on the news already?”

“ No, someone called with mummy’s cell.”


Sola had to leave the hospital to pick up his sister before someone he doesn’t know does.

Dora was back there when they arrived at his house.

They needed to talk.

“ Your mother’s phone is missing. Esther was lured here.”

She told him when they were alone. She had gone to the doctor to ask if Anna’s phone was with her.

“ No, there was no phone when she was brought in.”

Dora told him Esther was going to be the next target.

Immediately, a video was sent to Amara’s phone.

It was the person again laughing.

“ I hope Esther made it here safe cause I would be really hurt if anything happened to her.”

Leaning forward, Sola was warned yet again.

“ Your mother will be gone and believe me when I say this, your sister is going with her.”

That was all.

Sola got pissed telling Dora he didn’t need the freaking papers.

“ I have a really good life and I’m not about loosing everything for some sheet.” He yelled. “ I’m giving them the freaking papers.”

“ You think they’ll let her go?”

“ Amara had seen the face of whoever it is and you think giving the documents would mean giving her freedom?”

They’ll k!ll her either way.

Sola groaned in frustration sobbing lightly. Dora walked out letting him have some time to himself.

She met Tayo downstairs. He told her they already assigned officers at the hospital to take turns in watching over Anna.

Dora muttered a ‘thank you’, smiling at the young man.

He’s really doing a lot for them.


Sola was tired of being brave, he let it all out.

Crying in his room wondering how it all turned to a nightmare.

He looked at the video again playing it wondering who hated them so much.

He paused the video in annoyance releasing a frustrated groan.

This was not how he had always predicted his future.

He did predict making it and finding himself a woman but not all this.

He paused when his eyes caught something in the video.

He gasped.

“ No way in God’s name.”

He zoomed in and looked in shock, still not believing it.

He shouted Dora’s name.

How was this possible?

Dora rushed upstairs with Tayo behind her.

“ You will never believe who it is.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I know who the killer is.”





*Sola already figured who it was oo…. With everything…who can guess right…I feel like this is an easy question…lol.*


The story is about to finish…hallelujah!!!

So sorry for the late update recently got a new job and have been really busy… you know what they say….first impression counts… really don’t want to mess it up.


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