Sins Of My Father – Chapter Ten.

Sins Of My Father.

Written by Peace Ifunanya.

Chapter Ten.

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Both ladies were shocked but their thoughts were different. Sire�s heart got swollen with happiness. After all these months of waiting, he finally wanted them to be official.

If they weren�t in a party she would have screamed.

Sola looked her in the eyes and saw them glow, causing him to smile.

Amara felt embarrassed, standing there watching two lovers and feeling like a third wheel.

She stood there hurt. If they were not in a party, she would have broken down.

She immediately began regretting why she didn�t leave with her aunt.

She had just watched the man she liked, say things she would have loved him say to her, to another woman.

The hurt was evident on her face as her eyes became heavy.

� It�s really nice to meet you.� Amara told Sire with a smile she managed to wear.

� You too.� Sire giggles.

Who wouldn�t?

She couldn�t compete with her (Sire) though, I mean look at her�

Amara thought.

� Although Chris never mentioned you.� Sire stated glaring at Sola.

Amara laughed nervously announcing she would like to use the restroom.

� Girlfriend? Really?� Sire turned to Sola immediately Amara made her way to the restroom.

� I was going to ask sooner.� Sola simply shrugged.

Sire gave him a tight hug squealing silently like she had just won a lottery. Her boyfriend couldn�t help but laugh out loud.


Amara, gently, used the water from the running tap of the toilet sink to clean up her face.

She had ruined the makeup she had on with tears so she proceeded to completely wipe it all off.

There was no need looking good. The man she had dressed for.

Came all the way here for, didn�t even look her way.

He already had a freaking girlfriend.

Tears were peeking from her eyes again, she grunted. She hated feeling like this.

This weak.

She wasn�t enjoying this party at all.

After giving herself some words of encouragement, she walked out to meet them.

She found Sola talking with a guy about his age but Sire was out of sight.

�Oh! You�re done.� Sola remarked, when she resurfaced. �This is Julius, my childhood best friend.�

She gave a smile and nodded.

She was done nice to meeting anyone as she just wanted to go home.

She asked about Sire and was told she already left for her shift.

She�s a doctor.

They looked like they were discussing something important so she decided to wait out side till he was done.

Amara sat down by the pool, slowly sipping her wine savoring its taste.

It was like she sat there for long because Sola appeared from behind with two glasses.

�Hi.� he smiled before settling beside her and asked why she wasn�t inside with the others.

�I guess my aunt isn�t the only one terrible at socializing.�

Sola grimaced thoughtfully at what she said.

�How, in God�s name, did you get your job?�

Amara bursted into laughter when she understood what he meant.

She was a receptionist. That was supposed to be what she was to be perfect with.

�You know what, I honestly, have no idea� she laughed.

Sola told her that if he were the CEO of C.S.A. he would fire her.

�With immediate effect.� he had said.

�Then I�m really glad you�re not my boss�

He laughed and joked about resigning from Kent and switch to C.S.A so he could fire her.

As they began talking about their childhood and stupid things they did growing up.

Amara had a good laugh at silly things he did after believing superstitions he had been told.

The night was becoming lively for her, though she was sad he was already in a relationship, but having him as a friend was also nice.

They were too engrossed chit chatting, oblivious of the two pair of eyes that were on them.

Each pair had thoughts opposite from the other.


Looking at the couple that sat by the pool and smiling.

How heaven had delivered all of them straight to me, after so long.

This was fate.

Fate wanted what was started to be finished.

�Oh, I will finish it alright.�

�I will get what I want.�

Dead or alive.



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